Net Worth

Net Worth: Web presents opportunity to rate where one stands on things
September 4, 2009
Standing in line is among my least-favorite activities.
Net Worth: Comedic furor accompanies Führer on the Internet
August 28, 2009
Never known for his sense of humor, Adolf Hitler is suddenly all the rage in comedic circles.
Net Worth: ‘Unnecessary quotes’ among grammatical goofs mocked on Web
July 24, 2009
Most people operating in the journalism field can cite at least one grammatical blunder that ticks them off more than any other.
Net Worth: Why phone a friend when you can buy a celebrity?
July 17, 2009
If there is one thing this generation of reality TV and gossip blogging has taught us, nothing is more important than being in the presence of celebrities.
Net Worth: Family Circus tampering becomes online obsession
July 10, 2009
Back at my “old job” coddling alt-weekly journalism in Kansas City, we spent a lot of time making sport of daily newspapers.
Net Worth: Literal videos find fresh way to lampoon MTV classics
June 26, 2009
They say your entertainment preferences are forever shaped by the decade in which you went to high school.
Net Worth: You’re in control, thanks to film site that aids weak bladders
May 29, 2009
Temptation is the enemy of the serious film-goer.
Net Worth: Humorous Web sites take aim at ‘Star Trek’ universe
May 8, 2009
When I was in ninth grade, my mom bought me two advance tickets as an early Christmas gift to the premiere of “Star Trek: The Motion Picture.”
Net Worth: Test your Lawrence lore, courtesy of Facebook apps
May 1, 2009
Facebook is brimming with wily ways to quiz yourself and your friends.
Net Worth: Felines mobilize in response to online scrutiny
April 24, 2009
You can never predict how people will react to a column.
Net Worth: Vexing feline Web sites aren’t exactly the cat’s meow
April 17, 2009
I hate cats. OK, maybe that’s too strong a statement. Let’s just say I like every domesticated animal better than cats.
Net Worth: High points of viral video culture captured on one page
April 10, 2009
The word “viral” has so many connotations.
Net Worth: Ridiculing ‘shreds’ bring rock stars down to earth
April 3, 2009
In 1981, technology wasn’t exactly the universal playground it is now.
Net Worth: Co-workers’ suggestions lead to fresh Web sightings
February 27, 2009
Since I’m the one with the “Internet column,” you would think folks would always be asking me for suggestions about intriguing new sites.
Net Worth: Theatrical trailers revitalized in clever ways on the Internet
February 13, 2009
I am never late to a movie.