Learning Evolution: Readers' Stories

LJWorld.com is looking for readers' stories of learning evolution in Kansas schools.

How did your school teach evolution? If you have children, has their education differed from yours in terms of how evolution was presented and taught? Do you have a story of a particular science teacher and their approach to teaching evolution? Or did you not learn evolution in school?

Use the comments area below to tell your story (you'll need a free LJWorld.com user account).


kmitchel 12 years, 6 months ago

I learned Evolution in school. Mostly by rote. When I actually read "On the Origin of Species" by Darwin, I was fascinated! You can see why it's a book that shook the world!

Our ID friends have a problem though. Behe claims that a cell contains such complexity that it had to have a designer.

I ask Dr. Behe, which is more complex, the cell or it's designer? If it's the designer (and that's my guess) who designed him? and on ad infinitum. Talk about a hole in a theory..

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