KU Edition 2007: KU Tomorrow

10 on the fast track
KU makes advances in research
August 11, 2007
From the Amazon to the arts, KU researchers explore new territory.
University exploring museum proposal
August 11, 2007
Kansas University leaders were intrigued last spring when a developer approached them about putting a museum in Olathe.
Proposed legislation could give KU, K-State additional research funding
August 11, 2007
With state dollars getting tighter, officials hope to persuade communities to increase local taxes for public university improvements.
Standard of excellence drives Dole Institute programming
August 11, 2007
From its inception, the Dole Institute of Politics has been able to attract auditorium-filling, political A-listers to speak at Kansas University.
New legislation should streamline purchasing procedures
August 11, 2007
A new three-year set of regulations should make purchasing procedures at Kansas University quicker and more cost-effective.
Camp staff, students work with children to break through communication challenges
August 11, 2007
For one child, it may be making a friend. For another, it could be working up the courage to join in an activity with his peers. And for another, it might be pointing at a picture to show her parents which of the day’s activities she liked best.