Letters to the Editor

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Letter: Gun sense
September 13, 2014
I am deeply concerned about the number of children who are victims of gun violence in this country.
Letter: Late Night fix
September 12, 2014
Late Night again is approaching (Oct. 10). I would encourage the KU athletic department to drastically alter the past procedures for entering the Fieldhouse.
Letter: Greatest enemy
September 12, 2014
Thirteen years ago what many refer to as “Our nation’s darkest hour,” our country was attacked by outside forces, leaving the nation in bitter pain and confusion, grappling for answers.
Letter: Why faster?
September 12, 2014
“It is obvious to me that we need much better Internet access in Lawrence,” City Commissioner Terry Riordan said.
Letter: No on station
September 12, 2014
The proposal for a new police station is about a building, a building that would provide an effective working space. It’s not about the general direction of policing in this country, or enforcing drug laws that some people don’t like. It is about replacing space that is 30 or more years old.
Letter: Teacher attack
September 10, 2014
About 200 years ago, our founding fathers knew that democracy would not succeed without an educated populace. They created public education where everyone is entitled to go to school. The state of Kansas provides funding for schools at a little over $100 per week per student, about the same as day-care. In 27 years of teaching, I have seen no instance where the state has done anything to improve schools. There has been much criticism of schools to do more and better with less and less. The Legislature has come up with numerous ways to increase the burden on teachers and administrators including meaningless tests, but nothing to help.
Letter: Police priorities
September 9, 2014
Much of my concern about investing our money into a new police headquarters would be alleviated if I was assured that our local police department was an ally in the movement to reverse the disturbing trend of police militarization that we have been seeing among police departments over the last 10 years.
Letter: Children, guns
September 6, 2014
Gina Spade’s Public Forum letter on Sept. 3 shed light on the risk that unsecured guns in a home pose to children. More than 700 children are killed or injured in gun accidents every year.
Letter: Mental care
September 6, 2014
I want to congratulate reporter Sara Shepherd on her two pieces on the front page of the Aug. 31 Journal-World. They show care and accuracy in their research and writing.
Letter: Healthy lunches
September 6, 2014
With the new school year, parents’ attention is turning to school lunches.
Letter: Golf gimmick
September 4, 2014
The person in charge of the parks and rec department in Lawrence needs to leave the Eagle Bend Golf course alone. As with all things in Lawrence, we are always trying to please everyone or come up with foolish plans that work for a small percentage of the population rather than a majority.
Letter: Most qualified?
September 4, 2014
Was anyone in the Western Hemisphere surprised when Gov. Brownback appointed Caleb Stegall to the Kansas Supreme Court? I doubt it. After all, just like Brownback, Stegall is an ultra right-wing political hack with no qualifications for any judicial job.
Letter: Global threat
September 4, 2014
June 6, 1944, D-Day. The combined allied forces of the U.S., Great Britan, Canada and many other allied countries invaded Adolf Hitler’s “Fortress Europa” and started the task of defeating and destroying the Third Reich. It took several years to accomplish this task and to reveal the horror of the Holocaust and other crimes of the Third Reich. Hitler did not take over Germany; the people gave it to him. And the rest is history.
Letter: Tax truth
September 4, 2014
In his Aug. 30 column, Charles Krauthammer excretes the old right-wing half-truth about the U.S. corporate tax rate being the highest in the world — which it is on paper, though there are a zillion ways to avoid paying that. Not long ago General Electric paid no corporate tax at all.
Letter: Unsecured guns
September 3, 2014
This summer, a 3-year-old child in Wichita died when he found a gun in his home and shot himself. Sadly, such a tragedy is not rare. A recent analysis by Everytown for Gun Safety found that about two American children are killed every week in unintentional shootings. Most often, the firearms were legally owned, but not secured. These tragedies are often reported as accidents, but most of them are preventable with safe gun storage, a common practice of responsible gun owners.