Journal-World Editorials

Editorial: Showcasing Rock Chalk
Kansas Relays demonstrated that Lawrence track and field facility is a world-class sports venue.
April 25, 2017
Congratulations to the University of Kansas, which showed during the 90th Kansas Relays that it is well equipped to host major track and field events.
Editorial: No consensus on transit hub
City commissioners should agree on a bus transfer site before seeking to renew a citywide tax
April 24, 2017
It’s concerning that the Lawrence City Commission is in such disagreement on a transit center for the city’s bus service.
Editorial: More reason to revive tax plan
A dreary economic forecast shows the necessity of revisiting legislation that was tantalizingly close to succeeding.
April 23, 2017
Kansas legislators banking on revised tax collection estimates to save the state’s budget got a dose of reality last week when the Consensus Revenue Estimating Group released its estimates.
Editorial: Gun ban better for security
There’s no good reason for emotional fans at large sporting events to bring weapons with them.
April 21, 2017
Banning guns from major sporting events on the University of Kansas campus was the right step for the university and the Board of Regents to take.
Editorial: Secret search unfortunate
KU’s choice to provide no information about candidates seeking the university’s top job is disappointing and nonsensical.
April 19, 2017
Imagine if the Board of Regents selected the top leader for the University of Kansas using the same transparent and open process that is used to hire the university’s deans and provosts.
Editorial: Yes on school bond issue
Improvements are badly needed in the district’s upper-level schools, and voters can make them happen with relatively little expense.
April 16, 2017
The Lawrence school district’s proposed bond issue is measured, reasonable and necessary. Voters should approve it in the mail election that ends May 2.