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Garden Variety: Avoid misidentifying Irish foliage this St. Paddy’s Day

Shamrocks, four-leaf clovers and wood sorrels are often confused as the same plants in the spring and around St. Patrick’s Day.

Fix-It Chick: Change a vehicle’s oil to extend its life

Changing the engine oil in a vehicle every 5000 miles is one of the best ways to prolong the life of any car or truck. Refer to the vehicle owner’s manual to identify the recommended oil type and oil capacity.

Fix-It Chick: Replace a garbage disposer

The hardest part of replacing an old garbage disposer is fitting comfortably under the sink.

Garden Variety: Lawn care tips for grass of all kinds

One of the first tasks many gardeners look to in the spring is lawn care. The grass is starting to green up, and hopefully can wait a few weeks for the first mowing. But maybe there were some bare patches last summer, a crop of dandelions has arrived or you are thinking this is the year your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Garden Variety: Spring signals start of season for swarming termites

Midwesterners should be on the lookout for swarming termites, which are common in the spring.

Fix-It Chick: Install wall-mounted television for style, convenience

Mounting a flat-screen television on a wall is a great way to add style and convenience to any room.

Garden Variety: Attract bats to the yard and garden for pest control

Many gardeners (and people who simply enjoy being in the yard in the evening) are starting to recognize the benefits of bats and take an interest in attracting the animals to their yards. Attracting bats is a little more complicated than simply installing a bat house.

Fix-It Chick: Replacing dryer cord easier than replacing wall outlet

If you are ready to plug in that new or used clothes dryer, but the plug on the dryer does not match the outlet on the wall, replacing the cord on the dryer is much easier and more economical than replacing the outlet on the wall.

Fix-It Chick: Give your bathroom a facelift with a new tub spout

Replacing an old, worn-out tub spout with a new shiny spout can add new life to an otherwise tired bath. If the diverter on the old spout is failing, a new spout may also increase the pressure of the shower. New spouts will not, however, fix a leaky faucet.

Garden Variety: Many factors influence the life spans of trees

Like all living things, trees have a life span. How long that life span might be is dependent on a combination of factors including species, site, environment, weather events, pest infestations and others. Understanding how these factors work together can help you determine why a tree died, why it is dying, how to extend the life of existing trees and how to choose wisely when planting for the future.

Garden Variety: Spring gardening gets underway with community events

Spring gardening activities are underway in northeast Kansas with two events this weekend and more on the way over the next few months. Here are the top picks for garden inspiration, networking and community building.

Fix-It Chick: Turn existing wall switch into switch-outlet combo

Adding an outlet to any room may be as simple as replacing an existing wall switch with a combination switch/outlet. This can be done if the switch to be replaced is wired with the power source coming to it first, before being routed to the light fixture it controls.

Garden Variety: Start growing vegetables from seeds as spring nears

If you want to grow tomatoes, peppers, or other heat-loving vegetables and flowers from seed, late winter to early spring is the time to get started.

Fix-It Chick: Replacing old lockset can bring new look to same door

Replacing a broken or outdated lockset is an easy cost effective way to improve the look and functionality of an existing door.

Garden Variety: February perfect time for fruit tree pruning in Midwest

February is the best time to prune fruit trees in the Midwest.

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