KU keeps up with advances in nursing education
August 22, 2009
With many industries reporting astronomical numbers of lost jobs and slim prospects for the future, the nursing profession continues to thrive. In keeping with that trend, programs at the Kansas University School of Nursing are thriving as well.
KU newcomers, longtimers take in these favorite venues
August 22, 2009
Whether you’re a student, faculty or staff member or a member of the community, there will be plenty of things to do during the upcoming school year.
KU’s ‘regulars’ integral part of university scene
August 22, 2009
Kansas University is home to more than 30,000 students either beginning or enhancing their career paths.
Alumni Association weighing site geared toward student activities
August 22, 2009
The Kansas University Alumni Association is starting to make plans to take care of the KU graduates of tomorrow. Kevin Corbett, president of the Alumni Association, said officials have begun discussions on an addition to the Adams Alumni Center, located adjacent to campus at 1266 Oread Ave. That addition would be used to house student programs.
Endowment laying foundation for capital campaign
August 22, 2009
Fighting through a difficult economy and large investment losses, Kansas University Endowment Association officials are looking to better days in the future, as an anticipated capital campaign is in the works, and giving remains steady.
To meet fan, alumni expectations, KU Athletics commits to fieldhouse matters
August 18, 2009
Sure, brothers C.J. and Xavier Henry will play for their parents’ alma mater this fall, more than two decades after mom and dad each suited up for the Jayhawks. The incoming basketball brothers also will be among the thousands of crimson-and-blue players, staffers, fans and others who will be stepping into the next generation of Allen Fieldhouse: a basketball building long revered for its history but one quickly becoming home to the latest in technology, comfort and competition.
How well do you know KU alumni and traditions?
August 18, 2009
This is the final quz in a series of quizzes about Kansas University. See the answers at the end of the quiz.
KU Info expands its services on campus
August 18, 2009
Sometimes, the questions are a little odd. But they get answered anyway. Matt Enriquez, a senior from Topeka who works for KU Info, once was asked for 10 political figures’ phone numbers. He provided the information but was curious why she wanted to know.
Even budget shortfall can’t silence university’s steam whistle
August 18, 2009
A nearly century-old Kansas University tradition almost came to an end — twice. When the campus steam whistle was threatened, students and alumni made noise. Noise loud enough to fill the silence left by the unused whistle. Noise loud enough to bring the whistle back.
Beautification efforts target longtime landmark Potter Lake
August 18, 2009
Kevin Faddis waded into the indiscernible muck that somewhat exemplifies Potter Lake. At one point, he became totally submerged, only to think to himself: Someday, his kids will have three eyes.
The Commons enhances multidisciplinary focus
Support to provide for staff position
August 18, 2009
Outside Spooner Hall, the oldest continuously used building on the Kansas University campus, the following words are engraved: “Whoso findeth wisdom findeth life.” The Commons, a wonderfully lit, spacious area that takes up most of the main floor, is designated to exemplify this slogan.
Chi Omega Fountain central to many KU traditions
August 18, 2009
It’s a scenic resting spot, a dog’s paradise on a hot summer day, the backdrop for graduation pictures or a location for late-night mischief by students.
Cup O’Joel: College freedom breeds new identities
August 11, 2007
Welcome to Lawrence, Class of 2011!
We should be dancin’
Get your groove on at these swingin’ spots
August 11, 2007
Lawrence is full of hot spots to hit the dance floor on the weekend, especially when that weekend starts on Wednesday.
Local beats
The 10 Lawrence bands you should check out
August 11, 2007
There are more than 300 local bands listed on Lawrence.com. Most of them are worth a listen.