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Letter: Minority rights
October 23, 2014
If the governor (and those who agree with the governor) believes that “Activist judges should not overrule the people of Kansas,” then this position on same-sex marriage calls into question scores of judicial decisions that have stood the test of time because of their constitutional, ethical or moral foundations in spite of popular opinion. This weak argument is just one more appeal to the concept of majority rules, even when the majority is shown to be wrong when challenged in court decisions.
Letter: Legislative bullies
October 23, 2014
Being a relatively newcomer to Kansas, I’m still learning a great deal about our town and state. I believe our move to Lawrence was a good thing, and this is a wonderful town where a large number of the residents hold progressive views.
Letter: Women on a mission
October 23, 2014
Many of us from Lawrence were among the 500 Women for Kansas participants who gathered in Wichita on Labor Day weekend. (“Grassroots groups tighten Kan. races” Journal-World, Oct. 19) I doubt there has ever been such a group from diverse political backgrounds coming together with one purpose — to elect new leaders to change the state’s direction. Keep in mind this group of 500, representing 88 Kansas communities, were Republicans, Democrats and Independents.
Letter: Not a strength
October 22, 2014
The Saturday Column (Oct. 18) touted Gov. S.B.’s strengths on agriculture and education. On education, the indication that “Kansas gets more bang for the buck” (Kansas Association of School Boards) is a tribute to the students and teachers and should be a clarion call to produce more bucks, not fewer, as this administration has done. Per-student spending is $861 less than in 2008, as cited in Sunday’s Journal-World, page 1A. That’s 22 percent of the fiscal 2013 spending level. Indications from past performance and present rhetoric are that the huge shortfalls resulting from this administration’s tax policies will lead to more hard times for Kansas education K-16.
Letter: Voting guidelines
October 22, 2014
As our political elections approach, I thought it might be helpful to share the voting guidelines that have developed within me over nearly six decades of faithful voting.
Letter: We deserve better
October 22, 2014
A few days ago, my best friend took his own life. I arrived at his apartment building minutes too late and was compassionately supported by a state trooper and three members of the Lawrence police force. I remain so grateful to them for that.
Letter: Police response
October 21, 2014
The representatives for the group of citizens against the new police facility have publicly stated there is a significant need for this facility and this project should have been a priority over already completed projects. Let that resonate for a moment. A need so significant even those opposed to this project concede it’s need and recognize it as an overlooked priority.    
Letter: Public safety
October 21, 2014
On Nov. 4, our city will be asked to vote on funding a new police facility for our police officers. I do not think there is any question the current six (seven if you count them having to drive to Lone Star Lake for the range) facilities are abysmal and inadequate. I have been to the facilities and did not like what I saw: children of abuse and sex crimes having to be paraded through a public lobby and past numerous offices to an adequate interview room, victims and suspects having to be interviewed next door to one another, officers having to discuss private details about cases in open cubicles with no privacy, mold growing on stairwells, leaky ceilings, lack of parking and the list goes on.
Letter: Police investment
October 20, 2014
The issue being brought before voters next month is not about being pro-law enforcement nor is it about decisions the City Commission made concerning Rock Chalk Park. The issue is equipping the police department to properly serve and protect the residents and businesses of Lawrence.
Letter: Facility is needed
October 20, 2014
It’s frustrating to see misinformation regarding the vote on a 0.2 of one percent sales tax for the construction of a new police facility. Voters should attend an open house to learn the facts, like why a precinct approach isn’t feasible or efficient or why Band-aids on current facilities won’t resolve the situation.
Letter: Retail climate
October 20, 2014
You know, I can’t help but wonder whether or not we’d be in the position of needing new police facilities but not having a clear way to pay for them if we as a community would be more open to retail growth. The growing interest that Lawrence is attracting from national retailers in both the South Iowa and northwest areas of town are encouraging to me, but what if we stopped trying to tell retailers where to go, and allow them to go where it makes the most sense? The most sense for shoppers, the most sense for the retailers, the most sense for our community.
Letter: Study needed
October 18, 2014
What is a police force for? The principal job is to prevent crime and to arrest and convict those who commit crimes. By this measure, the Lawrence Police Department is mediocre or substandard according to comparisons with departments in cities of similar size.(Journal-World, Sept. 20)
Letter: Lax enforcement
October 18, 2014
I have to respond to the article written by Elliot Hughes on Oct. 16 concerning the review of the Hamm-Buchheim Quarry’s conditional use permit. He quoted me as saying “the crushing and grinding is unbelievable.” Very true, I did say that and it is true.  However, that was not the big point of my letter to the commissioners.
Letter: Looking ahead
October 18, 2014
We all are aware of the dire need for new facilities for the Lawrence Police Department. With my experience of long-range planning for a wide range of facilities, one of the most important things I’ve learned is the relevance for looking far enough into the future.
Letter: Police vote
October 17, 2014
Every resident of our fair city depends on the services of the Lawrence Police Department for their safety and welfare. They are also here to protect the many visitors that come to Lawrence, whether it’s for a few hours or days. While most of us don’t call on them often or at all, we know and expect that they will be there when needed. If we expect them to operate as an efficient police department we need to give them the tools to do so.