Garden Calendar

Garden Calendar: Water teepees provide early start for tomatoes
April 25, 2013
The first tomato of summer: It’s the one gardeners and foodies long for as days get warmer, gardens flourish with plant growth, and farmers markets pick up steam. Want that first tomato a little earlier?
Garden Calendar: 10 things for spring
April 18, 2013
Whether you are an experienced gardener or just putting your first plants into the ground, gardening is a continual process of learning and growing. Here are a few tips we can all keep in mind as we kick off this year’s gardening season. By Jennifer Smith
Garden Calendar: Low tunnels help produce early crop
April 11, 2013
While most gardeners are planting their early-season veggies and preparing the soil for later crops, one Lawrence gardener is already reaping the rewards of her labor.
Garden Calendar: Guerrilla gardens started on neglected land need commitment
April 4, 2013
Have you ever looked at a neglected piece of land and thought about planting flowers or vegetables on it? Maybe just some wildflower seeds to spruce things up? If so, you could be part of a growing trend that is being referred to as guerrilla gardening.
Garden Calendar: Pecking at a bigger problem
March 28, 2013
If trees could talk, I would hope they would tell us what hurts, or where it hurts, or when a pest attack is getting the best of them.
Garden Calendar: What to know about spring fertilizer applications
March 20, 2013
Warmer weather should be around to stay soon, and my garden gloves and pruners are already waiting by the door for their chores. These early days of spring are a good time to give many species of plants supplemental nutrients in the form of fertilizer, but how much and what kind really depend on what you are trying to grow and what your soil has already.
Garden Calendar: Trapping best remedy to get rid of moles
March 14, 2013
The giant mounds of soil in my lawn that appeared after the snow melted tell me that I have a new and unwelcome visitor to my yard: a mole.
Garden Calendar: Start crabgrass control before it spreads
March 7, 2013
Remember crabgrass? It was the tough, clumpy, impossible-to-pull grass that took over lawns and flower beds all over northeast Kansas in the heat of last summer. While you were busy trying to keep it under control, it was busy producing thousands of seeds that will germinate soon. By Jennifer Smith
Garden Calendar: Heed safety advice when pruning trees with chain saws
February 28, 2013
Although safety is always important when pruning trees, I worry the most when we have a winter storm — whether it brings wind, heavy snow loads, or ice that coats and weighs the branches to breakage.
Garden Calendar: Giving a bouquet will make someone’s day
February 14, 2013
Flowers make people feel better whether they are a gift for a holiday, special occasion, a get well, or sent as a condolence. What kind of flowers you choose also makes a difference in the message they send.
Garden Calendar: Taming overgrown shrubs
February 7, 2013
The beast of a honeysuckle at the back corner of my office building has been crying for a good rejuvenation pruning, and the time has finally come.
Garden Calendar: Upcoming workshop to teach homeowners how to manage stormwater
January 31, 2013
On Feb. 9, the Missouri Prairie Foundation/Grow Native! is presenting “Native Landscaping and Rain Gardens” at the Douglas County 4-H Fairgrounds Building No. 1, 2110 Harper St. By Jennifer Smith
Garden Calendar: Soil pH plays important role in plant growth
January 24, 2013
Gardeners love talking about soil, but we are often missing the important topic of soil pH.
Garden Calendar: Making birds feel at home
January 17, 2013
As we watch a nuthatch descend the trunk of nearby tree and listen to the uninterrupted chirping of numerous other birds, I understand why Julie Trowbridge-Alford provides food, water and shelter for birds in her yard.
Garden Calendar: Try ZZ plant for easy-to-grow option
January 10, 2013
As I admire the glossy green leaves of a Zamioculcas zamiifolia, or ZZ plant, I wonder how I have overlooked this plant previously.