Mike Wildgen

Wildgen’s departure surprises ex-leaders
March 12, 2006
Mike Wildgen beat the odds. He was not Lawrence’s first choice to be city manager when he was hired in 1990 following the death of Buford Watson Jr. And there was at least one time over the years when his job appeared, briefly, in danger.
Longtime city manager resigns under pressure
Commission cites planning issues
March 9, 2006
Longtime City Manager Mike Wildgen resigned Wednesday. City commissioners asked him to leave, citing concerns about inadequate planning for the city’s growth. His last day will be Friday after 16 years on the job.
Wildgen accomplished much in office
March 9, 2006
Mike Wildgen, 58, began working for the City of Lawrence in 1974 following two years in the city manager’s office in Olathe and two years in the city development department in Kansas City, Mo.
Lawrence city manager resigns under pressure
March 8, 2006
After months of criticism over City Hall’s failure to anticipate the extent of Lawrence’s growth, longtime City Manager Mike Wildgen this morning submitted his resignation.
City manager evaluation to continue today
March 8, 2006
City commissioners will continue their evaluation of City Manager Mike Wildgen at a 10:30 a.m. closed-door executive session today at City Hall.
City manager evaluation discussions to continue
Commissioners call for third day of review of Wildgen’s performance
March 7, 2006
City commissioners are conducting an unusually long evaluation of City Manager Mike Wildgen following a year of tough questions about whether the community has adequately planned for growth.
General fund ends year in black
March 4, 2006
The City of Lawrence didn’t have to dip into its “savings” account after all.
Eagle Bend unlikely to ever pay own way
As golf course continues to lose money, city gives up on treating it like a business
March 4, 2006
It’s the golfing equivalent of throwing away the scorecard.
Officials take more time to evaluate city manager
March 3, 2006
City commissioners are taking some extra time to review the performance of City Manager Mike Wildgen.
City Commissioners evaluate performance of City Manager
March 2, 2006
City Manager Mike Wildgren’s annual review is running into extra innings with Lawrence City Commissioners. The city’s elected officials met for two hours Thursday in a closed-door executive session to conduct Wildgen’s annual job evaluation.
Property tax increase favored over sales tax for development goals
February 16, 2006
Local leaders looked hard Wednesday for ways to avoid asking voter approval to raise $20 million over the next 10 years for open space and economic development projects.
City hopes to get a jump on growth
February 10, 2006
Lawrence city commissioners want to make 2006 the year they stop playing catch-up with the community’s ever-expanding list of growth issues.
City sees positive sign in sales tax numbers
Lawrence posts back-to-back increases of more than 3 percent
December 29, 2005
City budget-makers are breathing easier now that 2005 sales tax numbers are in and show a healthy 3.5 percent increase for the year.
Wildgen receives honor for work
December 14, 2005
City managers from across the state came to Lawrence City Hall on Tuesday night to present City Manager Mike Wildgen with an award recognizing him for excellence in city management.
City growth plans open to interpretation
December 11, 2005
The crystal ball at Lawrence City Hall envisions significant amounts of new growth south of the Wakarusa River. In fact, the city’s wastewater plan calls for 20,000 people to be living in that newest part of Lawrence by 2025.
Job vacancy not sole problem with planning, commissioner says
December 11, 2005
Douglas County Commissioner Bob Johnson has some advice as city and county officials begin the search to hire a planning director. Don’t expect to find a savior.
City Manager Wildgen wins excellence award
November 24, 2005
Lawrence City Manager Mike Wildgen has received the top award of excellence from a statewide association of government managers.
City faces growth woes
Commission still digging for solutions
November 10, 2005
City commissioners Wednesday expressed optimism that several proposed building projects in the northwest area could proceed once the first phase of a sewer study is completed next month.
Builders: Planning mistake will cost
Sewage system unable to accommodate growth
October 23, 2005
During a Lawrence Planning Commission meeting last month, projects totaling 140 single-family homes, 70 apartment units, 16 acres of office development and 50 acres of commercial development were told they couldn’t get building permits because of sewer concerns.
Woman barges into city manager’s home
October 18, 2005
An intoxicated woman barged into City Manager Mike Wildgen’s Old West Lawrence home early Sunday morning.