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Letter: Gulag not funny
April 11, 2014
The makers of the latest Muppets movie decided to try and find humor in the Soviet gulag.  Why they think, as a New York Times writer put it in 1974, that  “the other great holocaust of the (20th) century” could be funny is, to say the least, odd. The gulag was “the imprisonment, brutalization, and very often murder, of tens of millions of innocent Soviet citizens by their own government.”
Letter: Due process rights
April 11, 2014
I was so pleased when I read in your paper that the school finance bill was approved and sent to the governor that I could have applauded. But wait! It seems on closer reading the bill not only does not equalize funding throughout the state but it does remove due process for teachers! Furthermore it gives money to private schools. Tenure (a misnomer) or due process is no more. Hallelujah! Now we can be rid of certain people we don’t like.
Letter: Political decision
April 11, 2014
The Brownback administration is doing something good! KanCare, the Kansas Medicaid program, will start the Health Home project in July. This will provide monitoring and support for people with chronic illnesses who are insured by Medicaid. Special staff will monitor care, encourage coordination among various medical providers and will support individuals to get prescriptions filled, keep appointments and to make their concerns known to the medical personnel treating them.
Letter: Voting class
April 10, 2014
Everyone gets a vote. Informed or ignorant, interested or apathetic, intelligent or stupid, rational or crazy, good or evil, we each get one vote. But, we can change that. Some have a bigger stake, we’re not equal owners, so why equal votes?
Letter: Selfish choice
April 9, 2014
Well, Kansas provided the opportunity for about 7,600 abortions for women from four states in 2012; 1,200 at the newly opened clinic in Wichita. There were no statistics in the March 28 Journal-World article on why the abortions were given, but I believe they were matters of convenience.
Letter: More truth
April 8, 2014
Eric Holder and the government are withholding the truth about the Internal Revenue Service, “Fast and Furious” and Benghazi. How about adding another tragedy to your list that the American people need to know the truth about: the Iraq War, in which thousands of our men and women were killed and many more injured for life.
Letter: Due process
April 8, 2014
Sunday the Kansas Legislature took advantage of the late hour and the exhaustion factor to keep the erasure of due process for new teachers and the elimination of tenure for experienced teachers in the K-12 education bill.
Letter: Minimum wage
April 7, 2014
Opponents of a minimum wage increase are doing an excellent job of making it sound like a government handout. They suggest that it constitutes government interference in a market that determines wages some other way. The truth is, for better or worse, federal minimum wage laws are what determine wages in the United States.
Letter: Columnists off-base
April 7, 2014
Put Charles Krauthammer and Trudy Rubin in charge of foreign policy and they would have us neck deep in Middle East war and in the Ukraine as well — wars we could not possibly win. They also know that there is zero chance that the American public would be in favor of either.
Letter: Don’t blame ethanol
April 7, 2014
Kansas University biologist Chip Taylor has brought ethanol to the top of his list of enemies to monarch butterflies in an article published on March 31. Over the years, Taylor has blamed global warming, drought and improved weed control for declining monarch populations. Now, he claims ethanol production is forcing wild prairie into crop production, destroying butterfly habitat. That is simply not true.
Letter: State in charge?
April 6, 2014
The Journal-World is a wonderful conduit for state and local news. The April 2 edition was particularly informative.
Letter: Virtual school
April 5, 2014
On Monday, I testified at a hearing of the Kansas House Appropriations Committee. I am a mother, not a lobbyist. I had never done this before, but lawmakers are considering a cut to my daughter’s public school – even though her virtual school already spends about $7,000 per student less than other schools.
Letter: State tax surprise
April 4, 2014
Surprise, surprise, surprise! Remember Gomer Pyle’s TV show?
Letter: Medicaid rejection
April 4, 2014
Nothing better illustrates the cruel calculus of hunger economics than the remarks of State Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook in explaining (Journal-World, April 2) why Kansas Republicans continue to reject Medicaid expansion. The federal Affordable Care Act, she said, “creates dependencies” and a “permanent underclass.”
Letter: Can’t keep up
April 4, 2014
The Koch brothers are going to bankrupt me!