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Getting organized can help teens avoid mayhem
January 13, 2015
Organization isn’t just for people with ADHD. The secret of happiness can be how you organize your life. We’d rather see happiness as something magnificent like meditating toward a higher state of consciousness or perhaps something trite yet unattainable, like, “look on the bright side,” “seek your true love.” But a catchy mantra, no matter how much you practice it, can’t create happiness unless your life is organized so you can gain its benefit.
Double Take: Students’ sleep suffers with early schedules
January 6, 2015
Every January marks “Back-to-School: The Sequel” for students all over America. In honor of this annual holiday rebound, Kyra and I will be doing four columns on school-related topics this January. Three of them are about things we’d like to see schools do differently, not just our schools but all schools. This week, it’s teen sleep — or, more correctly, what most American schools do to make it worse.
Double Take: Resolutions require dedication, purpose
December 30, 2014
It’s time for the annual Double Take resolution tradition. Unfortunately, we’re up against some stiff opposition. According to research from early 2014, only 8 percent of people actually meet their New Year’s resolutions.
Double Take: Decide whether consenting to using location app is in your best interest
December 22, 2014
Feel free to accept your boyfriend’s invitation to join Find My Friends, if you think it meets a need for him and doesn’t bother you. Or, feel free to decline if it makes you uncomfortable. Your guy will have to decide what he wants to do in response.
Double Take: Prepare for college applications by preparing for the worst
December 15, 2014
Given the number of high school students I see, I didn’t need a reminder that December is the beginning of college decision season.
Double Take: Respect students’ communication boundaries
December 8, 2014
When your child goes off to college or moves out, all communication needn’t be limited to a monthly phone call or email. However, you must strike a fine balance for these interactions and the form they take.
Double Take: Work toward forgiveness in relationships
December 1, 2014
Working toward forgiveness is important in moving past any injustice. It may take many years if the injustice is grave, but ultimately forgiveness means letting go of the pain and sadness associated with the relationship and starting anew.
Double Take: Keep in mind what works, what doesn’t at holiday family get-togethers
November 25, 2014
Unless you’re headed home to Whoville for an idyllic gathering of loved ones, you’ll probably appreciate a few reminders of what works and what doesn’t at holiday family get-togethers.
Double Take: Love and ADHD can be a rewarding mix
November 17, 2014
Learning how to love someone with ADHD can be perplexing, but it can also be rewarding and fun. The secret is learning when to tolerate and ignore and when to push for accountability.
Double Take: Selfies don’t always convey the right message
November 10, 2014
When it comes to selfies, some teens don’t shape their message to say what they really mean. Others say exactly what they mean, before having considered its impact. Either way, as a society we haven’t done a very good job helping kids learn to use their fabulous media.
Double Take: Explicit selfies may be common, but they are harmful
November 3, 2014
Many teens and young adults see no reason not to take and share explicit material. Some see it as a sort of sexual calling card. Others claim it as a form of social protest, echoing Jennifer Lawrence in Vanity Fair, “It’s my body; it’s my choice.” Most just commit to digital image what they share with intimate partners and see portrayed in online explicit content. Regardless, many teens and even more young adults take and share these pictures nowadays.
Double Take: School shootings continue to shine light on mental health issues
October 27, 2014
Dr. Wes and Kyra look at the cycle of school shootings and start by looking at the long list of shootings through history. “Respectfully consider that Wikipedia list to offer context for this sad story. You won’t find any profiles there, but you will find more than one Jaylen Fryberg story. And any way you slice it, these are stories of mental breakdown.”
Double Take: Set your own course by voting
October 20, 2014
If you don’t vote, you’re letting somebody else drive your car. And given the astounding differences between how the over-30 and under-30 crowd polls right now, you might not like the course someone else sets for you.
Double Take: Define a relationship that may be imbalanced
October 13, 2014
How do you handle a boyfriend who says “I love you” but may not be showing it through his actions?
Double Take: Deal with video game-related problems
September 29, 2014
New research and Dr. Wes’s clinical experience suggest that violent content doesn’t make kids more violent or lacking in empathy. But the actual emotional experience of game play often makes them angrier and, at times, aggressive.