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Letter: Police conditions
October 31, 2014
I toured the police building  at 11th and Massachusetts to see things for myself. Officer Jim Welsh showed where tarps sometimes have to cover computer servers due to roof leaks. The men’s showers (to wash off bedbugs, lice or dirt) were inadequate, and the IT area had only one free table to write  reports on. Two refrigerators with urine and blood samples, and the floor-to-ceiling evidence aisles, were full, so Amy, the evidence officer, has to waste time driving to other storage sites.
Letter: Pride in police
October 31, 2014
I am supporting the temporary 0.02 percent sales tax and the plan to build the new facility our police department has requested.
Letter: Stereotypes
October 30, 2014
In the year 2014, do we as people of color think that dressing up as stereotypes of other cultures is still all right? Yet we see people dressing up as Ray Rice and his wife Janay Rice, complete with the blackface and a black eye. Others have dressed up as a geisha, a Hispanic person complete with sombrero and poncho and of course the all too famous “Poca-hottie” Native American woman or “warrior” to represent a Native American man.
Letter: Half-baked plan
October 29, 2014
A few observations on the proposed location for police station: 1. It typically takes longer to get from the intersection of Princeton and Iowa to 23rd and Haskell than it does from 23rd and Haskell to Olathe.
Letter: Correct tax
October 28, 2014
Concerns about the taxing mechanism for the proposed police facility have a great deal of merit as raising taxes should be a last resort for a community wanting to experience a pro-growth, pro-business transformation. The city estimated that it would need to add around 3 mills to the property tax levy for 20 years for a $30 million project (this project is financing $24.2 million).
Letter: Wise choices
October 28, 2014
“The Good Society” by Robert Bellah (1992) and “Deep Economy” by Bill McKibben (2009), seen as bookends on the topic of what is best for our future, lay out the plans and attributes of how to best achieve societal harmony.
Letter: Expansion obsession
October 27, 2014
Lawrence voters will soon decide yes or no on the question of constructing a new building for our city police. It has been estimated the proposed facility will be adequate to meet department needs for the next 20 years, possibly less. Time passes quickly. Exactly the same question will come up again. Why?
Letter: A done deal?
October 27, 2014
As the police station gathers more interest just before the election, I think we need to realize that the upcoming vote isn’t about just building a new station. I believe the vote is really just determining how the new station will be paid for.
Letter: Problems fixable
October 27, 2014
On the Lawrence Police Department proposal for a new facility. As a retired architect, I have found that most of the problems are fixable without spending anywhere near $28 million or even building a new facility.
Letter: Strategy questioned
October 26, 2014
It’s October, breast cancer awareness month. I’d like to take the opportunity to invite women to question the annual onslaught of pink, which (although it’s nobody’s bad intentions) urges consumerism of pink-themed products, while trivializing the epidemic of breast cancer, its environmental causes and the suffering of its victims.
Letter: Skewed numbers
October 26, 2014
I don’t want to burst the city’s recycling bubble, but the 50 tons of recycled material collected is not going to be an accurate number for any analysis of how the recycling system is keeping trash from the landfill. Homeowners that were using Deffinbaugh’s recycling system and the mom-and-pop recycling collectors were keeping tons of waste from the landfill. I am sure that many of the homeowners stored their recyclable material until their blue bin was delivered, I know we did. So did our neighbor. And it took us eight weeks to fill that monster. So any numbers coming from the initial recycling rollout will definitely be skewed.
Letter: Law of the land
October 25, 2014
Gov. Brownback chooses to waste taxpayer money supporting legislation that violates the supremacy clause of the U.S. Constitution and, therefore, will ultimately be repealed. Recent state legislation regarding the lessor prairie chicken as well as the law that states that Kansas officials can arrest federal agents if they attempt to enforce federal laws that concern any gun made in Kansas are examples of this.
Letter: Tax alternative
October 25, 2014
Some say that the shenanigans of the city over the Rock Chalk Park and other similar projects will affect the vote for a 0.2 of a percent sales tax increase to finance the police building project. I think it should.
Letter: Medicare threat
October 25, 2014
Alas! A way has been found to do away with Medicare as I have known it since 1973. This federally administered program has been a tried-and-true approach to meeting my medical needs and those of other elderly people. The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) strives to meet the health needs of the younger segment of the population. It is inevitable that kinks will need to be worked out of this new program, but should it be abandoned before trying to improve it?
Letter: Misleading figure
October 24, 2014
Gov. Brownback says that 70 percent of Kansas voters approved the constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. That is not accurate, and someone needs to start challenging him on it — every single time he says it.