Old Home Town

100 years ago: Lawrence covered with more than a foot of snow
March 5, 2015
“The wheels of the taxicabs which refused to be bluffed out were filled with snow giving the appearance of an automobile turning on large snowballs….”
40 years ago: Primary voters narrow City Commission field
March 5, 2015
Out of 29,304 registered voters, only 6,816 turned out for this week’s primary elections.
25 years ago: Editorial page abuzz with opinions on working moms
March 5, 2015
A letter-writer had questioned the need for mothers to enter the work force.
100 years ago: Late-season snowstorm slows streetcar traffic, messenger boys
March 4, 2015
“The entire state is covered with a blanket of snow today.”
40 years ago: Group applies for federal funding for solar housing project
March 4, 2015
Preliminary designs and a site for the project were still forthcoming.
25 years ago: Commission to discuss setting date for eastern parkway vote
March 4, 2015
The parkway had been proposed to link downtown Lawrence with Kansas Highway 10 near the East Hills Business Park.
100 years ago: State creates post for highway engineer
March 3, 2015
“If any township or county wants to lay out a road system and needs help they may call upon the state engineer for help and he gives it free….”
40 years ago: Historic electric car en route to Watkins Museum
March 3, 2015
The newly-restored Milburn had departed its temporary storage in Fire Station No. 2, traveling down Haskell and around the corner.
25 years ago: County science fair draws hundreds of exhibits
March 3, 2015
However, none of the exhibits were from Lawrence High School students.
100 years ago: Thirteen pairs of shoes missing after Midland store burglary
March 2, 2015
“Mr. Corder has offered a reward of fifty dollars for the arrest and conviction of the parties concerned.”
100 years ago: Window-peeper arrested; new fire truck tested on hills; choral society organized
March 1, 2015
“Today is regular fire drill day and the fire men are kept busy in placing the new apparatus….”
100 years ago: Old ‘shape-singing’ book surfaces in Lawrence
February 28, 2015
“The book was printed May 9, 1837, and was published by Lazarus B. M’Clain at New Lisbon, Ohio.”
100 years ago: Keeping horses in reserve, fire department transitions to all-motor
February 27, 2015
“It has long been realized that many of the runs in Lawrence are too long to be made with the horses….”
100 years ago: Downtown clock showing two different times
February 26, 2015
“The town clock on the Merchants bank, which has shown its formerly honest face in Lawrence without shame, has been caught in an act of rank duplicity….”
40 years ago: Citing bridge deterioration, city limits loads crossing Kansas River
February 26, 2015
In order to avoid violating the ordinance and paying a fine, heavily-laden trucks would need to use the Kansas Turnpike.