Old Home Town

100 years ago: Trains discontinued in wake of torrential rainfall
May 28, 2015
“The rain yesterday was the heaviest that most of the old settlers here have ever seen.”
100 years ago: Heavy rains flood downtown businesses
May 27, 2015
“At Ninth and Massachusetts street there was over three feet of water entirely covering the sidewalk and was well up on the side of the McColloch Drug Store.”
40 years ago: Local barn selected for national calendar
May 27, 2015
The barn had originally been owned by Eben Baldwin, a prosperous 19th-century farmer and once a member of the county commission.
25 years ago: DCCCA’s growth mirrors societal awareness
May 27, 2015
The agency had begun in 1974 in a small storefront with two staff members.
100 years ago: At Seventh and Maine, passersby assist passengers of overturned car
May 26, 2015
“Both of the cars were going at a high rate of speed, and each saw the other when it was too late.”
40 years ago: City, county, school board await installation of new computer system
May 26, 2015
Officials reported that the new system would have sufficient capacity to store all the information possessed by the three agencies.
25 years ago: Dr. Wilbur honored at LHS ceremony
May 26, 2015
“Dr. Wilbur respects his students as human beings and treats them as such.”
100 years ago: Co-owner of Patee Theater dies in hospital
May 25, 2015
“Mrs. Patee was of an uncommonly sunny disposition and her popularity in Lawrence was unquestioned.”
40 years ago: ‘Brides’ section offers advice for the newly married
May 25, 2015
“Now that you’re married, there’s another mouth to feed around the house, and husbands probably want more than mere juice to start the day….”
25 years ago: Residents, landscape architects meet to discuss proposed park
May 25, 2015
The park was to be built in the Chaparral Park Subdivision.
100 years ago: High winds, heavy rains hit Lawrence
May 24, 2015
“Almost an inch of water fell in half an hour.”
40 years ago: LHS graduates urged to think independently
May 24, 2015
“If we can think for ourselves,” said graduating senior Grace Jackman, “we can correct historical errors and refrain from further errors.”
25 years ago: Congressional candidate receives 6-month sentence
May 24, 2015
“The judge is right,” Mark Creamer told reporters. “I have refused to recant my statements.”
100 years ago: Quincy School students advancing in artistic endeavors
May 23, 2015
“The results have been astonishing, as it is difficult to believe that an entirely latent talent or talents can be called to action in such a short length of time.”
40 years ago: Citizens committee discusses policy on religion in schools
May 23, 2015
Guidelines in the plan included examples of what religious symbols could be displayed, and when; when references to God were acceptable; and how and when religion could be studied.