Lawrence Humane Society seeking temporary housing for up to 60 dogs
January 21, 2013
The Lawrence Humane Society will be undergoing kennel repairs in February and is in need of temporary housing for up to 60 dogs. By Meagan Thomas
Trippy catnip documentary nabs spot at Sundance Film Festival
December 13, 2012
A Lawrence native’s 7-minute, 1970s-classroom-documentary-style film — featuring narration of catnip research, pans of newspaper articles about it, psychedelic music and scads of wild-eyed, crazy-acting cats — was selected for the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. By Sara Shepherd.
Alpacas achieve local celebrity
December 3, 2012
Bob and Claudia Hey, Baldwin City, raise alpacas at their farm, Ad Astra Alpacas farm. Looking like a cross between a llama and a sheep, the alpacas are raised for their wool — and as local celebrities of sorts. By Jenna Stanbrough
Wichita’s Black Dog Club created to fight adoption bias
November 22, 2012
A girl in Wichita recently launched the Black Dog Club at her middle school in an effort to raise awareness about a bias against black animals that often keeps them in shelters longer than their lighter-colored counterparts.
Pets look to connect
After living a long time at shelter, animals can forget how to be companions
October 8, 2012
In the long rows of dog kennels at the Lawrence Humane Society, T-Bone isn’t especially eye-catching. He’s not very large or very small — he’s medium-sized. His coat isn’t fluffy or spotted — it’s short and all black. He’s not tough-looking — he’s a Labrador-chow chow mix whose tail can’t seem to decide if it wants to be straight or curly. But T-Bone’s biggest problem is one that, for many dogs, seems to get worse the longer they stay there.
Urban chickens: Residents take advantage of ordinance allowing hens in city
September 17, 2012
The welcoming committee at Meryl Carver-Allmond’s east Lawrence house is nine-strong, energetic, inquisitive and all aflutter. There’s Tori, Bonnie, Gladys, Joni and a handful of younger ladies (well, one’s gender is questionable). While Carver-Allmond is at work, they sometimes bicker, but they pitch in on groceries (albeit only one category) and help a little around the yard (if pooping in it counts).
Wild horse and burro sale connects residents with ‘living legends’
August 24, 2012
Crews from the Oklahoma field office of the Bureau of Land Management travel all over the Midwest hosting wild mustang and burro adoption events like the one that will take place at the community arena of the Douglas County Fairgrounds today and Saturday.
Remnant Rehab: Cat toy encourages playtime
July 23, 2012
As we talked about the issue of overweight pets, which is the topic of our Go! cover story, I wondered how a cat owner could entice their cat to be more active.
Breaking bad pet habits
July 23, 2012
When Tanya Walsh brought home her Great Pyrenees puppy, she was surprised at how easily she was house trained and how well the puppy got along with her four cats. “In a lot of ways, she was a dream puppy,” Walsh said. But there was one obstacle Walsh wasn’t sure how to overcome: Her puppy, Beckett, was terrified of the car.
Pets shedding pounds: Overweight animals need diet, exercise just like people
July 23, 2012
Overweight pets might experience loss of visible body contour, lethargy, difficulty breathing and increased risk of heart disease or diabetes. Shedding and keeping off pounds requires a strict regimen of portion-control, smart snacking and exercise. Sound familiar?
4-H’ers show off animal-training skills at dog and pet show
July 21, 2012
A cluster of well-behaved dogs sat, stood and strutted for an audience of judges and parents at the 4-H’s annual pet and dog show Saturday at the Douglas County Fairgrounds.
Enter your photos in Pet Post Idol contest
June 25, 2012
Think you have the best-looking pet in town? Put it to a vote.
Offbeat Occupation: Bitten by the grooming bug at a young age
June 18, 2012
Shelbie Harrell is only 22 but has had an eight-year career. Harrell grooms dogs at Pawsh Wash, 1520 Wakarusa Drive. She’s been doing it since she was a teenager.
Felines and friends gather for cat club’s annual show
June 17, 2012
In a show shelter sits a white cat named Bipolar Bear, a Maine coon with a long body and a shiny coat. Owner Chris Buck scoops her out to pet her. The cat is pleased, purring.
Small cages cramp parrots’ style, health
April 30, 2012
Mira Tweti does plenty of squawking over the size of parrot cages.