School closings on the line in Lawrence

Video: Community group happy to see schools saved

A large group of parents and community members were pleased by the Lawrence school board's decision not to close schools. Watch »

Video: School board cuts deficit, saves schools

The Lawrence school board proposed a plan that would cut millions from the year's budget without closing any elementary schools. Members of the community who attended Tuesday's meeting applauded the results and efforts of the board members. Watch »

Video: School board decisions yet to be made

The Lawrence school board has still not made any decisions on how it will proceed in cutting $5 million from the budget. Some are in favor of closing schools while others are opposed. Watch »

Video: School board discusses options

The Lawrence school board Monday discussed options for cutting $5 million from the budget. Some ideas included closing schools, while some members want to find ways of saving money that keep schools open. Watch »

Video: School board weighing options

The first of several planned meetings concerning the future of Lawrence schools was held Tuesday. Parents voiced concerns and tried to come up with options that don't involve closing schools. Watch »

Lawrence school board budget study session
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The Lawrence Board of Education met on Feb. 2 to discuss options for budget cuts to make up a deficit of at least $4 million.

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Are you generally satisfied with how the Lawrence School Board handled the $5 million in budget cuts members had to make?

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Do you believe Lawrence public schools can cover a $5 million budget deficit without closing schools or laying off teachers?

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Should the Lawrence School Board consider closing some schools to save money in response to declining state funding?

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