Sculptures adorn campus, on and off the beaten path
August 19, 2012
At first glance, the beauty of Mount Oread lies in nature: the hill, the trees, the landscaping. And after that, perhaps, the buildings take over, with limestone craftsmanship that, in some cases, has withstood nearly 150 years. But look closer, and key pieces of art make campus what it is. In some cases, pieces have been in place so long they’re almost taken for granted.
The best friends: Swimmer sees perks, pitfalls as country star’s confidante
August 20, 2009
While Abigail Anderson was looking for an exit, everyone else was looking for an introduction. On April 27, Anderson did a very normal thing: She went to class and sat next to her best friend. To a big lecture hall, in fact, where very few know one another by name. It’s just that the 400 other students in Chuck Marsh’s Journalism 101 class did know the name of her best friend. As did the hoards of people lining the halls and exits of Budig Hall that day.
Former city leadership settles in with KU athletics
August 20, 2009
Two longtime public servants are pleased to be continuing their careers in a different kind of arena. Debbie Van Saun and Frank Reeb, former co-workers at Lawrence City Hall, are back on the same team — this time with Kansas Athletics Inc.
Professor develops unique way to teach physics to kids
August 20, 2009
Ushi is a blue-haired, smart (in a cool kind of way) high school student, and she loves to eat sushi and free-range chicken. Her favorite “chill-out” is organic gardening and working on her computer. Her big dream is becoming a scientist and solving the world’s biggest mysteries. She has lots of friends but is a little shy when it comes to the subject of dating.
Interim provost enjoys balancing dual roles
August 20, 2009
Kansas University’s interim provost has risen quickly through the ranks of academic administration to his current position. Danny Anderson’s goals include working with Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little to ensure she’s up to speed on all the current issues facing the university.
Professor equally committed to research, KU leadership
August 20, 2009
Jeff Aube has had a busy year. The Kansas University professor of medicinal chemistry has helped to lead a new specialized chemistry center that is charting new molecules in the fight against disease, and oversees a large lab space in the new Structural Biology Center Phase III addition.
Various callings bring first-year faculty to KU
August 20, 2009
For a man who’s big into energy, Chris Depcik is remarkably laid-back. Even at his most animated — discussing his program emphasizing internal combustion engines, energy and the environment, for example — he never loses his air of easy assurance.
KU officers prepare for worst, hope for best
August 18, 2009
Kansas University is not immune to crime, and the university’s public safety office is responsible for protecting the 30,000-some students, 6,000 employees and 174 major buildings on campus.
Vice provost of finance ready to weather tough economic times
August 18, 2009
Diane Hoose Goddard, Kansas University’s vice provost for finance, has been on the front line of cutting the school’s budget during the current recession. It has been painful as state appropriations have fallen 12 percent.
Son’s death reinforces couple’s commitment to research
August 18, 2009
Rud and Ann Turnbulls’ son, Jay, was the reason they got into disability research. Jay was born in June 1967 with multiple disabilities. The Turnbulls made a career out of helping people like him, eventually becoming internationally known for their work. Jay died suddenly in January. But don’t think for a second that the Turnbulls’ research will lose momentum.
Abigail Anderson, on sharing the spotlight:
August 18, 2009
How well do you know KU faces?
August 18, 2009
This is the third in a series of quizzes about Kansas University. See the answers at the end of the quiz.
KU professor advocates accessibility around the globe
August 18, 2009
Although Glen White spends his days in Lawrence, his heart belongs to Peru. “Remember the old Frank Sinatra song, ‘I Got You Under My Skin’?” White said. “Well, once you meet the Peruvians, you feel like family.”
Hopes for KU
August 18, 2009
There are dozens of academic units, thousands of faculty and staff, and tens of thousands of students at Kansas University. So as a new era of the university begins, with Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little, taking over the helm, what is the true state of KU?
Meet the deans
August 18, 2009
Kansas University’s deans took time this summer to outline their goals and priorities for the upcoming year. All schools are facing difficult budget situations and are having to find new answers to old questions concerning their schools’ activity for the upcoming year.