Journal-World Editorials

Editorial: Haskell needs a champion
As the university struggles with finances and the loss of athletic programs, it’s obvious it does not have the backing it needs in D.C.
May 23, 2017
There is a new reason to be proud of Lawrence’s Haskell Indian Nations University. The university awarded diplomas to 229 graduates on Friday, a new record for the second year in a row.
Editorial: Time running out in Topeka
As legislators fumble repeatedly in addressing the state’s budget, the economy worsens and the need for political courage becomes obvious.
May 22, 2017
The news isn’t getting any better for Kansas legislators.
Editorial: Board wise to delay vote
It is in the public’s best interest for elected officials to be as open as possible about matters like the superintendent’s new position.
May 21, 2017
Give Lawrence school board members credit for hitting the pause button on moving Superintendent Kyle Hayden into a new position of chief operating officer.
Editorial: Right move on review board
Changes that would give greater public oversight of the police department should be pursued.
May 19, 2017
The Lawrence City Commission is right to give a community review board greater oversight of complaints against police.
Editorial: Salary shouldn’t be a secret
The school board won’t say before its vote how much it plans to pay the new COO — the latest in a string of failures to communicate.
May 17, 2017
Leaders of the Lawrence school district are slow learners when it comes to communicating with the public.
Editorial: Bad timing on sales tax action
A proposal to reduce sales tax on food and add it to some services has merit, but the way lawmakers went about it was rushed and thoughtless.
May 14, 2017
The motto of the Kansas Legislature ought to be “A Day Late and a Dollar Short.”
Editorial: Kobach keeps playing games
The secretary of state’s resistance to sharing document is emblematic of his persistent lack of leadership.
May 12, 2017
Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is a thought leader. If you don’t believe so, just ask him.