Old Home Town

100 years ago: City officials take measures against bad drivers
April 21, 2015
“After the people have been made to follow the rules for a while they will see that it is to their interest and to that of every one else….”
100 years ago: Commissioners discuss bad roads, traffic laws, roller skating
April 20, 2015
“An ordinance amending the traffic laws so that vehicles might turn around in the middle of the block was passed by the commissioners.”
100 years ago: Mayor tight-lipped about police department changes
April 19, 2015
“When asked concerning a possible change of the force he said, ‘A person can hear almost anything these days.’”
100 years ago: Police attempt to break up East Lawrence street corner ‘gangs’
April 18, 2015
“The women were subjected to insults as they were forced to pass these groups of men.”
100 years ago: Landladies of student rooming houses decide on new rules
April 17, 2015
“An attempt was made to requires all student roomers, men and women alike, to be in bed and all lights out by 10:30 o’clock, but this rule failed to carry.”
100 years ago: Auto association wants residents to take traffic laws seriously
April 13, 2015
“Members of the association spoke last night on the way in which the traffic is handled in Lawrence and the bad impression it leaves….”
40 years ago: Thieves take doorknob from Watkins Museum
April 13, 2015
The ornate 19th-century fixture was considered irreplaceable.
25 years ago: County considers nudity ban at all public facilities
April 13, 2015
A member of Kansans for a Natural Society objected, saying area lakes were “not in any imminent danger of being overrun by nude sunbathers.”
100 years ago: Roller skates, scooters banned from Mass Street
April 12, 2015
“A number of complaints have been heard of accidents or near-accidents….”
40 years ago: Governor repeals recent two-license plate law
April 12, 2015
The two-tag law had been in effect only since Jan. 1.
25 years ago: Acting city manager appointed to permanent post
April 12, 2015
Commissioners had voted 4-1 in favor of the hiring.
100 years ago: Health officer: Kill flies now, before they multiply
April 11, 2015
“But the fly is not the only danger…. Dr. Rudolph brings our old friend the mosquito upon the carpet and charges him with equally as grave crimes against the public health.”
40 years ago: Former spelling champ makes comeback
April 11, 2015
“I was a little nervous, but not as much as I was last time.”
25 years ago: Local attorney to fight new noise ordinance
April 11, 2015
The attorney believed the new ordinance was too vague and gave too much latitude to enforcers.
100 years ago: While Lawrence sleeps, workers clear Mass Street of mud
April 10, 2015
“It is the first time this has been tried at night and the results were exceptional for there was nothing to bother the workmen.”