Jennifer Oldridge

Lawrence couple spend almost 20 years developing a pristine vista
July 10, 2008
Debby Hird is all smiles. And why not - life is good. She wakes every morning to a dazzling vista that is certainly morphing and molding on any given day, quite possibly each day being more spectacular than the last.Yes, the views that the Hirds are able to savor from their hilltop home south of Lawrence are phenomenal, and they definitely savor those views.
Home grown: Kitchen garden yields fresh produce, high satisfaction
July 3, 2008
Good grief. There is this summer’s tomato scare, the spinach fright of 2007 and the floods in Iowa that have drowned huge quantities of corn. We want to eat foods like tomatoes, spinach and corn that are fresh and serve as a statement of perfection in their simplicity.
South Park scene: Band concerts draw crowds to idyllic Lawrence site
June 26, 2008
It is another Lawrence City Band night at South Park, where musicians gather for a series of 8 p.m. Wednesday performances for an attentive, relaxed audience. City Band night is nostalgia wrapped up in a little apple pie, a scene you might witness on an old-time movie set or in smaller towns of yesteryear.
Creative endeavor: Gardener’s inspiration yields picturesque setting
June 19, 2008
A lot of gardeners out there consider themselves to be do-it-yourself types. I know I do. Most times this is a successful strategy, and I learn a new skill and save money. But sometimes it is disastrous and the cavalry has to be sent in.
Historic roots
Garden connects owner to past
June 12, 2008
In 1926, a one-story English Cornwall-style home was built of brick and mortar. At the time, the home looked out onto a valley where a quarry was busily unearthing rock outside the city limits of Lawrence. Past the quarry a smattering of Kansas University buildings towered in the distance. The vista was open, rather rural.
Inner space
Downtown garden oasis of solitude, simplicity
May 29, 2008
After a long day of shopping in downtown Lawrence, we were hot, tired and wind-blown. That’s why the Japanese Friendship Garden was a savior. Shady spots beckoned us, and stone benches resembled La-Z-Boys for our worn-out shopping crew. We decided to let the garden cradle our weary, shopped-out souls.
Sculpted land
Dream home showcases art, gardening in serene and secretive style
May 22, 2008
Cruising down the long, winding driveway as I approached Jan and Jack Gaumnitz’s home, it feels like I am entering an exclusive, secretive and secluded sculpture garden.
Endearing elegance
Retiree builds oasis in garden
May 15, 2008
In the heart of Lawrence sits an unassuming little ranch house. Nestled on the crest of the hill that also is home to Hillcrest School and other similar 1950s-style houses it rests, tucked behind and under enormous pin oaks.
Closer to the earth
Lawrence family’s home blends into landscape
May 8, 2008
What a magnificent day it was the morning I was driving out to view Chris and Steve Edmonds’ garden. As I walked up to meet Chris Edmonds, we both took a moment to absorb the panoramic view, with white caps on Clinton Lake in the distance.
Bright flowers at Lawrence home pass muster with flying colors
April 30, 2008
If you ever travel down Lawrence Avenue, you have undoubtedly seen the gorgeous garden of the Edwards family. While there are many stunning landscapes on the street, this one is particularly grand.
Blooming vision
Lawrence landscaper’s garden mixes nature, found objects
April 24, 2008
It is wonderfully refreshing to see that Reed and Stacey Dillon’s garden is imperfect. The iron work is rusty. Random corn poppies grow wild, peeking up in the paths around the French rose garden. Some of the trees in the orchard are scraped and battered at the hands of deer rubbing their antlers, and the entire back acreage is wild and natural.
When color is king
Use complements or contrasts for vivid garden scene
April 17, 2008
Color in the garden - seems simple enough. When we paint our homes or dress ourselves, we use colors that are attractive to us, that lure us and intrigue us. Yellows are bright; blues are cool. What more is there to know?
Perennial allure
Hostas classic, varied garden shade plant
April 10, 2008
I think just about everyone has planted a plantain lily, more commonly known as a hosta. They are a quintessential classic garden shade plant.
Bevy of blooms
Blossoming trees offer sightseeing sensations for spring enthusiasts
April 2, 2008
With the onset of spring, you might be spending your time looking toward the ground, admiring all of the daffodils, tulips, hyacinth, forsythia and other various usual spring suspects. Why not adjust your sights upward for the ornamental trees, which are about to be at their finest and performing a stunning show?
Reclaiming the landscape
Former ammunition plant site houses horticulture, scientific research for Kansas plant life
March 27, 2008
The Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant near De Soto has been long abandoned. The main entrance looks like a desolate ghost town with paint peeling off the buildings of muted tones in gray and tan.