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Doctors can’t afford new Medicare patients
Reimbursement rates aren’t keeping pace with rising costs, doctors say
July 10, 2008
Some Lawrence physicians are fed up with the lack of Medicare reimbursements and are cutting off new patients to help make ends meet. Dr. Matthew Buxton, of Free State Dermatology in Lawrence, is one of them. Since Jan. 1, he hasn’t been accepting new Medicare patients. “It just got to the point where I couldn’t continue to increase the number of patients I was seeing at that level of reimbursement,” he said.
Meetings set to sort out Medicare changes
November 6, 2007
To say Medicare Part D is complicated is an understatement. The federal government’s prescription drug insurance program offers 52 plans in Kansas. In 2008, many of the plans’ monthly premiums will increase - some by as much as 159 percent. And others will decrease.
Seniors better shop around for best plan
November 5, 2007
Before senior citizens begin shopping for the holidays, they might want to shop around for a better Medicare prescription plan. If they don’t, there could be a high price to pay.
New policy may be costly
Consumers may foot bill for infections, medical errors
August 21, 2007
A change in Medicare policy to no longer pay for hospital infections and medical errors has one Kansas health consumer group worried that the costs will be passed on to patients. Corrie Edwards, executive director of the Kansas Health Care Consumer Coalition, questions who will eventually end up paying when hospitals pick up the tab for infections or errors that occur on their grounds.
Medicaid mess costing millions
State must make up more than $90M in lost federal funds
April 23, 2007
It started several years ago. State officials were just getting over the budget meltdown from the post-Sept. 11 economic downturn, when another budgetary threat came barreling at them.
Seniors find higher costs, more choices in Medicare drug plans
Participants seek enrollment help
November 16, 2006
Delores Needham’s old health insurance just isn’t cutting it anymore.
New round of Medicare headaches are possible
Part D enrollees face more choices, higher costs
October 6, 2006
Next month, the maze of Medicare Part D will get even more complicated, with a dozen more prescription drug plans and more expensive premiums and deductibles.
Medicaid changes increase access to services
October 3, 2006
State health officials Monday announced changes in the Kansas Medicaid program that they said would increase access to mental health services and resolve a dispute with the federal government.
State institution’s Medicaid funding in jeopardy after report
Department on Aging inspection says safety of clients at risk at Kansas Neurological Institute
September 16, 2006
Kansas Neurological Institute, one of two remaining state institutions for the developmentally disabled, will lose its Medicaid funding unless it stops putting its clients’ safety at risk, according to an inspection survey reviewed by the Journal-World.