General Election — April 3, 2007

Lawrence City Commission

The top three finishers in the April 3 election will take seats at City Hall - the top two vote-getters will receive four-year terms and a likely turn as mayor; the third-place finisher gets a two-year term. Commission members will deal with ongoing issues about how to plan the city's growth, lure new jobs and keep the streets free from potholes.

All precincts reporting / 35,572 total votes / Unofficial results / Precinct breakdown

Completed candidate chats
Campaign finance reports out for candidates
March 27, 2007
The top two vote getters in last month’s city commission primary also lead the pack when it comes to campaign finance this election season. As for school board candidates, those who spend more than $500 have until 30 days after the general election to file and itemized statement of all contributions they’ve received over $50.
Candidates split on domestic registry
March 27, 2007
A proposal to create a domestic partnership registry that would provide some legal recognition to gay couples has three firm supporters among candidates running for the Lawrence City Commission. But the idea has left the other three candidates seeking more information before they would support it.
Outlooks on retail issues differ
March 27, 2007
Keeping the city’s retail market healthy has become a key issue in the City Commission election. The issue also has divided the field of six candidates into two camps.
Dever, Chestnut still hold lead in campaign finance
March 27, 2007
If voters are talking with their checkbooks, their top three choices for the Lawrence City Commission are unchanged from the February primary, according to the latest campaign finance reports.
Retail stance divides field
Candidates see city shopping health at different levels
March 27, 2007
Here’s why Wal-Mart and other retailers matter inside the walls of City Hall: 42 percent.
Livable cities
March 25, 2007
To the editor: In this election we should be paying more attention to Bill Gates.
Political notebook
March 25, 2007
The organization that represents Lawrence’s 900-plus public school teachers announced Friday it has endorsed four candidates running for Lawrence’s school board. Voters will pick four of the eight candidates running in the April 3 general election.
Two candidate forums scheduled
March 24, 2007
Two forums for Lawrence City Commission candidates are scheduled for this week.
Candidate survey explores potential projects
March 23, 2007
A new open-air downtown market. Expanded affordable housing options. A Twin Rivers recreation trail. All those ideas and several more have been presented by Lawrence City Commission candidates as new projects the community should consider.
March Madness’ also applies to local elections
March 22, 2007
Advance voting started last week for the local elections in Douglas County and election officials say turnout has been less than stellar.
Advance voting for April 3 election begins
March 22, 2007
Advance voting got under way last week as Douglas Countians prepare for the April 3 general election.
Candidates sound off on transportation issues
March 20, 2007
In a town with thousands of commuters each day, streets and transportation issues are a guaranteed campaign topic. The six candidates for the Lawrence City Commission all have different views when it comes to transportation issues ranging from street maintenance to roundabouts to public transit.
Time for change
March 19, 2007
To the editor: As we approach the April general election for City Commission, I can’t help but think back to the days when Lawrence was a thriving community that averaged no less than 2.5 percent growth per year, had a strong tax base, attracted homebuyers, builders, retailers and employers, and maintained a clean, structurally sound infrastructure.
Candidates clash over development
March 17, 2007
How to attract new companies to town is creating disagreement among the six candidates seeking a seat on the Lawrence City Commission.
City discussion turns to Wal-Mart
March 15, 2007
Whether a new Lawrence City Commission would be more receptive to allowing a Wal-Mart at Sixth Street and Wakarusa Drive is still an open question.

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