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Letter: Flooding danger
August 2, 2014
Among several good reasons for rejecting the proposal for retail development at Iowa Street and the South Lawrence Trafficway cited by Candice Davis (Journal-World, July 28), one is undeniable: It would be in the Wakarusa floodplain.
Letter: Winners, losers
August 2, 2014
Frequently it is said that the “devil is in the details.” Example: Last week the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation titled the Child Tax Credit Improvement Act of 2014. At first glance, policymakers are providing an expansion of the child tax credit for families in light of the rising cost of raising children. Parents with incomes of six figures would become eligible for the CTC. However, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the bill actually leaves behind low-income working parents.
Letter: Inconvenient Amtrak
August 1, 2014
I would love to ride Amtrak more, BUT the schedules and rountes make it so very difficult. To visit Kansas City abnd back would be 5:30 a.m. to around midnight. Too long for a day of sightseeing.
Letter: Development pluses
August 1, 2014
I am addressing the negative ruling on the Southpoint development made by the planning commission. I was excited about the development for two reasons: 1) additional retail stores would be entering Lawrence, equating to less trips into Kansas City or Topeka for me and 2) there is no taxpayer subsidization of the development. Being a retiree on a fixed income, economic development is paramount in bringing in additional revenue streams. An initial $1.4 million in sales tax, growing to $2 million by 2020 would help offset future increases in county and city taxes. School taxes will increase if the state cap is altered or removed.
Letter: States rights?
August 1, 2014
Back in the day, the U.S. Supreme Court under Justice Earl Warren made the decision that separate but equal was unconstitutional. States were going to have to let black children go to public school. The state of Arkansas did not take kindly to that. In September 1957, their governor, man named Faubus, stood at the front door of Central High in Little Rock, puffed out his chest, and proclaimed, “Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.”
Letter: Universal care
July 29, 2014
July 30 will be the 49th anniversary of the Medicare Act of 1965. Why can’t we have a system that provides everyone with guaranteed medical care from birth to death? All the other developed countries cover everybody, pay half as much for their health care as we do and provide better outcomes.
Letter: Penalty justified
July 29, 2014
I was disappointed the courts threw out the death sentence for the Carr brothers. Most of my life I have been against capital punishment because of the obvious: the wrong man could be convicted using eye-witness accounts, which is the worst kind of evidence. But with the discovery of DNA, many prisoners have been exonerated and the real offenders arrested.
Letter: Self-policing
July 29, 2014
Some people are selling drugs from their home. There has been several witnesses come forward and report the activity and filed complaints to the law enforcement who has jurisdiction. After a while the law enforcement decides to take action. They obtain a warrant go to the resident and serve the warrant to search the premises for drugs etc.
Letter: Bad governance
July 25, 2014
Mill-levy increases would be less or unwarranted if local governments operated as a democracy. If the majority governed, there would be no cronyism, tax abatements, special tax districts, no-bid contracts or Taj Mahal recreation center.
Letter: Climate solutions
July 25, 2014
Mitigating climate change might not be as expensive as you think. Adding carbon to the air is the root cause of the problem, so, the solution is to motivate people to reduce the amount of carbon added.  Nothing motivates people like money. So, make the carbon content of fuels more expensive and let the market sort out the right balance of solutions. You can do this with a carbon tax. If you make the carbon tax revenue neutral as far as the government is concerned, you protect the people in the lower two-thirds of income from higher prices.
Letter: Treatment kudos
July 25, 2014
I would like express my heartfelt gratitude to the excellent staff at Lawrence Memorial Hospital and the Lawrence-Douglas County Fire/Medical Department. A short time ago, my 7-year-old daughter suffered a traumatic injury involving multiple fractures to her right arm. As someone who has witnessed many traumatic injuries in the last 25 years, the injury to my daughter’s arm was one of the worst I had ever seen on a child.
Letter: Party first?
July 23, 2014
They didn’t have political parties in 1790, just Americans. Their word for “party” was “faction.” There were disagreements between the likes of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, but they identified themselves as Americans. George Washington refused to identify with any party. His enormous prestige tamped down parties. This fear of faction is reflected in the initial method for selecting president and vice president. Second place became vice president. This method rejects party; all candidates stood for the same idea: America.
Letter: Budget discomfort
July 23, 2014
After reading Chad Lawhorn’s article “Q&A on Lawrence city budget,” I am appalled at the proposed city budget that David Corliss has apparently submitted as a serious proposal. Putting aside the questionable wisdom of passing deficit budgets that require in-year adjustments, it appears that the city is forgetting one side of the equation: Reducing expenditures is a legitimate function of prudent government.
Letter: Police option
July 23, 2014
Following the discussion for a new police facility and the justified concern about rampant spending and tax increases needed to pay for this spending, why hasn’t the empty space at the Riverfront Mall been considered to be remodeled for the police. According to the real estate sign on site, the square footage is more than adequate, the infrastructure is there, plenty of parking, the building is well built and can easily be modified with a steel superstructure designed to allow limitless configuration on all floors.
Letter: Voting counts
July 22, 2014
Daily, in this paper, there are complaints about our city/county government and the decisions they make.