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Letter: Uniquely Mass.
October 1, 2014
I grew up in Lawrence. In 1959, at age 25, I moved away. At that time, Mass. Street was all retail. You could buy anything from a new car to groceries, a new suit of clothes or even visit a lumberyard
Letter: Sidewalk displays
September 30, 2014
I recently read an editorial concerning the City Commission needing to be cautious before granting a new business a sidewalk seating area. One of the points in the editorial was, since this was not a restaurant, would other businesses then want the same access. My question is why would retail businesses wait ?
Letter: Newsworthy event
September 30, 2014
Sept. 21, along with at least 70 other residents of Kansas, Missouri and the surrounding states, I participated in the People’s Climate March in New York City. Despite its overwhelming success in marshaling over 400,000 marchers, media coverage of the demonstration was lackluster. Many mainstream outlets only briefly mentioned the march while others, including the Journal-World, had no coverage whatsoever.
Letter: Neglected needs
September 28, 2014
In March 2011, the Lawrence Police Department provided the city a “top down review” of priorities, goals, and objectives – it’s available on the department’s website, so see for yourself. The general sense I got when I read it is how behind our department was on having its needs met. From personnel to equipment to radio and computer systems. And of course, facility needs.
Letter: Acknowledge biases
September 27, 2014
Apparently Kansas University Business School Dean Neeli Bendapudi is more than an adequate politician herself. As a politician would do, she danced around the issues raised by Students for a Sustainable Future but didn’t really address them. Namely, why is Art Hall paid so handsomely, and if, as claimed, he is a well connected and influential political crony of the Koch brothers, why does he have an academic appointment?
Letter: Confucius contrast
September 27, 2014
On Monday, the University of Chicago will close its Confucius Institute. This decision follows a petition signed by more than 100 faculty members this past spring that called for closing the institute. The petition expressed the concern that, in operating the institute in partnership with the Chinese government, the university had ceded control over faculty hiring, course content and programming to that government.
Letter: Juvenile ads
September 27, 2014
I am amazed at the juvenile attitude Republican candidates create with their wonderfully informative (tongue in cheek) campaign ads. Take the ads supporting Sen. Pat Roberts.
Letter: Black market
September 26, 2014
District Attorney Charles Branson said in an article on Sept. 7, that the real problem with selling marijuana in Lawrence is the armed invasion of the homes of people who sell marijuana. He said that in the last two years there have been 25 drug-related home invasions, and if you go back five years, three deaths occurred in these robberies.
Letter: Ethical approach
September 26, 2014
It was a wise decision by Lawrence city commissioners to back away, at least temporarily, from an agreement to donate 10 acres of land to the local Boys & Girls Club contingent upon voters approving a new sales tax for a proposed $28 million police headquarter on Nov. 4. 
Letter: Notable woman
September 26, 2014
Annie LaPorte Diggs was a Kansas journalist, author, suffragette and Populist advocate. The diminutive “Little” Annie (who was barely 5 feettall and weighed only 93 pounds) arrived in Lawrence in 1872 and soon married A.S. Diggs, a postal worker.
Letter: Abuse of history
September 24, 2014
To the editor: We noticed in Peter Hancock’s Sunday coverage of the U.S. Senate race the following statement: Sen. Pat Roberts’ “great-grandfather, J.W. Roberts, founded the Oskaloosa Independent, which Roberts likes to point out was nearly destroyed during Quantrill’s Raid in northeast Kansas in 1863.” The first part is true enough; the latter not at all, as far as we can tell from the historical record.
Letter: Bad bargain
September 24, 2014
Having just returned to Lawrence after an absence of a few months, we had our first look of the new library. What a disappointment. 
Letter: Police needs
September 21, 2014
It is time for us to make an important decision on a critical need facing Lawrence. It is time for us to stop talking around the issue and address the need. Comments about past decisions and poor planning by the city, talk of police militarization and personal opinions regarding the location of the facility site are not the issue. The issue is the safety of our Lawrence community and the need for a police facility.
Letter: Tax process
September 21, 2014
At the end of Tuesday’s Lawrence City Commission meeting, Vice Mayor Jeremy Farmer openly solicited his fellow commissioners to commit to donating 10 acres of the proposed police facility land to the Boys and Girls Club, at a value of nearly $500,000.
Letter: Student success
September 20, 2014
The recent editorial acknowledging the increase in national rankings of the Kansas University School of Engineering and the School of Business was well deserved. Both Dean Branicky and Dean Bendapudi deserve credit for their schools’ national rankings.