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Letter: Casting blame
January 9, 2015
I think that George Gurley’s Journal-World column of Jan. 4 was a reminder of how we can easily blame the other guy(s) for whatever we want since we think of ourselves as blameless.
Letter: City albatross?
January 8, 2015
Will we ever see an end to the horror that is Rock Chalk Park? I am not referring to the structure itself, even though it is literally coming apart at the seams after less than of year of operation. What galls me is the dubious reassurance of city staff and all but one commissioner that we needn’t worry, because, after all, the city “got such a good deal” on it. This is about as convincing as the line a used-car salesman of the old school might lay on a customer to whom he has just sold a lemon.
Letter: Show of support
January 7, 2015
Friday, Jan. 9, is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. The Lawrence Police Foundation, Lawrence/Douglas County Valor and Ride4COPS invite you to join us in a show of support and appreciation for the fine men and women who protect and serve our community.
Letter: Will response
January 4, 2015
I write in response to George Will’s column in Thursday’s Journal-World. Will uses a couple of examples of irrational economic regulation to attack the “political class’s conceit” and lament the fact that, since 1938, the Supreme Court has applied a different constitutional standard of review to laws circumscribing economic activity than to laws that seek to limit the exercise of “fundamental rights.” Will chooses not to identify or discuss the 1938 case that articulated the constitutional reasoning behind the distinction between economic and fundamental rights, but a brief look is instructive. Carolene Products, in a now-famous footnote, explained in essence, that if the court scrutinizes strictly any legislative attempt to limit fundamental rights — e.g., expression — that guarantee the integrity of the political process, it could and should then defer to the judgment of the constitutionally elected officials in the realm of “rights pertaining to economic life,” requiring only that they establish a “rational basis” for such regulation.
Letter: Undue criticism
January 3, 2015
It’s refreshing to see Mick Palmer’s “Your Turn” in the Journal-World (Dec. 28), regarding the East Lawrence Neighborhood Association and plans for the Ninth Street Arts Corridor project. I am also an East Lawrence resident and I attend monthly ELNA meetings. I’m not a board member but I speak up on various issues.
Letter: Ice rink is a joke
January 3, 2015
Our new ice skating rink is a farce or a joke, a waste of time and money. My grandchildren who came from the east coast and all know how to skate well, but they were frustrated trying to skate on this plastic rink. It does not work well. The “push off” was wrong.
Letter: Exit strategy?
December 28, 2014
Sam Brownback has painted both himself and the present Republican-dominated Kansas administration into a corner and has every good reason to turn tail and run. His most likely opportunity will be in 2016. He can forget being on the national ticket now, but he can and will, in my opinion, try for an appointment back to Washington if the Republican Party can win the White House. The very last thing he will want to do now is continue to face the problems that confront him in Kansas.
Letter: Jail options
December 27, 2014
Our jail is crowded, and we are planning a commission on building more space.
Letter: It’s no secret
December 24, 2014
To use a hackneyed phrase, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why good people are fleeing Kansas University. Three articles in Saturday’s Journal-World clearly demonstrate that the state of Kansas does not support quality education. KU Endowment should not have to ante up funds to support fine researchers.  KPERS is cheating its teachers and other education-related personnel. The Regents are too narrow-minded to see the value of a liberal arts education.
Letter: Torture not justified
December 24, 2014
I was appalled to read a justification for torture and curtailing civil liberties in Monday’s paper (Cal Thomas’ column). Cal advanced several rhetorical arguments. One was that peaceful Muslims do nothing to combat radical Islamists. That is willfully ignorant. Muslim organizations worldwide have actively opposed radicals. Some have been murdered for their opposition. Cal suggests they form their own army. Their own governments would surely oppose this, just as our government would if such an army was formed here.
Letter: Ludicrous demands
December 23, 2014
There have been a number of public meetings regarding the proposed arts corridor. A small group of people purporting to represent the East Lawrence Neighborhood Association have made two demands before the City Commission, who is considering the project: 1) The city should fund two paid staff positions to work on the project; these positions are to be drawn from members of the association, and 2) The association will have veto power over anything remotely related to the proposed arts corridor.
Letter: Ungrateful
December 23, 2014
Dec. 19, while parked downtown, I witnessed a man walk down the sidewalk and stop between Ernst and Son Hardware and the Lawrence Antique Mall. He opened the lid of the box he was carrying and set it on the ground. Written on the lid was “need job, need help, merry x-mas.”
Letter: Not transparent
December 22, 2014
Transparency? Yeah, right. This headline appeared on Dec. 17: “Brownback rejects Salina newspaper records request for 3rd time.”
Letter: Wrong repair
December 20, 2014
I recently read the proposed fix for the cracking that exist at the rec center and had to make my comments known. I have been a concrete contractor in Lawrence for over 45 years and have seen just about every fix for concrete that exists. What they are proposing will only highlight the problem and serve no purpose at all. Filling the cracks with epoxy would serve some purpose if it was outside where it could stop rain water from getting through the concrete.
Letter: Vital vaccine
December 20, 2014
To my fellow Jayhawks: How much is your life worth? Medical economists who work for the federal government are asking themselves that as they decide whether to recommend a new meningitis B vaccine for college students. Their recommendation will determine what sort of insurance coverage the shot gets.