At work or play, dogs add light to residents’ lives
November 24, 2011
On an afternoon at the beginning of the month, Peggy Mersmann-Laptad was doing what she’d been doing for weeks. She was cleaning up the tons of rubble that used to be her home and occasionally finding items that survived the blaze.
Just Food accepts donations for pets
October 24, 2011
Looking to donate pet food? Lawrence Humane Society cannot accept the donations, but a local food pantry can.
PETA members provide unusual reminder about importance of spaying and neutering pets
October 11, 2011
Bob Barker never pitched spaying and neutering quite like this.
Animal control officers are advocates for pets
September 5, 2011
About 4 p.m. on a recent weekday, animal control officer Linda Durkes stops at a home in North Lawrence where earlier she’d noticed a pit bull chained up outside with little water. She’s back, to see how long the dog has been left outside.
Temporary homes for dogs sought
September 3, 2011
The Lawrence Humane Society is seeking the community’s help in housing owner-submitted dogs through Sept. 17.
Natural selection: Owners prepare raw food diets to build their pets’ longevity
August 8, 2011
Evie Bear was stricken when she learned her cockatiel, Eyropia, had contracted heavy metal poisoning.
Critter Care: Pets’ potty habits may point to bigger problems
July 24, 2011
If your cat’s going to the bathroom often, it could be the sign of feline urinary tract infection, feline urologic syndrome or other diseases.
Athletic dogs rise to challenge of first-ever Land of Oz Kansas State Disc Dog Championship
June 18, 2011
Ann Wilhelm and Harley Sue are nothing short of a team. Wilhelm is the coach, and Harley Sue is the gifted athlete. Wilhelm cheers on as Harley Sue chases down pass after pass, offering encouragement and barking orders at her star player.
New home sought for stray cat who was trapped and shot twice
03:38 p.m., June 8, 2011 Updated 05:26 p.m.
The cat’s name is now Bullet. And staff members at the Lawrence Humane Society hope he has a new home soon after the 2-year-old cat was rescued by animal control officers from a trap in northern Lawrence. He had been shot twice.
Allergy sufferers can still get a dog
May 9, 2011
Do you suffer from allergies but have kids that are just begging for a dog?
Frisbee contest features dogs’ aerial abilities
May 2, 2011
Wyatt, a 2-year-old black-and-white border collie, looked like he was born for Sunday’s Skyhoundz Frisbee Disc Championship at South Park.
Get your dog ready for summer months
May 2, 2011
To help you and your dog get ready for summer, American Kennel Club Canine Partners offers the following suggestions.
Kiss a frog? Bad idea
April 25, 2011
In the world of make-believe, kissing a frog could turn him into a prince. In real life, touching them can kill the creatures and cause serious problems for humans too.
KU law student organizing animal cruelty prosecution clinic
April 17, 2011
Katie Barnett has always been an animal lover.
Saying goodbye to pets: How the euthanasia process works
April 11, 2011
Euthanizing a pet is tough when it happens, and can be even tougher when unprepared.