Old Home Town

25 years ago: City to discuss citizens’ task force on illegal drug use in Lawrence
December 4, 2014
“We can’t just bury our heads in the sand and pretend like we’re not subject to this problem.”
100 years ago: Lawrence couple worried over son’s absence
December 3, 2014
“Ogden Jones accompanied by Will Pendleton and other friends went to Kansas City in the Pendleton automobile in an endeavor to locate Stanley and bring him home.”
40 years ago: Plans afoot for new KU visual arts, law school buildings
December 3, 2014
Additional remodeling projects were in progress at Flint Hall and Learned Hall.
25 years ago: State budget cuts to put strain in foster families
December 3, 2014
“The eventual losers in any budget cut are the children.”
100 years ago: Laborers hard at work on new Country Club, interurban line
December 2, 2014
“The weather conditions are the best that could be wished for building, and have been during the past month.”
40 years ago: Consultant recommends separating KU police, parking departments
December 2, 2014
Another recommendation was to install emergency telephones across campus.
25 years ago: KU parking employees take initiative in decorating booths
December 2, 2014
“People are coming up and asking ‘Why haven’t you done this before?’”
100 years ago: Telephone repair truck skids into ditch near present-day 23rd and Iowa
December 1, 2014
“There were six occupants of the truck. They were all piled in a heap under the truck mixed with the tools….”
40 years ago: City, county hammering out details for new Lawrence bridge construction
December 1, 2014
A consulting engineer also cautioned the city to keep an eye on the existing bridge because of the potential danger of deterioration.
100 years ago: Police track down suspects in overnight burglaries
November 30, 2014
“Housebreakers did not get by with their work last night, but repose peacefully in the city jail as the result of the night’s work of the city police.”
40 years ago: USD 497 schools to hire teachers specifically for PE
November 30, 2014
“It’s more than just games or tossing a ball back and forth.”
100 years ago: LHS students celebrate winning football season
November 29, 2014
“The High school students will be given an entire day in which to celebrate the great victory of the team.”
40 years ago: Winter makes unofficial arrival with snow, bitter cold temps
November 29, 2014
Lawrence’s first touch of winter had come and was expected to stay for several days.
100 years ago: Year-round schedule considered for KU students
November 28, 2014
“Under this plan, the year would be divided into four college semesters, each of equal duration.”
40 years ago: KU raising funds for archiving of Gov. Docking’s papers
November 28, 2014
“We will need a full-time staff of two working for a year to make the papers fully useful.”