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Haskell: ‘On edge’ but excited for upcoming reaccreditation review
Site visit from accreditation team begins Monday
April 11, 2015
Many at Haskell Indian Nations University blame years of a “revolving door” in the president’s office for leaving a number of things undone, important things. Since Venida Chenault became president in January 2014, key measures have been put in place, or at least put in motion. Will it be enough for Haskell to keep its accreditation? By Sara Shepherd
Weekend event planned on Haskell campus canceled at last minute
March 27, 2015
A weekend-long series of events planned by students at Haskell Indian Nations University and reported in Friday’s Journal-World was cancelled at the last minute.
Four-day Haskell event features Native music, underlines school values
March 26, 2015
A group of Haskell Indian Nations University students envisions this weekend’s four-day Haskell Resurgence event as a fun way for peers to brush up on their school’s mission and values before Haskell’s upcoming reaccreditation site visit. And for anyone else looking to take in some contemporary Native American music, the first three days of the event are open to the public. By Sara Shepherd
After casino scandal, longtime Haskell Regent asked to resign as chief of tribe
05:25 p.m., March 12, 2015 Updated 10:55 p.m.
A longtime Haskell Indian Nations University Board of Regents member and former board president is under fire in Oklahoma, where a scandal revealed this week spurred leaders of his tribe to demand he resign as chief. Haskell University and Board of Regents leaders said that while the situation involving George Tiger was not linked to Haskell, it was “a sad state of affairs.” By Sara Shepherd
LDCFM recognizes Haskell partnership with vehicle flag
February 12, 2015
The Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical Department unveiled a new flag for use on LDCFM vehicles at Station No. 2, specifically the new Quint 105-foot aerial. The flag was created because Station No. 2, at 2128 Harper St., supports Haskell Indian Nations University as part of its district for response.
Haskell seeking information about vandalism to sacred sweat lodges
01:29 p.m., January 28, 2015 Updated 11:02 p.m.
Two sacred sweat lodges at Haskell Indian Nations University have been vandalized, leaving leaders of the school disappointed and looking for a culprit. By Chad Lawhorn
Grant will help Haskell provide remedial classes to more students
04:58 p.m., January 7, 2015 Updated 09:51 p.m.
A humanities grant will enable Haskell Indian Nations University to create a summer literature program for freshmen who need remedial English classes. How to handle students arriving at Haskell who are not academically ready for regular college coursework has been the subject of discussion at Haskell. By Sara Shepherd
Eastern Kansas universites work to improve retention and graduation
January 3, 2015
Eastern Kansas universities are using new methods to more quickly identify at-risk students and get them the help they need, part of a larger effort to improve retention and graduation rates. Ann Cudd, vice provost and dean of undergraduate studies at Kansas University, said the retention and progress of students is a key concern. “It’s important not only that students come back after their first year, which is what the retention rate measures, but also that they come back as sophomores if possible, so in other words that they also progress as they’re moving forward,” Cudd said.
Public comment period open for Haskell reaccreditation
December 26, 2014
Haskell Indian Nations University is preparing for its 10-year accreditation review, which includes the opportunity for public feedback.
Not our ways’: Haskell president reacts to alleged rape in campus dorm
November 20, 2014
This has been a difficult week at Haskell Indian Nations University. Emotions are running high on the small campus after two male students were arrested and charged with raping a female student last weekend in a residence hall. Haskell cannot brush this under the rug, said university President Venida Chenault, who reacted to the assault in an interview this week with the Journal-World. By Sara Shepherd
Haskell wants Title IX efforts to affect sexual, domestic violence across Indian Country
November 3, 2014
More American Indian and Alaska Native women have been raped than any other specific race, according to this year’s White House report on sexual assault. Overall, the report says, few rapists are strangers. There aren’t many violent crimes reported at tiny Haskell Indian Nations University. But school leaders say the culture of sexual and domestic violence — and reluctance to report — that many students encounter back home does find its way to campus. By Sara Shepherd
Haskell University adopts new strategic plan after lapse
October 9, 2014
After a process dragged out over nearly five years and multiple school presidents, Haskell Indian Nations University has formally updated its strategic plan. Key goals of the Haskell 2020 plan— which officials say is important for reaccreditation and securing funding — include improving graduation rates, tapping new revenue sources, retaining employees and lassoing data to help improve the school. By Sara Shepherd
Haskell Foundation reorganizing after years of problems, inactivity
October 8, 2014
The Haskell Foundation is resurrecting, in hopes of overcoming a scandalous past and reviving its mission to raise much-needed funds for Haskell Indian Nations University. This year the Foundation has worked on building the infrastructure to properly manage incoming grants and determining what staffing and procedures are needed so “we don’t repeat history,” new Haskell President Venida Chenault said. By Sara Shepherd