Old Home Town

25 years ago: Clinton Lake eaglets practicing soaring, diving
July 21, 2014
“We haven’t seen them feeding themselves yet, but I’m sure that’s next.”
100 years ago: Initial discussions held on proposed Country Club
July 20, 2014
“This movement has been growing ever since the University limited the time that the Oread Golf Links could be used.”
40 years ago: KU asks unmarried students to leave Stouffer Place
July 20, 2014
“We try to run Stouffer as a family housing unit.”
25 years ago: Cooler weather greets Sidewalk Sale shoppers
July 20, 2014
The temperature at 10:30 this morning was only 68 degrees.
100 years ago: Autos collide at McCreath corner
July 19, 2014
“Mr. Bullene had intended to start on an outing trip the first of next week but the accident will probably delay him some time.”
40 years ago: New postal sorting process slows some mail
July 19, 2014
Local mail, when dropped in boxes marked for local delivery, was still sorted in Lawrence.
25 years ago: Couple’s gift to benefit KU herbarium
July 19, 2014
“It’s been the biggest thrill to work at KU all these years and to live in Lawrence.”
100 years ago: Hidden shooter fires shotgun at Eudora woman feeding chickens
July 18, 2014
“This is certainly a mysterious affair as the people in the neighborhood can give no reason why anyone should wish to shoot or kill Miss Kizer.”
40 years ago: Commissioners to check city for ‘blighted’ houses
July 18, 2014
Commissioners were considering making a “windshield survey,” driving through selected areas of town to find houses appearing to have external deterioration.
25 years ago: Lawrence computer retailer complains of exclusive sales at KU bookstore
July 18, 2014
“If they’ve got a computer store up there, then damn it, I want a computer store up there….”
100 years ago: New police car not just for catching speeders, officials say
July 17, 2014
“‘We wish the people might be set right on this proposition.’”
40 years ago: Longtime Lawrence restaurant owner dies
July 17, 2014
Mrs. Felicitas (Betty) Reyes, co-owner and operator of the El Matador Cafe, passed away this week.
100 years ago: Potter Lake closed; fundraising begins for lifeguard
July 16, 2014
“Many parents whose boys have been spending their afternoons at the lake will receive this announcement with something akin to astonishment.”
40 years ago: Old Gaslight Tavern destroyed by fire
July 16, 2014
“You can stand in the basement and see the sky.”
25 years ago: Lecompton family has wildlife visitor
July 16, 2014
A red-tail hawk was enjoying the hospitality of a local family this week.