Handbags are hot for fall
August 12, 2005
This is the season of the handbag. Whether your taste runs to conservative or funky, there is a bag out there with your name on it. (Of course, if your name is Marc Jacobs, there are a lot of bags out there with your name on it.)
Pizza binges, booze put pounds on
Maintaining nutrition, exercise will balance college lifestyle
August 12, 2005
Ramen noodles are the staple food of college life. Students also report subsiding on pizza, chips, wings, “whatever is in my roommate’s fridge” and even “cheap beer.”
Find the right backpack for you
August 12, 2005
A few years ago, Kansas University students searching for backpacks would go with the traditional, simple two-strap, style. Today, backpacks can be found in almost any style and color with extra options such as one or two straps, compact disc and cell-phone holders, and special pockets for water bottles.
Find the style of shoes best for you
August 12, 2005
The summer’s sparkling shoes are definitely of the moment, but remember, they’ll attract attention - not good if your ankles are too thick (or even too thin).
We saw it ¢ We loved it
August 12, 2005
Your guide to hot looks for dog days and beyond
August 12, 2005
People often use the term “different strokes for different folks” to characterize Lawrence and its diverse population. For the most part, people wear the clothes they want to wear, go where they want to go and do what they want to do.