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Letter: Christian values
April 1, 2015
In this holy and most sacred season of the Christian calendar, all of us — both laity and clergy — must hold ourselves accountable to our faith. No scripture is more clear or easier to understand than Matthew 7:12 and Luke 6:31 that relate the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” or Matthew 25:39, that specifically mentions the sick, and 25:40 that states, “inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”
Letter: Rock Chalk
April 1, 2015
This letter is in response to the March 27 letter from Leavenworth Rick. I can definitely detect the foul aroma of a cheap shot coming from Leavenworth. Tell me, Leavenworth Rick, would you have written that letter if KU had beaten Wichita State? No, I don’t think so. You just thought you’d take a potshot at KU while they are down.
Letter: Fluoride benefits
April 1, 2015
In the latest anti-fluoride screed, Richard Miller (March 30) once again beats the dead horse of false information, fear mongering, and fallacious reasoning to the issue of community water fluoridation. The safety and efficacy of fluoride, both topical and systemic, has been well demonstrated for over 70 years.
Letter: Community vision
March 30, 2015
Sincere thanks to the Lawrence Pedestrian Coalition and numerous sponsors for conducting the Safe Routes for All town hall meeting at Liberty Hall on Wednesday evening. The event featured excellent national and regional speakers who presented to a packed house on successful bicycle and pedestrian initiatives, and built-environment improvements.
Letter: Fluoride debate
March 30, 2015
Approximately two-thirds of the U.S. adds the toxic industrial waste product known as fluoride to the tap water to supposedly prevent tooth decay. Most developed countries do not fluoridate their water. According to the World Health Organization, there is no discernible difference in tooth decay between developed countries that fluoridate their water and those that do not.   
Letter: Contribution issues
March 28, 2015
After reading Public Forum article by Joe Douglas, March 25, I was inspired to take a look at city commission candidates’ out-of-town donations. Although it wasn’t at first readily apparent, the name Crossland came up a lot.
Letter: Computer concern
12:00 a.m., March 28, 2015 Updated 12:00 a.m.
Many teenagers in Lawrence use the public library on a very regular basis, and that is fantastic. I do question, though, their use of the computers.
Letter: Abuse trivialized
March 27, 2015
I have been reading about the McLinn case all week. It is quite clear that this young woman killed Mr. Sasko, and a jury of her peers has decided that, despite all of her previous trauma, in both her immediate and past history, she was able to form the requisite intent.
Letter: Self-serving values
March 27, 2015
Last week, the Kansas Senate passed a bill (SB 175) which would allow religious student organizations to discriminate against students in accordance with their “sincerely held religious beliefs.” Once again, the state government is harassing the LGBT community. Once again, politicians are showing how low they’ll go for political points at the cost of a minority. I am very disappointed.
Letter: Ego adjustment
March 27, 2015
We could hear the sound all the way up here in Leavenworth, the sound of Kansas University’s ego taking a big hit Sunday afternoon when the occasionally pompous Jayhawks lost to the Wichita State Shockers in the NCAA basketball tournament.
Letter: Candidate funds
March 25, 2015
I have heard the adage “Follow the money” for a long time. The source of campaign money — donations -– is supposed to tell us something about the candidates. I thought I would just follow the money a bit and see what it would reveal. The Douglas County clerk manages the Lawrence City Commission elections and has posted online the reports of receipts and expenditures as of Feb. 26.
Letter: LHS praise
March 21, 2015
To the players, families and coaches of the Lawrence High School boys basketball team: Congratulations on a terrific season!
Letter: Softball fan
March 21, 2015
The Kansas University softball team opened its 2015 home schedule in its new Arrocha Ballpark home in Rock Chalk Park on Friday, March 13 without any notice or fanfare of the significant occasion from Journal-World sportswriters.
Letter: Animal advocate
March 21, 2015
No one can argue that animals are living, breathing beings that can feel pain. It is time for Kansas to revamp the laws on animal welfare to properly represent them.
Letter: Smoking age
March 20, 2015
The city of Columbia, Mo., recently adopted an ordinance that bans smoking e-cigarettes in public places and raises the minimum legal age to purchase cigarettes to 21. It makes sense to raise the age to buy cigarettes to 21 as smoking is still the leading cause of premature deaths in the United States. The fact is many smokers become addicted when they’re teenagers or younger.