Cooking Q & A

My teenage daughter is becoming vegetarian/vegan
June 30, 2010
Is it healthy for my teenage daughter to be a vegetarian?
Eggplant a versatile and tasty ingredient for cooking
June 23, 2010
I have never known what to do with eggplant. Can you help?
Fresh green beans a tasty summer staple
June 16, 2010
Are green beans considered a starchy vegetable?
Hummus as mayo swap, and a weight-loss idea
June 11, 2010
What is hummus? Is it healthy for you?
Ten ideas for how to cook your fruits and vegetables
June 2, 2010
I quickly run out of ways to prepare fruits and vegetables. Any hints?
Energy drinks rife with caffeine, lacking nutritional value
May 26, 2010
Are energy drinks like Red Bull safe for my teenager to drink?
Summer Food Program offers free meals for area youths
May 19, 2010
Q: I heard a rumor that the Summer Food Program wasn’t going to be offered this year because of budget cuts. Is that true?
Enjoying beef in moderation
May 12, 2010
I read that you offered a program on cooking with beef last week. I had to work, so I didn’t get to sign up. Did you share any recipes that you could pass on?
The ‘I-don’t-care-itis’ cure
May 5, 2010
I get frustrated with my husband when he says, “Why should I worry about eating healthy and getting more physical activity?
Knowing nutrition in ounce equivalents
April 28, 2010
Recently I was in a nutrition class where the presenter talked about ounce equivalents when it comes to choosing grains and meats/beans. What is an “ounce equivalent”?
Soup for summer
April 21, 2010
The history behind gazpacho (aka gaspacho) is much like classical music with a theme and many variations.
How you can make your own green cleaners
April 14, 2010
As I try to “think green,” I know that there are recipes for alternatives to harsh and toxic cleaners.
Dinner host has questions on table settings, etiquette
April 7, 2010
Q: I need help. We are hosting our first dinner for my in-laws, but I’ve never really set a table properly. How do you do it?
Healthy diet can include some eggs
March 31, 2010
So what are the facts on eggs — are they as bad as they’re portrayed?
Age-appropriate jobs get young cooks started
March 24, 2010
I know that I should let my 3-year-old help out in the kitchen, but I’m always in a hurry to get the meal on the table.