KU Style 2006

Think big for fall
August 12, 2006
Lawrence is nothing if not diverse. Walk down the length of Massachusetts Street on any given day and pass local troubadours, religious demonstrators and the honk-for-hemp guy. The city’s spirit influences Kansas University students, and while college fashion is equally diverse, comfort is key.
New high-tech gear keeps you tuned in
August 12, 2006
If it takes Kansas University students 10 minutes to walk across campus for class, they tend to make the best of it, listening to tunes or chatting with a friend on the phone. A bystander would be hard-pressed to spot KU students anymore who didn’t carry a cell phone, MP3 player or digital camera with them on campus.
Starting college? Think outside the backpack
August 12, 2006
Books and college are synonymous - almost all classes have something that a student needs to carry to class. But for all the types of coursework at Kansas University, there’s a different style of bag to suit students’ needs.
Party planning 101
Throw your own bash, but set ground rules first
August 12, 2006
Kansas University knows how to party.
Color, fun decor make dorm rooms, apartments feel more like home
August 12, 2006
Living away from home for the first time is one of the biggest transitions a college student makes. Sharing a small space with a stranger can make that transition especially challenging.
Hot looks year-round
Forego do-it-yourself for salon-quality care
August 12, 2006
Tanning, manicures and - yikes - waxing can be messy and difficult to do at home. Lawrence salons keep busy during the school year with Kansas University students who are willing to shell out a few bucks for professional services.
Taking better care of stressed summer hair
August 12, 2006
While the health of your locks can suffer in winter because of indoor-outdoor temperature changes and cold, chafing winds, summer’s drying heat and chlorinated pools are much more unforgiving.