Welcome to our ongoing project, LJWorld.com/Green. In this section, we'll be introducing you to people who live a green life. We'll be sharing anecdotes about how our journalists are making their lives more "green" and we'll be giving you tools to help make your own life "green."

"Green" video
Turn off your computer, save energy LMH offers incentives for using alternative transportation modes The Merc touts its local offerings Free State Brewery chef enjoys local produce Green Living: North Lawrence Community Garden Festive Couscous Salad Rise and Shine at the Farmers' Market KU student earns A-plus for tackling 100-mile diet Del Christensen Bio-intensive gardening

Coverage of environmentally oriented events and people.

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Jayni's Kitchen
"The Sustainable Table" "From Farm to Fork" "Backyard Bounty: Summer Vegetable Recipes"

A collection of "green" episodes of "Jayni's Kitchen."

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"Home and Away" and "River City Weekly"
Geothermal energy-driven home Weatherproofing your home Visiting Lied Lodge River City Weekly: Global Warming

Episodes of Free State Studio's "Home and Away" and "River City Weekly" programs that highlight environmentally friendly themes.

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Kansas City's green efforts
Project adds green to downtown area Kansas City airport reaching new heights Bartle Hall ballroom earns national recognition City takes advantage of alternative fuels Community center among green buildings Water Services Department plants rain garden Household Hazardous Waste Center saves waste from landfills Parks and Recreation reduces mowing

Leaders from different aspects of the city discuss Kansas City's efforts to be environmentally friendly.

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Meet the EcoHawks
Meet the EcoHawks: Matt Legresley Meet the EcoHawks: Ryan Lierz Meet the EcoHawks: Lou McKown Meet the EcoHawks: Gavin Strunk

Meet some of the KU engineering students, who recycled a 1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle, turning it into a hybrid that burns biodiesel, uses electricity and gets 54 miles per gallon.

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Green Living
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