State arts grant boosts effort to purchase equipment, lights at new Theatre Lawrence
September 12, 2013
A $50,000 grant from the state will boost the second phase of fundraising for Theatre Lawrence’s new building, helping to fill it with updated equipment and tools. The grant is one of nine totaling $350,000 the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission announced today. By Sara Shepherd
‘New York’ revisits 9/11, telling survivors’ stories
September 8, 2013
Every now and again, a play comes along that is revealing not only in its subject matter but also in its performance. The writing of it and the performance of it open our eyes to things we only partially understood.
Improv comedy troupe cultivates local actors’ creativity
September 1, 2013
Marty Honig had always thrived on stage, but she hated memorizing lines. So when she found local improvisational comedy troupe, Roving Imp, she was hooked. With improv, no longer does she worry about forgetting what to say; the comedic acting style made popular by the television show, “Whose Line is It Anyway,” is completely unscripted.
‘Mother%$!#hood’ back for comedic, musical look at moms
August 29, 2013
“Mother%$!#hood” follows three very different women on their journeys through modern motherhood, from A to Xanax.
Ministry group to perform musical play ‘Chained’ at Arts Center
August 8, 2013
Lawrence’s Life Restoration Ministries will perform “Chained,” directed and written by Lawrencian Rita Rials, at 7 p.m. Saturday at the Lawrence Arts Center, 940 New Hampshire St.
Lawrence Opera Theatre announces upcoming performances
August 4, 2013
“Tales of Love, Forgiveness and Redemption” is the theme for Lawrence Opera Theatre’s fourth annual season, taking place this month in Lawrence. Four performances are planned Aug. 15 through Aug. 18.
Theatre Lawrence plans ‘Footloose’ auditions this week
July 28, 2013
Kick off your Sunday shoes. Auditions for Theatre Lawrence’s production of “Footloose” are this week.
Here we go: Victor Continental takes a final bow
July 21, 2013
It’s a reflective time for the cast of the Victor Continental Show. Though they’ll miss performing the naughty live sketch comedy, musical and theatrical production so many Lawrencians look forward to, they agree it’s time to close the curtain.
Summer Youth Theater a hit with Lawrence kids
July 18, 2013
The Lawrence Arts Center’s Summer Youth Theater hosts four productions every summer students from third through 12th grade can participate in. By Meagan Thomas
KU’s ‘Kiss Me Kate’ to bring ‘magic of theater’ to life
July 11, 2013
There is a special feeling to being onstage — the lights, the applause, the thrill of performing for friends and strangers alike. John Staniunas wants to share it with his audience.
Arts Center’s Behind the Story Series travels back in time to the ‘60s
June 30, 2013
Directors at the Lawrence Arts Center don’t just want audience members to come to the Summer Youth Theater shows. With the Behind the Story Series, they want them to learn about the cultural and political themes surrounding the plots.
Summer Youth Theater’s production of ‘Macbeth’ not about the curse
June 20, 2013
Doug Weaver isn’t superstitious. At least not about theater. “I’m intensely superstitious when it comes to my golf game,” he says. “But not when it comes to theater.” So the prospect of directing the most legendarily cursed play of all time — William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” — didn’t daunt him. In fact, he was looking forward to it.
Reflective of community, ‘Ragtime’ opens new Theatre Lawrence building
June 20, 2013
Say you have a brand new, state-of-the-art theater. What’s the perfect show to open with? It should be something big. But rather than a famous, all-time favorite, Theatre Lawrence selected “Ragtime,” the musical story of America at the turn of the 20th century.
Mask collection brings personality to new theater’s lobby
June 16, 2013
The walls of Eleanor Woodyard’s study suddenly seem very, very bare. More than 180 colorfully adorned visitors from across the globe that once smiled, frowned and grimaced at Woodyard and her late husband have taken up residency elsewhere — a place they’ll undoubtedly be able to make more friends.
Really big show
Theatre Lawrence’s new building big enough for everyone — and then some
June 16, 2013
There are a lot of words that could describe Theatre Lawrence’s new $7.2 million building at 4660 Bauer Farm Drive: beautiful, impressive, exciting. But there’s one that does it best: Big.