Journal-World Editorials

Editorial: Best spot?
The idea that other local school district properties might have possibilities for a new teen center seems worthy of consideration.
January 30, 2015
Randy Masten was the only Lawrence school board member to vote against a proposal to locate a new Boys and Girls Club teen center near the district’s new College and Career Center, but he raised a valid point.
Editorial: No rush
City officials should make sure all planning requirements are met before considering tax incentives for an Eldridge Hotel expansion project.
January 29, 2015
The proposed expansion of the historic Eldridge Hotel could be a great addition to downtown Lawrence, but city officials should resist the temptation to approve a tax rebate for the project before all the planning requirements have been met.
Editorial: Active election
With some of the largest fields in recent memory, voters will have ample choices when they select new city commissioners and school board members this year.
January 28, 2015
Tuesday’s filing deadline for Lawrence City Commission and school board seats didn’t spur much last-minute activity, but that doesn’t mean local voters won’t have plenty of choices in the upcoming elections.
Editorial: Poor timing
The beginning of a legislative session probably isn’t the best time for Kansas University to announce the acquisition of a new private jet.
January 27, 2015
Talk about poor timing. Kansas University officials could not have picked a more inappropriate time to announce the acquisition and delivery of a new jet. This at a time when KU officials are using every means possible to increase state funding for the university.
Editorial: Pressure tactics
Wicked Broadband’s effort to pressure Lawrence city commissioners into supporting a loan guarantee for the company may end up having the opposite effect.
January 26, 2015
The email the co-owner of Wicked Broadband sent last week to a couple of Lawrence city commissioners who are seeking re-election was something between a threat and a promise.
Editorial: Education accounting
A Kansas Department of Education analysis puts a different slant on the governor’s proposal for K-12 school funding.
January 25, 2015
The devil once again is in the details when it comes to the governor’s budget recommendation for K-12 education. The governor has claimed that his K-12 funding recommendation for next year is almost equal to the current year’s funding, but a new analysis by the Kansas Department of Education explains how that claim is somewhat deceiving. Even though the governor has expressed the desire to use block grants to get more school funding “into the classroom,” his budget recommendation actually calls for a 4 percent reduction in four key classroom funding categories: general state aid, supplemental state aid, capital outlay aid and the school district finance fund. K-12 schools will get $127 million less in those categories next year, according to the governor’s budget, according to the education department analysis.
Editorial: Honored guest
Lawrence did a great job of rolling out the welcome mat for President Barack Obama.
January 23, 2015
Any day a sitting U.S. president comes to town is an exciting day.
Editorial: A step backward
Voter ‘convenience’ isn’t a valid reason to renew straight-ticket voting in Kansas.
January 22, 2015
Making voting more convenient in Kansas hasn’t seemed to be a high priority for Secretary of State Kris Kobach.
Editorial: Down the road
Continued diversion of money from the Kansas Department of Transportation coffers could have long-term consequences for the state.
January 21, 2015
The Bank of KDOT once again is open. The Kansas Department of Transportation has gained that informal designation because of the frequency with which governors and legislators tap into the department’s reserve funds to help balance the state budget. It apparently is a convenient place to find a few hundred million dollars when you need it — as Gov. Sam Brownback recently did.
Editorial: Promising start
Local business and education officials are putting together a promising partnership to boost the community’s vocational and technical training needs.
January 20, 2015
The Dwayne Peaslee Technical Training Center has taken another step toward building a strong job training hub near 31st and Haskell street.