Old Home Town

40 years ago: KU enrollment reaches historic high
August 28, 2014
“This indicates renewed confidence of the citizens of this state in the university.”
25 years ago: Free cab service for KU students to launch this fall
August 28, 2014
“It’s an emergency service that is designed to help students and keep them safe.”
100 years ago: Lawrence minister speaks at local temperance convention
August 27, 2014
“He said he was 19 years old before he saw a saloon and then he had to go to Missouri to see it.”
100 years ago: J-W offers new map to help readers follow ‘European war’
August 26, 2014
“It is a genuine work of art in which are brought out the details not found in folders and cheap Atlases.”
40 years ago: Streetlights not working in redeveloped downtown area
August 26, 2014
The ballasts in all the lights were defective, according to Lawrence public works director George Williams.
25 years ago: Emporia bridge to be torn down, reconstructed due to surveying error
August 26, 2014
The general contractor blamed the surveyor, who blamed the bridge plan.
100 years ago: Schools renovated for beginning of academic year
August 25, 2014
“A wooden floor will be placed in the gymnasium of the Central School.”
40 years ago: County-subsidized ambulance service under scrutiny
August 25, 2014
The county had asked ambulance service operator Leonard Barber for a complete report.
25 years ago: Water main break closes portion of Ninth Street
August 25, 2014
A one-block section of Ninth Street near Murrow Court was closed to traffic today and was possibly going to be blocked for up to 10 days.
100 years ago: Stranger enters rural home, takes man’s suit
August 24, 2014
“As yet nothing definite has been obtained to find the whereabouts of the man who asked for a drink and Mr. Guntert is still missing his suit.”
40 years ago: City police, county sheriff run foot-race at Vinland Fair
August 24, 2014
The victorious team won by a lap.
25 years ago: County meets to discuss Valleyview Care Home
August 24, 2014
Speakers aired concerns about a low occupancy rate and the ability to meet changing health care needs.
100 years ago: Young group from Kansas City takes long walk to Lawrence
August 23, 2014
“They say that they are having ‘the time of their lives’ and that they are going to walk to Colorado next summer.”
40 years ago: Eudora board meets to discuss new library plans
August 23, 2014
One question raised was whether the new library should have a basement.
25 years ago: Local developer to submit plan for municipal golf course
August 23, 2014
Lawrence city commissioners had received a municipal golf course proposal in July.