Expert: Conditions bad for monarchs
October 9, 2011
Migrating monarch butterflies are facing especially dire conditions this year as they pass through the Midwest on their yearly migration to northern Mexico.
Kansas Legislature approves bill allowing silencers for outdoor recreation
March 28, 2011
The Kansas Legislature has approved a bill that would allow the use of silencers for hunting, fishing and fur harvesting.
Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks Commission meeting in Lawrence
January 6, 2011
Today, the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks Commission will meet in Lawrence to discuss everything from big-game regulations to mountain lion sightings.
Annual bird count at Cheyenne Bottoms finds more species than usual
January 5, 2011
An annual bird count found that more species than usual stopped at the Cheyenne Bottoms wildlife on central Kansas this winter.
Fiery Kansas sunsets a true asset to state year-round
December 29, 2010
Some of the best sunsets happen in my rearview mirror. That was the case one October evening. I was eastbound, driving from Garden City to Dodge City, when a gorgeous sunset sneaked up behind me.
Officials plan another deer kill for Shawnee Mission Park in Johnson County
November 19, 2010
A northeast Kansas park that was the scene of a controversial deer hunt still has too many deer.
Small Kansas towns looking forward to pheasant season
November 11, 2010
Mona Hoisington recalls a parade being conducted here decades ago, but not many events have much staying power in Paradise.
Lawrence pumpkin patch owners carve out family attractions
October 18, 2010
It’s a giant metal trough filled with thousands of corn kernels. It seems silly, childish, but kids and adults love it alike. They get in, sit down and relax, sinking into the kernels.
For the love of pre-game
Tailgate parties evolve into epic productions
October 14, 2010
Today’s tailgate parties are all-day and all-night multimedia productions with satellite TVs, stereos, elaborate barbecue spreads, colorful tents, even custom vehicles and costumes.
City to dedicate new park, trail
October 10, 2010
Lawrence’s newest park and trail soon will be officially dedicated.
Prepare lawn in fall for lush green in spring
September 20, 2010
Early fall is the perfect time to bring a dormant lawn back to life.
It’s apple picking time in Kansas
September 18, 2010
It may not yet be fall, but local apple farmers have been picking apples for about two months already — varieties such as Golden Russet, May, Gala and Ida Red. Fall apples, such as Jonathans, Golden Delicious, Rome and Granny Smith, are ripe for the picking.
Lawrence lauded as a good place for triathlons
Iron 70.3 credited with putting city on map of triathletes’ favorite places
September 3, 2010
In its upcoming October edition, names Lawrence as its top “Tri Town” in the U.S.
Fish in flight: Lawrence photography pros capture odd sight in park
September 1, 2010
This is no fish story, it’s the real thing.
Kansas dove hunting season begins Wednesday
August 30, 2010
The dove hunting season begins Wednesday in Kansas, which has one of the largest dove populations in the country.