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10 ways to ensure a successful garage sale
July 2, 2014
Setting up shop in the garage isn’t as easy as you might think.
Mrs. Mass.: Turning over a new Basil Leaf
July 2, 2014
There aren’t many restaurants that had their humble beginnings at a small gas station mini-mart. Truth be told, you probably know exactly which restaurant I’m referring to, don’t you?
Style Scout: Jordan K. Dimond
July 2, 2014
Fashion trends you hate: Cover up! I don’t like seeing people’s private parts hanging out. Looking presentable, instead of trashy, is key.
Family Adventures: All aboard to St. Louis
July 2, 2014
I know there’s still a lot of time, but I think the Kid is going to grow up to be a train engineer. We have tinker toys and stuffed animals and a miniature farm, but the only toys that really get played with are the trains. Which is why, when blessed with a free Memorial Day weekend, we decided to let the Kid see some real-live trains up close as we hopped on the Amtrak to St. Louis.
Garden Variety: With mimosa trees, don’t just think pink
July 2, 2014
Mimosa trees in the Lawrence area are in full glory right now with their unrivaled fluffy, fragrant pink blossoms.
Fix-It Chick: Keep mosquitoes at bay
July 2, 2014
Female mosquitoes require two things to reproduce: water and blood. Stemming their access to these resources can greatly control mosquito populations.
The Classic Sartorialist: Style down to a T
July 2, 2014
It is the simplest piece of clothing in every man’s wardrobe: the classic T-shirt. If worn well, it can exude ease and relaxation as well as a keen sense of fashion.
Style Scout: Garrett Rathbone
July 2, 2014
Fashion influences: Mainly skateboard culture. A lot of skateboard companies make fantastic clothing. They’re usually well-made and stylish.
Mrs. Mass.: 10,000 reasons to shop local
June 25, 2014
Ten Thousand Villages opened on Mass. Street in October 2012, and the store currently carries products from 38 developing countries. All products are handmade, environmentally sustainable and fair trade (which means your purchase helps supports under- and unemployed artisans in other countries).
Cooking from Scratch: Make your own beef jerky
June 25, 2014
I encourage you to attempt to dry a batch of your own beef jerky. Not only is it delicious and handy for hikes and car trips but also by making your own you can control what goes into it. You’ll have a jerky with ingredients you can actually pronounce!
Get your garden ready for summer
June 25, 2014
With the official arrival of summer, landscapes and gardens in the Lawrence area are reaching their prime. This is the time to breathe it in, enjoy the beauty, and spend a little time to prepare the garden for the hotter, drier days that surely lie ahead. By Jennifer Smith
The Fashion Column Twins: Grab these C.A.B. bags
June 25, 2014
Elizabeth and I want to introduce you to C.A.B. Handbags. We recently became acquainted to the line by its creator, Carly Ann Beck, a handbag designer currently residing in New York City who’s also a Kansas native.
Style Scout: Sam Nitcher
June 25, 2014
Fashion trends you hate: The lack of a people not making decisions based on what Disney cartoon characters wore.
Style Scout: Maggie Haden
June 25, 2014
Fashion trends you love: Right now, I like a really romantic look so hopefully I can build toward that. But right now, it’s all about comfort.
Fix-It Chick: Paint a wooden porch railing
June 25, 2014
Repainting a wooden porch’s railings and ceiling is a great way to increase curb appeal and create a welcoming entry to any home.


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