KU Today

Trees prized on campus
Study finds more trees on campus than previously thought
August 16, 2008
On a stroll through Kansas University’s campus today, it’s hard to imagine that the lush hills were barren when the college was established in 1866.
University builds wireless access network
August 16, 2008
It’s a sign of the times: Kansas University students are ditching traditional notebooks to take notes on laptop computers.
Support growing for football addition
August 16, 2008
When word spread of plans to add a new football facility adjacent to Memorial Stadium, public opinion was quick to condemn the move.
Extensive construction under way
Student Recreation Fitness Center addition should be completed next month
August 16, 2008
Research labs, sports facilities and other campus buildings are slated for construction or renovation in the 2008-2009 school year.
Home matters: Outlook focal point on campus
August 16, 2008
Students sometimes zip through her driveway when making the trek to class. Her home is tucked into the heart of the Kansas University campus. Nestled next door are the Miller and Watkins scholarship halls. Across the street sit Blake and Fraser halls. And behind are two greek houses.
Meet Kansas University’s deans
August 16, 2008
Kansas University’s 13 schools are represented by 12 deans. Here is a look at the academic leaders and what their plans are for the upcoming year.
Blog expert finds national audience
KU professor’s ‘Blogwars’ latest (but no doubt not last) word on media trend
August 16, 2008
In the beginning, God created man. And man created the blog. OK, so maybe that’s not exactly how it happened, but Kansas University journalism professor David Perlmutter, 46, could tell you how it did - at least the blog part. Author of “Blogwars,” which was published this year, Perlmutter has been dazzled by the blog - the online derivative of the column - since it made its first appearance in 1999.
Champion debate team drawing praise
August 16, 2008
You might not want to start an argument with Kansas University senior Brett Bricker. He’s got a reputation for winning. Bricker is a member of the university’s debate team, which took the national title in April for the second time in three years. And while KU basketball or football might lure larger crowds, the amount of time, energy and dedication debate members funnel into the game is roughly the same.
Political fever spreads on campus
Upcoming election inspires students to volunteer, educate, register to vote
August 16, 2008
On a cold morning in late December, Jonathan Simon put on a winter coat, draped a scarf around his neck and pulled on thick socks before heading out to trudge through the streets of Ames, Iowa.
Admissions, diversity on provost’s plate
Lariviere reflects on first two years at KU
August 16, 2008
With a background in business and academics, Richard Lariviere, Kansas University provost, has stepped into his leadership role with ease, constantly thinking about how to move KU forward.
KU Pride: Marching band member ready for new season
August 16, 2008
The crowd thundered in the distance. There was a dark tunnel, then a field flooded with light. It was Melissa Harmon’s first game day as a freshman in the Kansas University Marching Band, and thousands of eyes were turned in her direction.
Chancellor’s executive assistant helps keep university ticking
August 16, 2008
Visit Kansas University Chancellor Robert Hemenway’s office, and you may not see Mary Burg, but the executive assistant to the chancellor is there.
KU second home for international students
Campus organizations help visitors with extensive cultural adjustments
August 16, 2008
For new students arriving at Kansas University, it’s tough enough to adjust to independent living, adapt to unfamiliar class schedules and find new places to eat and drink. It’s even more challenging for KU’s 1,600 international students who represent more than 100 countries.
Fuel costs tough on university’s bottom line
August 16, 2008
Most mornings Brett Sury parks his vehicle at the Park and Ride bus stop at 23rd Street and Crestline Drive, locks his doors and waits for a bus to take him to campus.
KU launching universal-access transit system
August 16, 2008
All aboard! When students return to the Kansas University campus for the fall semester, KU transit leaders will be all but shouting the familiar refrain in hopes of attracting new riders to the university’s expanded bus service.