Letters to the Editor

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Letter: Fitting tribute
May 28, 2015
Yesterday I watched a TV program about the evacuation of Saigon, followed by two Memorial Day concerts/tributes to our servicemen and women. As I watched and thought about all the sacrifices these people and their families have made for the good of our country, for all of us who live here, and for humanity worldwide, I wondered just what it would take for our elected representatives to put aside their egos and their partisan differences and come together to enact laws for the betterment of our country.
Letter: Assertion questioned
May 28, 2015
Jana Rea is opposed to the Justice Matters ministry recently announced in Lawrence. In her letter of disapproval and opposition she includes the following: “Liberty and socialism do not align. Neither does the gospel and social justice.” (Journal-World, May 23)
Letter: Failed experiment
May 28, 2015
The great supply side experiment in Kansas has derailed. Rather than admitting the reality, the experimenters are doubling down by raising all sorts of taxes (albeit different ones) and borrowing heavily from our children to replenish the needed state revenue lost to that experiment.  
Letter: Grateful subscriber
May 23, 2015
Yes, I know, print newspapers are having a tough time of it, and I grumble a lot about missing the old J-W. Then, along comes an alert city beat reporter who senses a million-dollar payment being slipped through on the City Commission’s consent agenda, followed up by the paper’s open records request for information (paid for, of course by the J-W).
Letter: Proud of city
May 23, 2015
I was so grateful to be present at Justice Matters’ presentation to the City Commission Tuesday. It was wonderful to see so many people working to make our community a better place, especially for the most vulnerable. I keep thinking of a phrase our Jewish brothers and sisters use: Tikkun Olam, repairing, healing the world. That phrase so beautifully portrays the goal. 
Letter: Socialistic move?
May 23, 2015
Any effort, however altruistically intended as a social remedy, which leads to a greater tax burden, is socialistic in nature. “Justice Matters” is particularly deceptive because it targets churches to lead the charge. Those who buy in are simply co-opted into thinking it is “Kingdom building” when the end result in Lawrence will be what it has been elsewhere: a lobbying presence in Topeka or, as it now appears, an outright and audacious appeal to local taxpayers. It is really just a deceptive way to grow our government and the entitlement class with church sanction and muscle. It is counterfeit compassion with other people’s money.
Letter: Words of hope
May 23, 2015
How refreshing it is to read the letters of Carl Burkhead in these times of chaos and tumult. He gives us hope right from the word of God.
Letter: Deregulation
May 22, 2015
Ben Bernanke recently said legislation to loosen oversight of the banking industry amounted to “shutting down the fire department to encourage fire safety.”
Letter: Tolerant view
May 22, 2015
Concerning the letter from Fred and Jenny Doores’ complaining about the frequency of Carl Burkhead’s sanctimonious, rhetorical religious diatribes being printed in the Journal-World, I say: “Amen!”
Letter: Fascinating photos
May 19, 2015
Wow! Have you seen all the photographs of people’s faces in different expressions? I find this totally fascinating. Look around. There is an especially large group of photos at the Lawrence Public Library as you go in the front door — people smiling, laughing, frowning, sadness — each representing the person they appear to be at a particular moment in their lives.
Letter: Biblical rants
May 19, 2015
My wife and I cannot for the life of us understand why you would so frequently publish the biblical rantings of a certain Carl Burkhead in the letters section. It seems the man is some kind of frustrated would-be pastor with a dire need to blame all of the problems of our complicated modern world on people not prostrating themselves before some Iron Age orthodoxy without bothering to actually maintain any sort of brick-and-mortar tabernacle because your paper regularly gives him a venue for his Old Testament nonsense.
Letter: Public access
May 19, 2015
We are told the new Rock Chalk Park rec center can be a place for tournaments, like a state high school basketball tournament. The Journal-World stated Kansas University refused to host a high school championship game in Allen Fieldhouse because of a chance the KU team may need the court for practice. Is this the only court at KU?
Letter: State insanity
May 18, 2015
Here we are, two weeks into the “veto session” of the Kansas Legislature. In normal years, they would have already gone home. But here we are — still paying all the legislators, all the temporary session staff, all the other expenses related to keeping everything going long past time for it to be over.
Letter: Success story
May 16, 2015
On May 18, 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson stood in the White House Rose Garden to announce the creation of Head Start. Head Start laid the foundation for my future success in life, and today, as an educator and administrator, I see the life-changing impact Head Start continues to have on at-risk children and their families.
Letter: School attack
May 15, 2015
No one knows how much the Brownback administration will cost school districts. What is in the news today more than likely will be different tomorrow.