General Election — April 3, 2007

Lawrence City Commission

The top three finishers in the April 3 election will take seats at City Hall - the top two vote-getters will receive four-year terms and a likely turn as mayor; the third-place finisher gets a two-year term. Commission members will deal with ongoing issues about how to plan the city's growth, lure new jobs and keep the streets free from potholes.

All precincts reporting / 35,572 total votes / Unofficial results / Precinct breakdown

Completed candidate chats
Candidate leaving job as Baptist pastor
March 14, 2007
Lawrence City Commission candidate James Bush soon will leave his job as senior pastor of a Lawrence Baptist church.
Tonight’s forums to be televised later
March 14, 2007
Candidates for the Lawrence City Commission and the Lawrence school board will participate in a forum this evening.
City commission candidate leaves ministry
March 13, 2007
Lawrence City Commission candidate James Bush will soon leave his job as pastor of a Lawrence church.
Candidates weigh in on library proposals
March 13, 2007
It’s old, it’s cramped and parts of it are just plain worn out. The six candidates for the Lawrence City Commission agree on those points when it comes to the Lawrence Public Library. But they do have differences on whether and how the city should move forward on building a new $30 million library and parking garage.
Patience, change called for at forum
March 13, 2007
The need for patience squared off against the need for change at Monday night’s Lawrence City Commission candidate forum.
Candidates for City Commission survive only neighborhood forum
March 12, 2007
A vocal crowd of about 25 attended tonight’s City Commission Candidate debate, hosted by the North Lawrence Improvement Association.
Candidates see benefits from some cooperation
March 10, 2007
Teamwork isn’t just the buzz phrase of basketball fans following March Madness. It’s also becoming a phrase in City Commission campaigning. The campaigns of Commissioners Boog Highberger and David Schauner and candidate Carey Maynard-Moody will have a joint event Sunday to organize volunteers to get out the vote.
Candidates share ideas on neighborhood design
March 8, 2007
The six candidates for the Lawrence City Commission are coming up with different ideas on just how “old style” the city’s future development should become.
Money rules
March 7, 2007
To the editor: With the Feb. 27 primary results, it appears Lawrence will again be witness to the Golden Rule of Politics: “He who has the gold, makes the rules.” The development community has felt constrained in their vision of a paved paradise of strip malls, huge shopping centers and barracks-like apartment complexes.
City benefits
March 6, 2007
To the editor: The comment from Commissioner David Schauner about the spending of money for candidates to me is questionable to say the least. Why would anyone in Lawrence spend that much when they have endorsements from their cronies.
Divergent paths
March 6, 2007
To the editor: Regarding the City Commission primary, the Journal-World declared, “It was a businessman’s special.” Mr. Levy’s letter in Friday’s Public Forum states, “an unchecked coalition of builder’s advocates are about to be elected.” Hold on, please, not by 15 percent of the community!
Candidates split on parks, Chamber of Commerce support
March 6, 2007
The sides are evenly divided. A Lawrence City Commission candidate forum Monday night made it clear that there’s a 3-3 split on several key issues among the remaining six candidates in the field.
Lawrence voters get their first chance to hear from candidates running in the local elections
March 5, 2007
A candidate forum tonight at the library drew a standing room only crowd as Lawrence voters got their first chance to hear from the City Commission and School Board candidates running in the general election.
Time for change?
March 5, 2007
To the editor: Shame on Lawrence. For a city that fancies itself as “cutting edge” politically, 14 percent voter turnout is beyond pathetic. It’s disgraceful.
Economy’ the buzz word for election, for now
City candidates may try to push other ‘hot-button’ issues
March 5, 2007
All that’s missing thus far from the race for three seats on the Lawrence City Commission is Democratic strategist James Carville and his famous 1992 phrase: “It’s the economy, stupid.”

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