Old Home Town

40 years ago: City eyes site plan for new garage
January 15, 2015
The garage was to be located at Second and Indiana.
25 years ago: Judge rules against zoning board on East Lawrence triplex
January 15, 2015
District Judge James Paddock said the BZA had not acted as “impartial fact finders.”
100 years ago: East Lawrence residents concerned about mysterious woman in black
January 14, 2015
“She apparently does not want any company for she will not stop and talk with anyone….”
40 years ago: School board approves shared computer system
January 14, 2015
The board also approved the plan for a Computer Service Administrator to act as a separate entity to operate the system.
25 years ago: On Martin Luther King Day, King’s son speaks to KU audience
January 14, 2015
King bluntly confronted the persistent problems of education, drug and alcohol abuse, and crime.
100 years ago: East Lawrence man arrested for illegal hunting
January 13, 2015
“Soon after his arrest his children appeared and asked permission to take the rabbits home as they needed them for food.”
40 years ago: Sunny skies, freezing temps greet Topeka inaugural crowd
January 13, 2015
Gov. Bob Bennet’s inauguration was the first for a Republican governor since Docking had taken office in 1967.
25 years ago: Lied Center groundbreaking delayed while construction bids reviewed
January 13, 2015
Bids opened by the KU Endowment Association at the end of last week had exceeded the $13.1 million budget.
100 years ago: Ground broken for Lawrence’s ‘first real apartment house’
January 12, 2015
“The advantage of an apartment of this sort is that very little furniture is required.”
25 years ago: Developer works to fill spaces in new Riverfront Mall
January 12, 2015
Meanwhile, construction at the mall continued to progress toward an expected April grand opening.
100 years ago: Lawrence man marks 27 years as jailer, deputy sheriff
January 11, 2015
“He came to this community transported by an ox team and ‘prairie schooner’ after gaining his freedom from slavery.”
25 years ago: Lawrence explores sister-city relationship with Hiratsuka, Japan
January 11, 2015
Four months after signing a sister city agreement with Eutin in then-West Germany, Lawrence officials were planning a visit from a delegation from Japan.
100 years ago: KU courts crowded after adoption of ‘four-walled game of handball’
January 10, 2015
“The new game is recommended to all football men as a conditioner in the off season.”
25 years ago: Lawrence park to be renamed in honor of city manager
January 10, 2015
A list of naming options had been presented to the commission to honor Buford Watson, including renaming either Clinton Parkway or city hall.
100 years ago: KU ‘Jayhawkers’ win basketball opener
January 9, 2015
“The Kansas boys played a fast snappy game keeping their men well covered and shooting baskets accurately.”