Old Home Town

100 years ago: Safety issues lead KU to consider moving sledding off streets, to campus hill
January 7, 2015
“The place that they plan to have is just south of McCook Field. There is plenty of slope there and there will be no street cars, taxicabs, or hacks there….”
25 years ago: Executive director not in the plans for downtown group
January 7, 2015
The budget for Downtown Lawrence had been cut in half since the organization had dissolved the requirement that members pay fees.
100 years ago: Eudora editor pens praise of new J-W head
January 6, 2015
“Simons is a likable fellow and one who can and will talk to his opponent in a sane manner….”
25 years ago: Gas bills on the rise thanks to recent cold weather
January 6, 2015
Gas meters had been read on Dec. 26 showed that usage had gone up about 50 percent compared to December 1988.
40 years ago: Lawrence teen fatally shot in argument with boyfriend
January 6, 2015
“She loved music. She was so full of life. You couldn’t have asked for a better girl.”
100 years ago: KU ‘Jayhawkers’ open 1915 basketball season
January 5, 2015
“Prospects are that the Jayhawker five will have another successful season and will bid fair for the Missouri Valley Conference honors.”
100 years ago: Trains bring deluge of returning KU students
January 4, 2015
“Students all returning in one day is rather phenomenal at the University for they usually come for several days.”
100 years ago: Marriages down, divorces up in Douglas County
January 3, 2015
“When the first family trouble arises they hurry to a lawyer who is in most instances glad to take the case….”
100 years ago: Interurban train construction held up by weather
January 2, 2015
“The rails for the line are already at Bonner Springs and they will be laid as fast as the grade is built.”
100 years ago: Lawrence quietly rings in new year
January 1, 2015
“The streets were barren at midnight.”
100 years ago: Six students badly injured in sledding crash
December 31, 2014
“All the young people sustained severe injuries, but it is thought that none of the injuries will prove fatal.”
100 years ago: Dr. Naismith leaves for annual conference in Chicago
December 30, 2014
“The Kansas professor, besides being an inventive genius, and understanding the fundamental principles of sports and games, is also a stickler for clean athletics….”
100 years ago: Lawrence visitor reports on experiences in modern U.S. Navy
December 29, 2014
“‘The old happy-go-lucky spirit is not so much in evidence as in former years. The navy is being built up of men who are serious and in the service as a life work.’”
100 years ago: City officials to begin renumbering North Lawrence houses
December 28, 2014
“Tomorrow the city officials will go out in North Lawrence and will tell the people what the number of their house is according to the new system of numbering….”
100 years ago: Two girls abducted on Mass Street, escape from captor
December 27, 2014
“It was simply a case of where a brute was lying in wait for some one….”