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Letter: Hardly a horror
February 6, 2015
Bill Getz wrote a recent (Jan. 8) entertaining letter regarding Rock Chalk Park. He used terms such as horror, albatross, coming apart at the seams, dubious reassurance and fiasco. He even maligned used car salespersons. Good job, Bill. Maybe a newly elected city commission will stop anything from being built. One city candidate’s platform includes the Rock Chalk Park “disaster.”
Letter: Stop and go
February 6, 2015
I love this town, but some of the drivers leave a lot to be desired. It pains me to witness so many people not knowing how to negotiate a four-way stop intersection. It is tough enough trying to getthrough a roundabout without getting hit.
Letter: One less worry
February 6, 2015
I am preparing to graduate from Kansas University this May, and, as is expected during times of transition, there are endless tasks competing for my attention. I’m walking a fine line between savoring the present and preparing for the changes to come in the quickly approaching future. Beyond job applications and apartment hunting, I’ll be shopping for a new service provider for my phone, I’ll have to start shopping for a car, and I’ll need to begin paying back student loans. I feel so fortunate that with all the concerns I have about the future, finding affordable health insurance won’t be one of them.
Letter: Not so simple
February 4, 2015
Teaching science for 35 years in Kansas public schools, I found a statement by Albert Einstein true and a good guiding principle: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” I tried to break concepts down into simpler parts, but not misconstrue reality.
Letter: Cost of freedom
February 4, 2015
April 1, 2015, is the 70th anniversary of the landings on the beach at Okinawa, the southernmost island off the Japanese mainland. We suffered 50,000 casualties, and the Japanese 100,000 during a fierce battle that lasted for 83 days. The remaining Japanese either surrendered or committed hara-kiri.
Letter: Payment system
February 4, 2015
The Jan. 31 Journal-World article covering inconsistencies found during the audit of invoices and payments for the Rock Chalk Park infrastructure, demonstrates how poorly managed the costs, invoicing and payments were for this portion of the project.
Letter: City subsidy
February 3, 2015
The Lawrence Journal-World is to be congratulated for its investigation of the payments made by the city for Rock Chalk Park. Because of these efforts, an audit is being conducted. This audit will answer the question: Did the taxpayers get $12 million of site improvements for the $12 million spent?
Letter: ACA coverage
February 3, 2015
As a 23-year-old law student, I barely remember to eat and sleep, let alone have time to fret over what happens when I get sick. The Affordable Care Act makes certain that I don’t have to stress about whether I have access to health insurance.
Letter: Medicaid need
February 3, 2015
Turning down $31 million from the federal government to expand Medicaid seems like a poor decision.
Letter: Mail-ballot fan
January 31, 2015
I just voted in the election for sales tax approval in Leavenworth County. I did this from the comfort and privacy of my own home. I know of several school districts that have used this approach for bond issues with great success.
Letter: Rights have limits
January 31, 2015
Some Kansas legislators and “gun-rights” groups are currently trying to enact what they call “constitutional carry” (SB45).  It’s a twisted use of “constitutional,” even for Kansas’ ruling faction, as the bill intends to “correct” (or rather erase) the Constitution’s Second Amendment words about “a well-regulated militia.”
Letter: Go Red
January 31, 2015
Women are strong. We are smart. We solve problems. Women can do anything men can do. And, there are some things we’re even better at: dying of heart disease and stroke.
Letter: Deficit trends
January 29, 2015
In support of his opinion that President Obama did not tell the “whole story” at Kansas University or in the State of the Union address, the author of the Saturday Column blithely refers to “discouraging numbers, such as the massive and growing national debt.” The intended implication is that President Obama is responsible for these discouraging numbers.
Letter: Footballs?
January 28, 2015
The latest national news media orgy is about footballs. Yes, someone or something (aliens?) got the pressure wrong in the footballs. Hmmmm….
Letter: Editorial orders?
January 28, 2015
During the past forever, editor Simons has made a tremendous effort to present and sell his dream for America. He made it clear that he intends to spend his ink hammering home his concerns and goals for those identified as “gullible” Americans.