Happy camper: Free State grad camps in 50 states
October 5, 2009
When her daughter was just 7 weeks old, Kathi Firns-Hubert and her husband, Barney, fastened the newborn into her car seat and took her camping.
Hunting: Good for the environment?
September 21, 2009
Hunting is a real controversy among environmental advocates. What effect does it have on the environment?
Mark’s on the Move: Hunters use calls to attract animals
September 20, 2009
Sept. 13, Sept. 21 and Oct. 31. They are the dates that avid Kansas hunters have had their sights set on all off-season long.
Magazine names best river trips
August 16, 2009
They’re not the country’s biggest rivers, or the best-known. But National Geographic Adventure is highlighting six wild and scenic rivers in the U.S. ideal for rafting trips.
Mark’s on the Move: Water-skiing program caters to special-needs children
August 16, 2009
The spray on their faces and the warmth of the sun on their skin were just a couple of memorable impressions made Wednesday for several area visually impaired children.
Fit to ride pain-free
July 6, 2009
This is about the time of year more than a few cyclists find the excitement of Bike to Work Week and early-season charity rides replaced by the soreness of overworked knees and shoulders. Long days in the saddle can lead to injuries caused as much by an ill-fitting bike as a lack of cycling fitness.
Eliminate bagworms before they eliminate your evergreens
July 6, 2009
If you have evergreens in your landscape, you are most likely familiar with bagworms. Bagworms are small caterpillars that feed off needles and leaves, stripping plants of their foliage and causing trees and shrubs to die. Bagworms are easily identifiable by the 1-inch to 2-inch spindle-shaped sack they live in.
Lawrence aiming for world’s largest workout
June 24, 2009
Inspired by the ever-growing popularity of Red Dog’s Dog Days, a small group of local health and business leaders working together on a new initiative called LiveWell Lawrence came up with a novel idea: What if Lawrence could set a world record for the largest community workout?
Armadillos venturing northward — and upward
June 24, 2009
Turns out an armadillo’s natural defenses don’t stand up all that well to cars, trucks and SUVs. A suit of armor doesn’t do much good when you jump up to three times your height while standing in the middle of the road.
Nude hiking buffs ready to shed
June 20, 2009
Every year on the first day of summer, a few outdoor enthusiasts nationwide expose virtually all of themselves to insects, scrapes and thorns for the pleasure of bonding with nature au naturel. They call it Naked Hiking Day.
Wet spring means pests galore
June 12, 2009
If those annoying blood-sucking insects haven’t started bugging you yet, get ready. Local health and bug experts expect a larger number of summer insects this year, as compared with last year.
Nature center’s birds of prey vaccinated
June 12, 2009
It was shot day for the birds at Lawrence’s Prairie Park Nature Center. This week, nine of the center’s education birds were vaccinated against West Nile Virus, which can be lethal for many birds.
Bats to the rescue
Residents give flying mammals home in exchange for mosquito control
June 5, 2009
You might think it would drive the neighbors batty. But the hundreds of bats that swarm from beneath the overhang of Bob Blank’s central Lawrence home each night actually benefit those living around him, Blank said.
Bees drawn to water can be a nuisance
May 13, 2009
We all know that bees collect pollen for food.
K.C. unveils plan for more bike trails
May 12, 2009
Kansas City is promoting a recently passed plan to make it more friendly to bicyclists. It was approved last week by the City Council and provides a framework and recommendations for ongoing improvements.