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City Officials
City Commission
  • Mayor Mike Amyx
    (785) 842-9425
  • Vice-Mayor Jeremy Farmer
    (785) 691-9100
  • Commissioner Michael Dever
    (785) 550-4909
  • Commissioner Dr. Terry Riordan
    (785) 842-1900
  • Commissioner Bob Schumm
    (785) 842-7337
  • City Hall and other offices
  • City Manager Dave Corliss
    (785) 832-3400
  • Acting City Clerk Diane Trybom
    (785) 832-3308
  • Assistant City Manager Casey Toomay
    (785) 832-3400
  • Assistant City Manager Diane Stoddard
    (785) 832-3400
  • Communications Manager Megan Gilliland
    (785) 832-3406
  • Finance Director Ed Mullins
    (785) 832-3214
  • Planning and Development Services Director Scott McCullough
    (785) 832-3154
  • Public Works Director Charles Soules
    (785) 832-3124

  • Fire and Medical, Lawrence-Douglas County Administrative Offices
    (785) 830-7000
    1911 Stewart Ave., Lawrence, KS 66046
    Mark Bradford, Chief
  • Lawrence Transit System
    (785) 832-3464
    933 New Hampshire, Lawrence, KS 66044
    Robert Nugent, Public Transit Administrator
  • Parks and Recreation
    (785) 832-3450
    1141 New Hampshire Street, Suite 200B, Lawrence, KS 66044
    Ernie Shaw, Interim Director
  • Police Law Enforcement Center
    (785) 832-7501
    111 E. 11th, Lawrence, KS 66044
    Tarik Khatib, Chief
  • Waste Reduction and Recycling
    (785) 832-3030
    320 N.E. Industrial Lane, Lawrence, KS 66044
    Kathy Richardson, Operations Supervisor

City of Lawrence

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Candidates differ on rental licensing program; discuss views on city management, commission changes
March 28, 2015
When the current City Commission passed a new rental registration and licensing program last year, it was one of the more sweeping program changes made by the commission in recent memory. Now the question is whether the program will be swept out with a new commission.
Lawrence City Commission agenda for March 31 meeting
05:15 p.m., March 27, 2015 Updated 09:31 p.m.
5:45 p.m. Tuesday, City Hall
Rasmussen responds to concerns about out-of-town donations
March 27, 2015
Lawrence City Commission candidate Stan Rasmussen is seeking to assure voters that he’s not allowing several thousand dollars of campaign donations from outside of Lawrence and from a politically active conservative activist to influence his campaign. By Chad Lawhorn
Public transit hub topic of debate at City Commission forum
07:50 p.m., March 25, 2015 Updated 10:11 p.m.
The six candidates for the Lawrence City Commission are divided on how to reorganize the city’s public transit system. By Chad Lawhorn
Commissioners approve smaller tax break for Eldridge Hotel expansion
March 24, 2015
Lawrence city commissioners approved a tax break for a proposed expansion of The Eldridge Hotel, but the incentive is smaller than once proposed. By Chad Lawhorn
City Commission approves final $1 million payment for Rock Chalk Park
March 24, 2015
Lawrence city commissioners on Tuesday approved a final $1 million-plus payment on the Rock Chalk Park project, and hoped to put a period on the controversial financial details of the sports complex.
Forum will pose public health questions to City Commission contenders
March 24, 2015
The Lawrence City Commission is not only responsible for decisions that affect the city’s bottom line, but also ones that can affect public health. And voters will have the chance to ask questions of the candidates to assess their ability to keep the city fit at a City Commission candidate forum at 7 p.m. March 30 at the Lawrence Public Library auditorium.
Lawrence City Commission candidates speak on tax incentives, eco devo issues
March 21, 2015
Economic development debates can leave calculators smoking at Lawrence City Hall. They’re also creating heat on the campaign trail. How the commission has used tax breaks and other financial incentives to attract jobs and development has become an issue among the six candidates seeking three at-large commission seats in the April 7 election. Here’s a look at what City Commission candidates are saying about tax incentives and other economic development matters.
Lawrence City Commission agenda for March 24 meeting
March 20, 2015
5:45 p.m. Tuesday, Lawrence City Hall
City commission candidates provide views on police headquarters project
March 14, 2015
On this, all six remaining candidates for the Lawrence City Commission agree: They think a new police headquarters building can be constructed without a tax increase. But when it comes to what type of building, where it should be, and what may have to be cut out of the city’s budget to make it happen, there are differences between the candidates who are vying for three at-large seats in the April 7 election. By Chad Lawhorn
New time and date for Lawrence City Commission candidate forum
03:51 p.m., March 13, 2015 Updated 08:43 p.m.
The Voter Education Coalition has changed the time and date of its next Lawrence City Commission candidate forum.
Lawrence considering criminal background checks for taxi drivers
March 10, 2015
Taxi cab drivers in Lawrence may soon have to pass a criminal background check before they can operate in Lawrence. By Chad Lawhorn
Lawrence gets more information on Rock Chalk Park audit
10:16 p.m., March 10, 2015 Updated 10:39 p.m.
After a weekend of sorting through more than a thousand concrete delivery tickets, Lawrence City Hall officials have now determined that a portion of the audit for the Rock Chalk Park sports complex was based on inaccurate documents. By Chad Lawhorn
Library to host Kansas Linux Fest
06:20 p.m., March 9, 2015 Updated 10:31 p.m.
The Lawrence Public Library will host the first Kansas Linux Fest this month.
Inconsistent numbers create new questions in Rock Chalk Park audit
March 7, 2015
Lawrence City Hall officials are acknowledging that an audit report that gave the city glowing reviews on the controversial Rock Chalk Park project has errors related to concrete used in the no-bid construction project. But city officials, after reviewing additional documentation in their files, said they were confident the errors would not change the report’s main finding that city taxpayers had gotten a good value. By Chad Lawhorn