KU Real Life 2006

Amid academics, fun, students forget about health
Good nutrition, sleep will keep you energized
August 12, 2006
College students aren’t usually known for putting health at the top of their priorities.
Special treatment delivers results for stress, pain
Complementary therapy options abound in Lawrence when studying, socializing wear out students
August 12, 2006
When Kansas University junior Hadley Galbraith gets stressed, her jaw tightens, her neck stiffens and her shoulders lock up with tension.
Student landlords profit despite challenges
August 12, 2006
What began as a way to have a decent place to live and a small income seven years ago led then-Kansas University undergraduate Eli Beracha on the path to a new career and a doctoral program for which he is “passionate”: finance investment real estate.
Facebook indiscretions plague users
KU scholarship hall students punished for drinking in dorm among those exposed on online sites
August 12, 2006
Be careful who you poke.
Take care of your wheels while you’re at school
August 12, 2006
Living away from home can be intimidating for freshmen, especially when their car breaks down for the first time.
Peace Corps a success story for KU
August 12, 2006
As the Peace Corps celebrates its 45th anniversary, Kansas University can celebrate spending the last three years in the Corps’ top-25 universities for recruitment.
Dole Institute honors students for service
August 12, 2006
The Dole Institute of Politics at Kansas University has announced this year’s list of 40 recipients of the Senator Robert J. Dole Public Service Scholarship. The program recognizes students who have demonstrated involvement in volunteer community and public service.
Grad recalls the good life studying abroad
August 12, 2006
As a junior in my fall semester at Kansas University, I was not what one would consider “cultured.” I ordered chicken fingers at every restaurant, read best-selling American novels and spent my time with my friends of more than 10 years. My knowledge of history did not extend beyond North American borders; my appreciation for art was limited to Claude Monet’s “Water Lilies,” and my sole exploration into the origin of thought was my reading of “The Simpsons and Philosophy.”
Leftover funds expand eligibility for work study
August 12, 2006
During the school year in elementary schools across Lawrence, Kansas University students stop in throughout the day for appointments to tutor “at-risk” children in reading skills.