The Disappearance of Randy Leach

Still searching
A year after their daughter’s disappearance, a Lawrence couple hopes to untangle mystery
January 28, 2005
Marilyn Anderson celebrated her daughter’s 39th birthday Jan. 23 by buying her daughter’s favorite ice cream cake, though she knew Lesley Smith would not be home to enjoy it. “It was a tough day, but it was a good day,” Anderson said. “I know that she’s out there somewhere.”
Missing person case still unsolved
Renewed investigation on Randy Leach yields few answers
May 5, 2003
The waiting goes on for Harold and Alberta Leach. The Linwood couple have been waiting for 15 years now to find out what happened to their teenage son, Randy Leach, since he was last seen April 15, 1988, at a party.
Leach investigation continues
KBI, sheriff’s officers follow leads in 15-year-old disappearance
January 7, 2003
Investigators searching for answers in the nearly 15-year-old disappearance of a Linwood teenager still have numerous leads to check, they said Monday.
Investigators interview 50 in long-ago disappearance
Linwood 17-year-old reported missing after ‘88 party
January 1, 2003
More than 50 people have been interviewed by a team of investigators who earlier this month launched a renewed effort to determine what happened to a Linwood teenager who disappeared nearly 15 years ago.
Authorities revive probe of teen’s ‘88 disappearance
December 10, 2002
It’s been nearly 15 years since a Linwood teenager and the car he was driving vanished without a trace.
6News video: Investigators reopen case
December 10, 2002
6News reports on the case of Randy Leach, a Linwood man who disappeared 15 years ago.
Son’s disappearance approaches 10th anniversary, remains unsolved
Tormented family’s wish: Lay mystery to rest
April 12, 1998
A Linwood family still holds out hope of learning what happened to its missing son, who has been gone 10 years without a clue.
Family’s wish: Lay mystery to rest
April 12, 1998
A Linwood family still holds out hope of learning what happened to its missing son, who has been gone 10 years without a clue.
Questions remain in teen’s disappearance 8 years ago
August 29, 1996
The disappearance of Randy Leach remains unsolved eight years after the teen-ager was last seen.
New reward offered in missing person case
May 11, 1996
Harold Leach is offering $5,000 to anyone able to locate the car his son disappeared in eight years ago.
Investigation still has no answers for missing teen’s parents
April 11, 1994
The parents of Randy Leach are resigned to his death but hope they may yet learn what happened to him.
Leach case investigator dismissed
October 28, 1993
The firing of a Leavenworth County deputy is the latest twist in the convoluted story of the 1988 disappearance of a Linwood teen-ager.
Show delays taping on area case
September 17, 1993
“Unsolved Mysteries” has decided not to come to Leavenworth County today to tape a story on the mysterious disappearance of high school senior Randy Leach.
TV show set to focus on area mystery
August 25, 1993
“Unsolved Mysteries” is scheduled to come to Leavenworth County on Sept. 17 for a report on the 5-year-old mystery surrounding the disappearance of Linwood High School senior Randy Leach.
Deputy investigating Leach case returns
August 12, 1993
A Leavenworth County sheriff’s deputy who was assigned to investigate the 1988 disappearance of Linwood teen-ager Randy Leach and reportedly went into hiding last week returned home Wednesday afternoon, her husband said.
Mysteries multiply in Leach case
August 5, 1993
A man who says he’s a research journalist for the television show “Unsolved Mysteries” has become somewhat of a mystery himself in Leavenworth County, where he has focused attention on the case of missing teen-ager Randy Leach and reignited rumors of Satanic cults and drug-selling operations, but also raised questions about his identity.
Cambpell prepares to leave sheriff’s office
August 5, 1992
Leavenworth County’s sheriff of 16 years said he will tie up some loose ends at the sheriff’s department, take a vacation and ponder a new career when he leaves office in January.
Father sets reward to help locate son
July 21, 1992
The father of a missing Linwood man has offered a $25,000 reward for information leading to the whereabouts of his son.
Officials release no information in kidnap case
August 3, 1993
Leavenworth County authorities weren’t releasing any new information today on the three men taken into custody over the weekend for questioning in the 1988 disappearance of Randy Leach, a Linwood teen-ager.
Unsolved mystery
April 12, 1992
In his nearly four-year quest to uncover the truth about his son’s disappearance, Harold Leach says he has encountered roadblocks at every bend.
Leads few on Leach despite reward offer
October 8, 1991
A $5,000 reward offered by the state still hasn’t brought forth information leading to the whereabouts of Randy Leach, a Linwood teen-ager who disappeared more than three years ago.
State offers reward in Linwood case
August 23, 1991
The state of Kansas is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the confirmed whereabouts of a Linwood teen-ager who disappeared more than three years ago.
Father continuing search for son
April 12, 1991
Harold Leach spends his days writing letters, making telephone calls and roaming the countryside, searching for some sign of his son.
Missing teen’s father still pushing investigation
November 20, 1990
No matter what the Leavenworth County Sheriff’s Department does in its efforts to find Randy Leach, the boy’s father won’t be satisfied until he knows what happened to his son.
Officials refuse request for inquisition
September 21, 1990
Leavenworth County officials will go one step further in the investigation of a Linwood teen-ager missing for the last two years, but still refuse to call for an inquisition.