Jennifer Oldridge

Rooms without rules: Interior designer Jack Collins is all about individuality
February 5, 2009
Rule No. 1 in interior design: Stop purchasing matching sets of anything!
A fresh start: Recruit your family and give the home a scouring
January 1, 2009
Every year when I dismantle the holiday decorations, I think about how this is a great time to clean and get organized.
A glowing gala: Lawrence family opens home to friends for annual Christmas celebration
December 25, 2008
Serina Hearn and Tony Backus, along with their children, Zoey, Timmia, Simon, Alex and Cecelia, cherish this time of year.
3-D dreams: Architect sees innovation, environmental concepts take form through projects
November 6, 2008
Dan Rockhill has been practicing what he preaches for 28 years now. The professor of architecture at Kansas University has more homes and buildings under his tool belt through his business Rockhill & Associates than he can count. Yet he also is in the trenches with his students at Studio 804, who are working on their 10th structure.
Happy place
Entertainer injects colorful personality into his home decor
October 23, 2008
We were out on a family bike ride recently, and like most outings of that nature, I was peeking around with at least one eye trying to spy the next great garden or home for my column. When lo and behold, we rolled past a wash of color and happiness outwardly tattooed on a house in the Pinckney neighborhood.
Downtown delights: Colorful flora thrives in Lawrence during cooler autumn months
October 2, 2008
Lawrence is one of those rare gems. You probably know this already, and that is why you chose to live, work, earn an education, raise children or retire here. One of the quintessential assets that makes Lawrence a unique and coveted breed of town is our thriving, pedestrian-friendly, eccentric shopping experience.
Park-like setting: Keeper of Kill Creek Park develops space of her own
September 25, 2008
Just a few miles east of Lawrence, directly off of Kansas Highway 10, is the wonderful 900-acre Kill Creek Park. It boasts a number of assets, including a mountain bike course, the equestrian trails, hiking paths and paved biking paths that weave across the rugged, rolling hills.
Class project: Perry school works garden into curriculum
September 18, 2008
Gretchen Byer, a teacher at Perry Elementary School, recently sent me a proud e-mail about the work that the instructors and students had been accomplishing in their relatively new garden. It’s aptly coined the Children’s Learning Garden. “It’s an unofficial city park, but really it is a place to learn,” Byer says. “It is a place to beautify the land and teach with hands on behavior.”
Planting seeds: Grant supports Hilltop’s efforts to teach children about gardening
September 11, 2008
School has ramped up for another industrious year, marking a bittersweet end to the long, languid days most Lawrence children could spend outdoors, capturing fireflies or collecting worms. But for the kids at Hilltop Child Development Center, life in the wild has just begun.
The butterfly effect: KU’s Monarch Watch brings nature’s wonders to community
September 4, 2008
We are so fortunate here in Lawrence to have connections with Kansas University. While you can live much of your life here and not get involved with KU at all, that would a true shame. After all, life is about connections, and the university offers many opportunities that foster greatness, even in gardening.
Bright ideas: Color dominates palette in Lawrence gardener’s backyard
August 14, 2008
It is always an unexpected pleasure to get mail that isn’t a bill or junk catalog. I particularly appreciate it when readers write to share an idea for an article or to boast of their own garden’s magnificence.
A family affair: Couple build on local cut-flower business
August 7, 2008
Lynn Byczynski and her husband, Dan Nagengast, dream of fields of flowers - rows upon rows of oddly shaped, brightly colored, tall, squat, wispy, erect, aromatic flowers that stare at them in the dew of the dawn of a new day.
A place to visit: Serene garden at Lawrence tourism center has storied history
July 31, 2008
There is a gorgeous garden situated in front of the Lawrence Visitor Center, 402 N. Second St., that frames the façade of the century-old building and complements the aesthetics of its architecture. The French-themed design of the garden is quite authentic. I had to pinch myself to remember that I was not in Toulouse or Nice but instead just across the mighty Kansas River, standing in the shade of a sycamore in good old Lawrence.
Great escapes: Couple create relaxing hideouts on their property
July 24, 2008
For years, Win and Linda Campbell were proprietors of Campbell’s Clothiers in downtown Lawrence, helping professionals dress the part. They also own Winfield House, a furniture store their son now runs. Now in semi-retirement, the Campbells have turned their attention to their country farmhouse home situated on 12 acres of sprawling Kansas magnificence in the southwest vicinity beyond Lawrence city limits.
Lavender fields forever: Rural farm doubles as retreat, natural garden
July 17, 2008
Sydney, Murphy, Bo and Sheba are all present and accounted for. They all want a moment to greet any visitor who treks way up to the top of their secluded rural retreat, nestled high in the rolling Kansas hills south of Lawrence and just east of Lone Star Lake. Life is good for all the rescued dogs who have the run of the place here at Washington Creek Lavender.