Old Home Town

40 years ago: Witnesses allege improper practices at Hwy 59 construction site
March 31, 2015
One of the engineering technicians said “almost the whole road was put down in mud.”
100 years ago: Home opens for ‘working girls of good character’
March 30, 2015
“The Ricker Home is the remodeled residence at 841 Maine street.”
40 years ago: Lawrence gas station owner to donate weekend profits to charity
March 30, 2015
“With times as they are, we’ve got to help one another if we can….”
100 years ago: Rural man attacks neighbor over road-closing issue
March 29, 2015
“O. L. Cox assaulted C. G. Perkins, 60 years of age, beating him severely about the head with a heavy iron paper weight.”
40 years ago: Three inoperable warning sirens removed for repairs
March 29, 2015
Three of the city’s disaster warning sirens were out of commission today.
100 years ago: Railroad worker rescues little girl from ‘terrible death’
March 28, 2015
“The engineer and fireman noticed a little girl on the bridge and seeing the train approaching she became so frightened she did not know what to do.”
40 years ago: Large grant to make KU art museum a reality
March 28, 2015
The new building was expected to be one of the finest school art museums in the nation.
100 years ago: Rural mail carriers report on local road conditions
March 27, 2015
“The ‘Templin Hill’ is the worst, and to say that it is a disgrace to any community is to put it in the mildest form.”
40 years ago: Local residents anticipate tax rebate checks
March 27, 2015
“We feel we can use it now,” said Lawrence resident Eva Mason, “because in a year’s time what will $200 really be worth?”
100 years ago: Summer activities planned for Lawrence boys
March 26, 2015
“If this movement starts off well a similar class will be undertaken for girls.”
40 years ago: New parking lot to be built near site of future KU law school
March 26, 2015
The new lot, northwest of Allen Fieldhouse, would offer 310 parking spaces.
100 years ago: Motion picture theater damaged by fire
March 25, 2015
“The piano which was in the front of the room was burned so badly that it will be impossible to have it repaired.”
25 years ago: Handful of Riverfront Mall stores to open in two weeks
March 25, 2015
Individual stores at the factory outlet center had been given permission to begin opening on April 6.
40 years ago: Bids opened for construction of new KU art museum
March 25, 2015
KU’s Spooner-Thayer Art Museum had become crowded and was considered hazardous for valuable art objects.
100 years ago: Commissioner finds jobs for indigent couple
March 24, 2015
“Rev. Mr. Holyfield instead of sending them to the jail for a bed sent them to a hotel and stood good for the charges.”