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Kansas lawmakers floating plenty of tax proposals
December 24, 2014
Republican legislators in Kansas are tossing around plenty of proposals for raising new revenues to help close the state’s budget shortfalls, and they’re not confining themselves to rethinking personal income tax cuts that represent GOP Gov. Sam Brownback’s legacy.
Lawmakers question Brownback’s allotment cuts
December 23, 2014
Many of the budget allotments that Gov. Sam Brownback ordered last month require legislative approval. But two key lawmakers said Tuesday they want to see the governor’s full budget plan for the next two years before deciding on the allotments. Some conservatives want more direct spending cuts instead of fund transfers to fill this year’s $279 million budget hole.
Technical training center receives $20,000 donation from local builders
December 18, 2014
A new vocational education center that plans to open this fall in Lawrence has received a $20,000 gift to create a training program for people wanting to enter the construction industry. By Chad Lawhorn
New report attempts to compare costs of Rock Chalk Park with other city projects
December 17, 2014
Lawrence officials have shed more light on how they have evaluated whether taxpayers got a good deal on about $11 million worth of infrastructure work at Rock Chalk Park that did not go through the city’s normal bid process. The new report paints a mixed picture, with some costs coming in below similar work elsewhere in the city that was bid, and other costs at Rock Chalk Park significantly higher. But Chuck Soules, the city’s director of public works, said the numbers give him confidence the city was charged a fair price for the work.
Lawrence to seek audit on Rock Chalk Park; delays final payment
December 16, 2014
City commissioners Tuesday took the first step toward ordering an audit of public funds spent on the Rock Chalk Park sports complex, while also delaying an approximately $1 million infrastructure payment for the controversial development in northwest Lawrence. By Chad Lawhorn
Union leader files for seat on City Commission
December 16, 2014
A Lawrence bus driver who also is the leader of the local transit union is the latest candidate to seek a seat on the Lawrence City Commission.
City manager offers apology on Rock Chalk matter; commissioners suggest audit
02:21 p.m., December 11, 2014 Updated 05:04 p.m.
Lawrence’s city manager on Thursday issued a written apology to the community for how he handled a disputed payment for infrastructure at Rock Chalk Park, and a city commissioner said he wants to consider conducting an audit of the entire project to try to restore the public’s confidence. By Chad Lawhorn
City commissioners say the city erred in processing Rock Chalk Park payment
December 10, 2014
An approximately $1 million payment for disputed Rock Chalk Park infrastructure bills is creating confusion and a new round of questions about whether the unique public-private partnership behind the sports complex is lacking in transparency. “We clearly screwed up,” City Commissioner Jeremy Farmer said. “All the people who are frustrated about the lack of transparency about this project have just been given an infinite amount of ammunition because we aren’t finishing strong. We’re limping across the finish line.” By Chad Lawhorn
City Manager now says he will withhold controversial Rock Chalk Park payment
December 10, 2014
City Manager David Corliss is delaying an approximately $1 million payment for controversial infrastructure costs at Rock Chalk Park after a dispute emerged over whether the public was adequately informed of the pending payment. By Chad Lawhorn
City makes surprise payment on Rock Chalk Park infrastructure fees
11:34 p.m., December 9, 2014 Updated 09:39 a.m.
Lawrence city commissioners on Tuesday unexpectedly paid more than $1 million in disputed bills on the Rock Chalk Park project and did not provide any notice on its agenda that it was making the controversial payment. On Wednesday morning, City Hall said it was delaying the payment. By Chad Lawhorn
Former East Lawrence neighborhood president files for seat on Lawrence City Commission
December 8, 2014
Leslie Soden, who missed out on winning a seat in the 2013 elections by about 100 votes, became the fourth candidate to file for one of the three at-large seats up for election. She said her campaign will include a lot of talk about changing the city’s economic development strategies. By Chad Lawhorn
Lawrence City Commission agenda for Dec. 9 meeting
December 5, 2014
6:35 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall
Former IRS agent seeking seat on Lawrence City Commission
December 5, 2014
Stuart Boley on Friday became the third candidate to file for one of the three seats up for election in April’s City Commission election. By Chad Lawhorn
LHS teacher, Rock Chalk Park critic files for Lawrence City Commission
December 3, 2014
A high school teacher of civics and government wants to apply some of his lessons to the Lawrence City Commission, and he has plenty to say about what he considers the less-than-textbook process the city used to build the Rock Chalk Park sports complex. By Chad Lawhorn
KU professor emerita continues broadening horizons with Italian culture
December 2, 2014
Jan Kozma is a self-described “stickler” when it comes to Italian grammar. Yet when she reflects on her more than 37 years of teaching Italian, parts of speech and sentence diagrams don’t stand out as the most memorable. “You teach to broaden their horizons and to open a world to them,” Kozma said. “You could really change lives, and that’s been just wonderful.” Kozma continues broadening horizons in retirement by giving lectures on Italian culture. By Sara Shepherd