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Letter: Animal advocate
March 21, 2015
No one can argue that animals are living, breathing beings that can feel pain. It is time for Kansas to revamp the laws on animal welfare to properly represent them.
Letter: Smoking age
March 20, 2015
The city of Columbia, Mo., recently adopted an ordinance that bans smoking e-cigarettes in public places and raises the minimum legal age to purchase cigarettes to 21. It makes sense to raise the age to buy cigarettes to 21 as smoking is still the leading cause of premature deaths in the United States. The fact is many smokers become addicted when they’re teenagers or younger.
Letter: Design requirements
March 20, 2015
Overland Park has a form-based code for in-fill additions in its downtown that is currently used to moderate radical changes in the height or massing of new projects. This kind of code requirements should be implemented here to preserve the original mercantile character of downtown Lawrence. These code requirements are to avoid spot zoning changes at particular locations where corner lots in effect act as signposts in changing the whole shape of a neighborhood.
Letter: Federal dysfunction
March 20, 2015
Is our federal government on the verge of being completely ineffectual? We have a president who wants to govern by fiat (executive order) largely because Congress will not cooperate with him. We have a Congress that wants to insert itself into international negotiations which it has no business doing because its job is to only to advise and consent. We have a Supreme Court that seems hell-bent on declaring every law it can unconstitutional. How can government create orderly and enduring change if the Supreme Court sees its duty as nullifying laws it disagrees with ideologically? It’s also interesting, isn’t it, that an activist liberal court was so objectionable, but an activist conservative court seems just fine and dandy?
Letter: Sexuality education
March 18, 2015
In the March 10 Double Take column, Wes Crenshaw envisions the ideal sexuality education program. It spans the grades with age-appropriate materials, involves parents and covers more than basic biology by exploring values, relationships, sexual decisions, consent and gender.
Letter: Journalists also guilty
March 18, 2015
There is much in Dolph Simons, Jr’s. most recent Saturday Column with which I strongly agree.  We do live in a particularly uncivil, contentious, even toxic environment where honesty, integrity, and leadership seem to be decidedly lacking.
Letter: CLO service
March 18, 2015
Four months have passed since I wrote a letter to the editor regarding the recycling gap that the City of Lawrence had created by failing to provide recycling service for commercial accounts. Four months have passed since that same letter was delivered to all of the city commissioners. The only result so far is that I ended up on one commissioner’s email spam list. Just what I needed — recycled bologna!
Letter: Speech limits
March 18, 2015
I think a newspaper should know what free speech means. The Constitution says: “ Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press …”
Letter: Three lessons
March 14, 2015
There are at least three lessons learned from the Rock Chalk Park project. First, some members of the city commission will pay $27,000 plus expenses of taxpayer money, with an outside consulting firm, to seek vindication for making a poor decision. Not only does this expense negatively compound the initial “no bid” decision, it is double compounded by the fact the audit result is questionable.
Letter: Staff praise
March 14, 2015
Last week, as I usually do, I was walking laps with my friend at the Sports Pavilion. We have really enjoyed taking our outdoor walking routine indoors at this new and pristine facility, particularly during the winter months. There is a very friendly attitude among the staff, and between 7 and 8 a.m., many exercisers are taking advantage of the facility.
Letter: The truth
March 14, 2015
Leonard Pitts’ column about Bill O’Reilly was typical Leonard. He, like Bill, seems to have the impression that he knows what truth is for relevant news situations.
Letter: Dark day
March 14, 2015
Forty-seven Republican senators have the same as guaranteed another war in the Middle East. They have knifed in the back the efforts of our president and the countries of Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China to bring about an agreement that would keep Iran from gaining a nuclear weapons capability. Now the Jewish state will decide that its only hope is to strike before Iran completes its rush to acquire nuclear weapons. Iran understands this and will give all possible speed to acquire the nuclear weapons to counter the Jewish states known nuclear capability.
Letter: Not about speech
March 14, 2015
The editorial “Freedom of speech?” on Friday the 13th read as if it should have been posted on April 1st.
Letter: All-out politics
March 13, 2015
The letter signed by 47 Republican senators (including Kansas’ Roberts and Moran) seems intended to torpedo delicate negotiations that could avoid yet another disastrous shooting war and/or a spiraling arms race in the Mideast.
Letter: No exemption
March 13, 2015
The story on March 7 about Senate Bill 56 (which amends K.S.A. 21-6402) says it “would hold teachers criminally responsible for exposing students to so-called sexually inappropriate material” and “removes an exemption for teachers.”