Fetch homemade dog treats at local bakeries
April 23, 2012
Good news for Lawrence canines: You will soon have your own bakery and boutique on Massachusetts Street. Lucky Paws Bakery and Barktique will open at the end of the month at 729 ½ Mass.
May 5 event aims at breaking costumed dog record
April 18, 2012
A Kansas City promoter is hoping to break a Guinness world record by parading at least 700 costumed dogs, mostly Chihuahuas, down a city street on Cinco de Mayo.
Allergies in pets: Airborne, fleas, food, contact
April 9, 2012
Allergies can cause misery for pets and humans alike. But allergies in animals are not always easy to diagnose and treat.
When Fido needs more help than you can provide
April 2, 2012
It’s one thing to work with little Spanky in the yard and through the judicious use of treats teach him to sit up or roll over.
Cats may purr to your heart’s content
March 26, 2012
We know that pets are beneficial to our health — they can lower a person’s blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and provide opportunities for exercise and socialization.
Keep your aging cat feeling young
March 12, 2012
Did you know that cats are considered senior citizens at the age of 11? But getting older doesn’t mean that they have to lose their spark.
Divorce lawyers: Pet custody cases increasing
March 5, 2012
They still fight like cats and dogs in divorce court. But more and more they are fighting about cats and dogs. Custody cases involving pets are on the rise across the country.
Dog instructor lauds electric collars in teaching obedience
January 16, 2012
Who knew the right collar could make a dog more polite?
Euthanasia to control shelter population unpopular
January 9, 2012
Seven in 10 pet owners say they believe animal shelters should be allowed to euthanize animals only when they are too sick to be treated or too aggressive to be adopted.
Offbeat Occupation: Knack for dog training turns into business
January 2, 2012
The bulldog was 10 weeks old when Jen Frazier picked him from a passel of puppies at the Humane Society and carried him to the car. Frazier clutched the dog, letting him settle in her lap as she and her husband, Nick, stopped at every pet store on the way home, loading up on food, supplies and toys. Once home, the puppy was introduced to the cats, and the rest of the night centered around play and potty time, excitement thick in the air.
City urged to allow potbellied pigs
December 23, 2011
Having a pig as a best friend is great, Lawrence resident Ehren Penix can attest. Now, he just wants it to be legal.
First Bell: Deerfield students help humane society; West students embark on service learning; board members to honor gymnasts and others
December 12, 2011
Time for another edition of “First Bell,” a look at issues and items involving education in and around Lawrence.
At work or play, dogs add light to residents’ lives
November 24, 2011
On an afternoon at the beginning of the month, Peggy Mersmann-Laptad was doing what she’d been doing for weeks. She was cleaning up the tons of rubble that used to be her home and occasionally finding items that survived the blaze.
Just Food accepts donations for pets
October 24, 2011
Looking to donate pet food? Lawrence Humane Society cannot accept the donations, but a local food pantry can.
PETA members provide unusual reminder about importance of spaying and neutering pets
October 11, 2011
Bob Barker never pitched spaying and neutering quite like this.