Old Home Town

25 years ago: Ice storm closes Lawrence schools
February 15, 2015
KU, however, was still in session.
40 years ago: Inflation sours some on Valentine’s candy purchases
February 14, 2015
Local drug stores were reporting good sales on small boxes, but the bigger sizes were staying on the shelves.
25 years ago: Rezoning for LRM plant still under discussion
February 14, 2015
LRM was planning to build on a 49.3-acre tract south of East Hills Business Park.
100 years ago: Fire destroys Haskell shop building
February 13, 2015
“It is the intention of Superintendent Wise that the rebuilding will begin immediately.”
40 years ago: Southwestern Bell modernizing rural phone lines
February 13, 2015
The project was the final phase of a four-year program to eliminate eight-party lines from the exchange.
25 years ago: Packer Plastics requests IRBs for modernization project
February 13, 2015
The company said the purchase would both diversify the product line and modernize production equipment.
100 years ago: Cattle feeding station planned for Lawrence
February 12, 2015
“Just how much this will mean to Lawrence is hard to estimate.”
40 years ago: President Ford hires woman for Cabinet post
February 12, 2015
She would be only the third female Cabinet member in White House history.
25 years ago: State Civil Rights chair concerned about recent societal trends
February 12, 2015
“Arts and entertainment reflect society and its attitudes.”
100 years ago: Schools plan special programs for Lincoln’s birthday
February 11, 2015
“The city offices will be closed tomorrow afternoon in celebration of the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, the emancipator….”
40 years ago: Crowds greet President Ford in Topeka
February 11, 2015
“This crowd is unbelievable,” Ford said to the shivering, cheering audience.
25 years ago: KU law professor recalls earlier land-use issue
February 11, 2015
“I remember the only time I recused myself from the (Lawrence-Douglas County) Planning Commission,” Davis said.
100 years ago: Newly widowed woman encouraged to run for school board post
February 10, 2015
“… Under the circumstances it would be the graceful and proper thing for all the other candidates to withdraw and leave her a clear field.”
40 years ago: Residents petition for vote on city garage site
February 10, 2015
At the previous week’s meeting, commissioners had denied a referendum vote on the grounds the location was not a legislative matter.
25 years ago: Instructor optimistic about new Haskell president’s plans
February 10, 2015
President Martin wanted to develop four-year programs, improve multicultural instruction, strengthen alcohol and substance abuse prevention programs, open a cultural museum, and improve student advising and residence hall living.