In Cold Blood

Clutter murders reminiscent of Starkweather crimes
April 4, 2005
As news of four murders in Holcomb, Kan., began appearing in newspapers across the country in November 1959, people living in Lincoln, Neb., understood the fear of suspected killers running wild.
Author left mark on state
Book garnered Truman Capote the attention he so craved
April 3, 2005
In mid-December 1959, an eccentric writer from New York arrived on the rolling plains of western Kansas. Although Truman Capote had never been to the tiny town called Holcomb, he brought lofty intentions and ended up writing a book that defined himself and the town to the rest of the world forever.
Writing history: Capote’s novel has lasting effect on journalism
April 3, 2005
Madeleine Blais teaches Truman Capote’s “In Cold Blood” in journalism classes because it is compelling and beautiful, she said, a masterpiece.
To Kill a Mockingbird’ author helped Truman Capote break the ice in Kansas
April 3, 2005
Opinions vary about Truman Capote and his book, but another writer, who published a novel in the same time period, receives almost universal praise in Holcomb and Garden City for her talent and her presence.
The book that changed a town
Holcomb still deals with the pain and attention by Truman Capote’s novel
April 3, 2005
For almost 40 years, those first words of the book “In Cold Blood” have been most people’s introduction to a town that seems wholly unremarkable on the surface.
Relations between media and law enforcement have changed since 1959
April 3, 2005
Tony Jewell was sitting in church one Sunday morning in November 1959 when he got a call from KIUL Radio Station, where he worked. He was to cover a tragedy reported at the Clutter farm in Holcomb.
High school sweetheart recalls the day his life changed forever
Bob Rupp maintains resilient spirit through years of living with memories
April 3, 2005
Gently, without words, he props the picture frames on the kitchen countertop, so close they’re touching. One contains a black-and-white photograph of a young man, with dark hair, a strong jaw and a full lower lip. The other photo shows a girl, smiling tentatively and brushing her smooth face with a white-gloved hand. It’s his junior college picture, his wife’s engagement portrait.
Students spend months tracking book’s impact
April 3, 2005
Depth reporting courses have been a staple of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Journalism and Mass Communications for years. Students get experience in project reporting as each tackles a story within a larger topic. Some past projects have explored obesity, security after Sept. 11, 2001, and Cuba.
What happened to other characters in Capote’s book?
April 3, 2005
Among the figures who played a prominent role in the Clutter murder case but were underrepresented by Truman Capote in “In Cold Blood” were Kansas Bureau of Investigation agents Harold Nye, Roy Church and Clarence Duntz. Nye, Church and Duntz worked closely with KBI agent Al Dewey Jr., along with Finney County and Garden City law enforcement, in solving the Clutter case.
Clutter murders sentenced to hang
March 30, 1960
Two young men, outwardly indifferent to the jury’s verdict, were convicted Tuesday and condemned to hang for the savage slaying of the Herbert W. Clutter family.
Witness claims two took turns killing family
KBI agent reveals what he says Smith told to officials
March 24, 1960
Perry Edward Smith said he and Richard Eugene Hickock took turns wielding the knife and pulling the shotgun trigger that snuffed out the lives of a prominent Holcomb, Kan., farm family, an officer said today.
Other ex-convict admits his part in Clutter deaths
January 5, 1960
County Atty. Duane West announced today that Perry Edward Smith, 31, ex-convict from Las Vegas, Nev., had admitted participation in the slaying of four members of the Herbert W. Clutter family.
Clutter murders solved as ex-con confesses spree
Edgerton man and buddy killed to prevent witnesses, he says
January 4, 1960
A slender ex-convict says four members of a prominent Kansas farm family met death last November because he and a fellow robber “didn’t want any witnesses.”
Two killers were sought in this area
January 4, 1960
The two men being held in connection with the Clutter family murder at Garden City were sought in this area for three weeks.
Police find lead in brutal murder of Kansas family
November 18, 1959
Bloodstains found on an Arkansas River bridge near the Herbert Clutter farm home gave officers a lead today in their investigation of the slaying of four members of the Clutter family last weekend.