Old Home Town

40 years ago: Local farmers face supply shortages
April 9, 2014
Fertilizer supplies were low, fence and baling wire were almost nonexistent, and baling twine was becoming scarce.
25 years ago: Another Lawrence balloon takes lengthy journey
April 9, 2014
Spring seemed a popular time for children to release balloons into the wild.
100 years ago: Mayor, commissioners voted in for new form of city government
April 8, 2014
“The finish at the polls last night was perhaps not as close as was anticipated by some persons.”
40 years ago: Young scientists exhibit research results at fair
April 8, 2014
A curious seven-year-old who had tested a hypothesis involving soap-bubbles concluded, “I can’t blow a square bubble, they come out round.”
25 years ago: Officials attempting to identify body found in river
April 8, 2014
The body had been discovered by a canoeist in the Wakarusa River.
100 years ago: Voter turnout today expected to break records
April 7, 2014
“The city is changing over from the old mayor and council system of government to the new commission form.”
40 years ago: KU’s Erotic Film Festival faces second cancellation
April 7, 2014
“If the film was confiscated, a court battle involving the Kansas Union would ensue.”
25 years ago: Oldest living Haskell graduate honored today
April 7, 2014
Lenora Bourdon had attended Haskell twice between 1910 and 1914.
100 years ago: Funds sought for publication of letters of Quantrill’s Raid survivors
April 6, 2014
“The true story of the raid has never been told in print.”
40 years ago: Rolling through hoops of fire: KU student plans another performance art piece
April 6, 2014
At noon on April 26, he was planning to climb inside a plexiglass sphere and then be shot down 150 feet of raining toward Potter Lake.
25 years ago: Upgraded 911 system to result in far-flung street grid
April 6, 2014
Did the future of Lawrence include a 262nd Street?
100 years ago: Plan suggested for reorganization of Lawrence schools
April 5, 2014
“This plan places the present 7th and 8th grades into the high school and forms what is called the six year high school.”
40 years ago: Haskell building projects stalled in design stage
April 5, 2014
Construction of the two facilities was expected to take two years.
25 years ago: Repairman rescues baby hamster from pay phone
April 5, 2014
The Southwestern Bell employee had answered a service call for “an unusual case of trouble.”
100 years ago: Election nears for first city commission
April 4, 2014
“Candidates for offices under the new form of government are closing up their campaigns with such activity as has been lacking previously.”