Swine Flu Pandemic

An outbreak of H1N1 Swine Flu was reported in Mexico in April 2009. By the end of May, it had spread across the U.S., with all 50 states reporting cases. In June, the World Health Organization declared the outbreak to be a pandemic, although it notes that most cases are only moderately severe. In Lawrence and across Kansas, the first non-border state to report anyone sick with swine flu, residents are taking precautions to keep from becoming sick.

More Swine Flu Pandemic
Health department reschedules H1N1 clinics in Eudora, Baldwin City
January 16, 2010
The Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department has rescheduled H1N1 vaccination clinics in Eudora and Baldwin City. The clinics were canceled due to a snowstorm.
Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department to offer H1N1 vaccine on walk-in basis at clinic
January 12, 2010
Starting tomorrow — Wednesday, Jan. 13 — the H1N1 vaccine will be readily available at the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department’s clinic.
State health officer reiterates vaccination after 52-year-old Kansan dies from H1N1
January 8, 2010
A 52-year-old man from southwest Kansas has died from the H1N1 flu virus. The man did not have any underlying health conditions that placed him at greater risk for severe complications of influenza.
Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department encourages H1N1 vaccinations, schedules more clinics
01:33 p.m., January 5, 2010 Updated 10:40 a.m.
The Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department still encourages people to get the H1N1 flu vaccine. It has scheduled more clinics for January.
Swine flu claims 25th victim in Kansas
11:48 a.m., December 31, 2009 Updated 12:48 p.m.
A 40-year-old man from the Wichita metropolitan area has died from infection with swine flu, according to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.
H1N1 a threat to new moms
December 24, 2009
Swine flu is not only dangerous to pregnant women, but it’s a threat to new mothers too, the first study to document this risk shows.
49-year-old Topeka man dies from H1N1 flu virus, bringing state total to 24
December 23, 2009
A 49-year-old Topeka area man has died from infection with the H1N1 flu virus.
Nearly 17 percent of Douglas County residents choose to get H1N1 vaccine
December 22, 2009
As of Tuesday, 19,952 residents had received the H1N1 vaccine through private providers, pharmacies or one of the 40 clinics offered by the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department.
Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department schedules second all-day H1N1 vaccine clinic
December 22, 2009
The Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department will have a second all-day H1N1 vaccine clinic in Lawrence on Wednesday, Dec. 30. The first all-day clinic drew 599 people.
Woman dies from H1N1; Kan. toll rises to 23
December 22, 2009
A 27-year-old woman from northeast Kansas has died from the H1N1 virus.
Health department sets more H1N1 clinics
December 20, 2009
Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department will make the H1N1 vaccine available during an all-day clinic Monday.
U.S. urges swine flu shots for all
December 18, 2009
A flu shot for the holidays? Finally, the nation’s supply of swine flu vaccine will reach 100 million doses by week’s end, opening the way for everyone, not just those at highest risk, to get protected.
Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department schedules more H1N1 vaccination clinics
December 16, 2009
The Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department will make the H1N1 vaccine available during an all-day clinic Monday, Dec. 21.
800,000 doses of H1N1 vaccine for children — including some in Douglas County — recalled due to lack of potency
Doses lack potency, but still expected to stop flu
10:21 a.m., December 15, 2009 Updated 05:35 p.m.
About 800,000 doses of swine flu vaccine for children are being recalled because tests found the strength of the shots had dropped after being shipped, health officials announced Tuesday.

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