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Garden Variety: Cherish the lowly worm
December 19, 2013
“Tremors,” a 1990 horror/comedy movie, features not one but four serious subterranean wormlike creatures dubbed “Graboids” — at 30 feet long and traveling at 20 miles per hour, they devoured everything from trucks to outhouses. Worms in real life compare only in shape and assumed bodily function, and hopefully we have more than four.
Garden Variety: Gifts for the gardener
December 12, 2013
This is the time of year for gift-giving, and a gardener should be given a gift they can use, not one that uses them.
Garden Variety: Poinsettias, the dependable diva
December 5, 2013
“Poinsettias are the dependable diva of winter blooming houseplants” is a phrase coined by Ward Upham, horticulturist with Kansas State University Research and Extension, and he adds, “They are divas because they are fairly specific about the care they require.”
Garden Variety: Keep tools in working order
November 28, 2013
Winter is the time for gardeners to clean and keep their tools in working order.
Garden Variety: Getting ready for the hard freeze
November 14, 2013
Just as I was ready to hibernate with the remote control and the football schedule, it dawned on me that there were a few important, if not critical, plays to run in the garden game before the end of the fourth quarter.
Garden Variety: Saving bulbs for next year
November 7, 2013
“Those beautiful plants that grew this year will all come back by themselves next year, won’t they?”
Garden Calendar: Rose disease on the rise
October 17, 2013
If your roses seem like they are growing a little different than usual, they may be infected with an untreatable disease known as rose rosette.
Fix-It Chick: Build a scarecrow
October 17, 2013
Though mostly relegated to folk art status, scarecrows can serve a useful purpose in gardens and orchards. Making a basic scarecrow is a fun and easy project.
Garden Calendar: The race for fall color
October 10, 2013
Although it varies a little from year to year, Douglas County residents should expect to see trees, shrubs and other plants at the height of fall color over the next few weeks. Sumac and poison ivy, which display some of the most brilliant reds that we will see, are already changing. By Jennifer Smith
Fix-It Chick: A primer on primer
October 10, 2013
With any paint project, it is tempting to skip the primer and go straight for the immediate gratification of applying actual paint, forever hopeful that one coat will get the job done right. Unfortunately, even with high quality paint, two coats are usually required to achieve the desired look.
Peekaboo! Jack-o’-lantern dishes bring Halloween to the tabletop, tastefully
Off the Beaten Buy
September 26, 2013
For people who love Halloween but don’t love those tacky plastic pumpkins and messy cotton webs, here’s a more stylish — and (bonus!) useful — way to bring the season to your tabletop.
Six flowers for fall
September 26, 2013
What’s a flower lover to do for some color now that summer is officially over? Here are six recommendations from local garden centers of fall plants to keep your garden bright and beautiful as colder weather sets in.
Garden Calendar: Fall garden to-do list
September 26, 2013
When I think of fall, I think of frosty mornings, bonfires, pumpkin pie, raking leaves, overseeding my lawn, planting mums and pansies, picking apples and preparing the landscape for the cooler days ahead.
Fix-It Chick: Do-it-yourself home energy audit
September 26, 2013
Winterizing is not a once-and-done kind of job. Conducting your own energy audit each fall can save energy and money throughout the year.
Garden Calendar: Fall is ideal for tree planting
September 19, 2013
Cooler days will surely get here soon, and their arrival is a great time to think about planting trees and shrubs