Garden Calendar

Surprise lilies popping up as other flowers fade
August 8, 2013
Surprise lilies are popping up around town this week, holding true to their name by sending out their delicate, fragrant blossoms when gardeners have all but forgotten the flowers’ impending arrival.
Garden Calendar: A squash alternative without the bug problem
August 1, 2013
A zucchini by another name might be a little less sweet to squash bugs. At least that is what one Lawrence gardener is beginning to believe in his second season of growing Zucchetta Rampicante Tromboncino squash.
Garden Calendar: Identify which shiny green insects are friends, foes
July 25, 2013
This summer certainly is the year for green insects — with Japanese beetles making their presence known, emerald ash borers knocking on our door, and the usual suspects just seeming to be more visible than usual. Here are some tips for identifying which of the green insects you should worry about and what to do if control is warranted.
Garden Calendar: A ‘little slice of heaven’ in their backyard
July 18, 2013
Water gardens and water features add many dimensions to a landscape, but it is the sound that drew me in to Jay and Connie Robertson’s set of ponds and waterfalls in rural Lecompton.
Garden Calendar: Unusual vegetable offers unique aesthetics in garden
July 11, 2013
Want to try something different in your garden next year? Cardoon might be worth a venture, even though it does a better job of looking pretty than producing delicious cardoon hearts in Kansas.
Garden Calendar: Planting seeds for a better park
July 4, 2013
Tom Swan Park in Baldwin City is getting a new look and an educational angle with a little help from the Douglas County Extension Master Gardeners.
Garden Calendar: A beautiful, edible garden
June 27, 2013
One Lawrence family is adding beauty and color to the neighborhood while adding homegrown fruits and vegetables to their table.
Garden Calendar: Tree lilacs add color to summer landscape
June 20, 2013
Japanese tree lilacs, a small tree that produces large, creamy white panicles on the tips of its vase-shaped crown and bears little resemblance to its purple shrubby cousins, are blooming right now in downtown Lawrence.
Garden Calendar: Learn how to be a Master Gardener
June 13, 2013
K-State Research and Extension in Douglas County is accepting applications for this year’s Master Gardener training.
Garden Calendar: Leafy greens bolting early
June 6, 2013
When lettuce, spinach, and arugula start producing flowers, you can usually consider them done for the season. Why have gardeners and producers in the area have been reporting it so much this year?
Garden Calendar: Sweeten up your garden with sweet potatoes
May 30, 2013
Looking for something easy to grow that is a great late-in-the-season addition to the vegetable garden? Try growing sweet potatoes this year. By Jennifer Smith
Garden Calendar: City proposes alternating irrigation schedules
May 23, 2013
Wise watering saves time and money, grows healthier plants, and could help to reduce the need for future expensive infrastructure from your water provider.
Garden Calendar: Bees begin annual swarming
May 16, 2013
Over the next few weeks, honey bees will gradually become more active, and a swarm of them could end up in your yard.
Garden Calendar: Are dandelions friends or foes?
May 9, 2013
Dandelions can be pesky but are easily controlled with a few key practices, and the ones who survive have value to the environment.
Garden Calendar: Strawberry growers use innovative methods for earlier crop
May 2, 2013
At Wohletz Farm Fresh, 1831 North 1100 Road in rural Lawrence, strawberries are about to hit the big time.