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Letter: Rural protections
April 21, 2015
Last year we were forced to protect our rural community from a 2008 value-added agricultural business: conditional use permit (CUP) being issued on a 5-acre parcel in our area. Now, text amendments are threatening our way of life.
Letter: A better future
April 21, 2015
Earth Day, 45 years later, is a global event now celebrated in over 140 nations. But every day should be Earth Day, and, despite the decades of environmental activism and environmental legislation, the effects of climate warming due to greenhouse gas emissions threatening human society more than ever. On Earth Day, many Americans might ask themselves: What can I do?
Letter: Relays tradition
April 21, 2015
The KU Relays are a unique and wonderful thread in our community’s cultural fabric. It is a fun and relaxed event that is easy and affordable for the whole family. I have no idea how big the economic infusion is of so many out-of-town collegiate and high school teams, but it has to be better than a kick in the head.
Letter: Money talks
April 20, 2015
I’m a grandmother who has lived in Kansas longer than anywhere else. I am deeply distressed about what is happening to our beloved Kansas. Not “Big Government” but “Big Corporations” appear to have overtaken it. Unlimited and undisclosed amounts of money flow to politicians’ campaign funds, corporate income taxes are cut, corporate interests and values are imposed on our state.
Letter: Ill-informed point
April 18, 2015
In his column “Progressive gestures hurt universities,” George Will attacks the preoccupation with sustainability, along the way hitting “diversity,” “multicultural” and inclusivity. Near the beginning, he mentions Stanford, which has apparently divested coal stocks, but not oil or gas. He says, “Evidently carbon from coal is more morally disquieting than carbon from petroleum.”
Letter: Shining examples?
April 18, 2015
With regard to the article on rural gun noise, I was shooting for a higher target. Gov. Brownback and his current Legislature have moved the political pendulum far to the right with a plethora of new laws, and accompanying mores.
Letter: Stagnant city
April 17, 2015
In response to your “Voter apathy” observations of the last local election (J-W editorial, April 9), it seems to be a recurring article after every one of these elections over the years. Thankfully the public was spared the sophomoric campaign ads of the state and federal elections.
Letter: Environmental eating
April 17, 2015
Just in time for the 45th anniversary of Earth Day on April 15, the U.S. Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has made it official: Consumption of animal products is not environmentally sustainable. Their conclusions match those of a massive 2010 United Nations report, which concluded that a global shift towards a vegan diet is vital to save the world from hunger, fuel poverty and climate change.
Letter: Living donors
April 17, 2015
Kudos to Lawrence Memorial Hospital for participating in the 12th annual National Donate Life Month. I would like to challenge readers to take organ donation one step further and become a living donor.
Letter: Positive coverage
April 16, 2015
Is Kansas University’s cup half empty or half full? Or maybe running over? The April 11 Saturday Column took a well-deserved shot at the “lack of support” from the Legislature. Given the outright hostility shown by some legislators, maybe we will need to change our description from state-assisted university to state-impeded university.
Letter: Judging Reid
April 14, 2015
How should we judge Harry Reid? (“Questionable leadership,” Journal-World, April 7) Recent notable Senate leaders include Howard Baker, Bob Dole (Republicans), Robert Byrd, George Mitchell and Tom Daschle (Democrats). They led when the opposition was firm but loyal, compromises to achieve good public policies were possible, and leaders could work together across party divisions.
Letter: Expand KanCare
April 14, 2015
Friday’s Journal-World brought another in a continuing years-long series of articles about the costs and consequences of incarceration and inadequate treatment of the mentally ill (“Douglas County leaders tour San Antonio mental health facilities”).  
Letter: Correct course
April 14, 2015
Kudos to Kansas University law professor Mike Hoeflich for his article in the April 8 Journal-World on the need for a Kansas constitutional convention.
Letter: Licensing issue
April 11, 2015
So Sam Brownback has made it legal for Kansans to carry concealed firearms without a permit. The governor is on a roll. What’s next? Here are a couple of thoughts on what he might next propose.
Letter: First and last
April 11, 2015
We enjoyed the article about Arnie Johnson and his band, just as we have enjoyed his music through the years.