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Letter: Local response?
August 29, 2014
I have been watching and listening to what has been going on in Ferguson, Mo., due to the tragic death of Michael Brown Jr. and the destruction that followed.
Letter: Important election
August 29, 2014
Our paranoid Kansas secretary of state and the “do nothing” Congress have joined forces to make our fair state yet again an example of buffoonery for the rest of the country. Mr. Kobach has spent much of his time in office crusading against a non-problem by tightening our voting procedures.  He has succeeded in keeping honest citizens from voting — those without the necessary credentials or resources to obtain them — but it is doubtful that he has actually prevented any voter fraud that he so fears. Actually some 18,000 people, potential voters, are on hold for lack of acceptable documents.  
Letter: Best police site
August 29, 2014
As a business owner and someone who is involved in the community, I have had many conversations about a consolidated, more efficient police facility. People ask why buy a site when other sites are “free.” In my experience nothing is free.
Letter: ‘Intellectual shrub’
August 28, 2014
As a non-resident, I won’t comment on concerns expressed in Dolph Simons’ Aug. 23 column that Lawrence might have lost its civic mojo. But I would like to address his fears that Kansas University no longer aspires to Chancellor Franklin Murphy’s hope that the university will become one of the “giant redwoods” of American higher education.
Letter: Positive outlook
August 28, 2014
Thank you, Lawrence Journal-World. You came through for us with those inspiring KU Today articles in Sunday’s paper. After the “glass-half empty” pronouncements in Simons’ Saturday Column and chamber of commerce assessments of Lawrence’s economy, it is assuring to have someone give positive feedback on the future of this great community.
Letter: Online emphasis
August 28, 2014
In the Aug. 25 Journal-World and in a previous edition, you ask for readers to submit issues of importance to us or to Douglas County residents. And then you ask that people submit their suggestions by email.  
Letter: Sex attitudes
August 28, 2014
In the Aug. 21 editorial, “Campus sex,” the Journal-World calls for a change in culture, related to attitudes toward sexual harassment and assault.
Letter: Overmatched
August 27, 2014
In 2008, the nation elected Barack Obama as its president. Nothing much was known of him. Raised by a single parent and grandparents, he split time between Hawaii and Indonesia. The press wasn’t interested in his college transcripts that had been sealed, as well as other college, biographical information that might be relevant to the man who aspired to be president.
Letter: Plan questioned
August 26, 2014
I applaud Jerry Harper’s call for a thorough, public review of police and security policies and strategies in Lawrence before we vote on increasing the sales tax to pay for a new headquarters building (Your turn, Aug. 20).
Letter: Attitude is just fine
August 26, 2014
To Dolph Simons, Aug. 23 Saturday Column, titled “Changes in Lawrence attitude aren’t for the better,” I say balderdash! That’s an antiquated term befitting his assessment.
Letter: Dismal news
August 25, 2014
Who can hum the old “Hee-Haw” tune, “Gloom, Despair and Agony on Me”? Thursday’s Journal-World took me in that direction with the news that our 196-bed jail will soon likely need to be expanded by about 140 beds, with 70 of those beds to be devoted to inmates in need of mental health treatment.
Letter: Not surprised
August 25, 2014
Why am I not surprised? I should have been prepared for this blatantly biased coverage of the governor’s race when I saw the Journal-World editor getting his “marching orders” from the head of the Kansas Chamber, Mike O’Neal, at First Watch several months ago. I should have been ready for his editorials, but I was not prepared for the front page, above-the-fold coverage of the Brownback campaign versus the third or fourth page burying of the Davis campaign. Burying the negative results of the Brownback administration (loss of jobs, budget shortfalls, increase in uninsured in Kansas, for example) is also evident in the reporting.
Letter: Campaign ‘facts’
August 23, 2014
During World War II, I often heard that the Nazi machine operated on the principle: Tell them the same story (lie?) enough times and they will believe it.
Letter: Get to work
August 23, 2014
C’mon, Lawrencians, what’s your problem? You all need to shape up and get with the plan. Put down that beer, guitar and poetry book and get rid of that easel. Didn’t you hear  the anger and disappointment of The Chamber president and editor regarding your lousy economic performance (“Pretty discouraging,” Journal-World, Aug. 20)?
Letter: China funds
August 23, 2014
Regular readers of the Saturday Column written by Dolph C. Simons Jr., know two things. First, Simons is very knowledgeable about what is happening at Kansas University. Second, he cares deeply about KU and wants it to prosper.